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Bernadette’s Crystal Gardens Gatlinburg, Guide & Review

Beautiful and unique bar visit. It’s so pretty and fancy looking. Located inside the purple-lighting building in market square, you walk through a gorgeously lit scene. Located at the heart of downtown Knoxville, this place is worth the visit. 

Bernadette’s Crystal Gardens features friendly & professional bartenders – they know their craft, makes excellent drinks, and has a great sense of humour, and brings great conversation; wide wine selection; funky music; really pretty decor – interesting, loaded with colorful crystals, and geodes; strong & delicious drinks; incredible relaxed atmosphere; spectacular ambiance; impeccable artwork; magical views; awesome DJs; state-of-art lighting and sound system; friendly & welcoming crowd; top-notch service; and gem themed cocktails. Nice that you can roam between the crystal gardens, scruffy and press pub. The crystals are absolutely breathtaking, and the view is amazing. 

Bernadette’s Crystal Gardens is truly unique. Be sure to visit the rooftop to see the crystal foundation, beer tree, visit the mezzanine, and where you can also access the bar next door (same owner). Worth stopping in just to see all the rocks and crystals. A one-of-a-kind experience. Check it out!

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