Best Adult Only All Inclusive Resorts in Miami

As a fan of adult-only all-inclusive resorts, I share your struggle in finding proper recommendations online.

If you looking for the ideal adult-only (read: no children, hallelujah) accommodation in Miami, look no further.

We’ve taken the most highly recommended adult-only resorts from our users’ feedback as well as our local contributors to bring you a succinct and easy-to-navigate article to help you pick the best option.

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👀 Adults Only Escapades: Miami’s All-Inclusive Resorts That Take Vacationing to Another Level

1. The St. Regis Harbor Resort

The St. Regis Harbor Resort

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This is an accommodation that is right across Bal Harbour Beach and Surfside Beach. As a direct access point to many of the world-renowned places, this hotel serves as a virtue in itself. Only 10km away from Holocaust Memorial and the Versace Mansion, this place is worth staying for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Why do we recommend this resort?

Indeed, there are hundreds of resorts in Miami, and some will be considered good regarding moderate standards like comfort, easy access, and budget. But, no hotel will provide you with the slice of luxury that this one can, with the interior that will make this one look like a palace, the perfect touch of modernity, and services that will make you feel like a king, this place is a little heaven, and a remarkable status-symbol in itself.

With classic services that include saunas, hot tubs, public baths, an indoor swimming pool, treatment and physical therapy rooms, spa sessions, and some of the most refined and elitist cuisine that you can find in the entire country, this hotel spells perfection.

Including its lounge, bars, restaurants, beachside, and travel guides, this place will make you feel like you are in the back seat of a luxury car. This is a perfect co-existence of modern texture and high-end classic services.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Royal Oceanfront Suite

With a captivating ocean view, this is as alluring of a suite as one can be. With 2 king-sized beds, and space that easily accommodates more than 5 people, this room has a span of 186 square meters. In addition, this room includes a bid open room (living room), with an inmate kitchen who likes to indulge in the practices.

With basic requirements like WiFi, air conditioning, vintage wine, meals, and some sauna visits already included in the booking fee, this place serves all the luxuries that are limited only to the super-wealthy.

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2. Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Faena Hotel

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This is an oceanfront hotel that is morphed into one that is best suited for those who love to indulge in outdoor practices. Being only 2 to 3km away from many known attractions like Miami Botanical Garden, Miami Beach, and Lummus Par Beach, this hotel is home to people of all ages and groups.

Why do we recommend this resort?

This hotel is known for its one of the largest outdoor pools on the Coast Borderline, and this in particular attracts the folks that like to enjoy it indoors. Supporting easy access to many of the attractions across the entire of Miami, this hotel acts as an appealing visiting spot for tourists.

With magnificent physical therapy services, like saunas, spas, massages, nail care, and salons, this place is especially famous among young ladies. Moreover, with one of the very best and most versatile bars and cocktail admirers, this place is quite youthful for those who want to feel the rush of youth one more time.

Being an easy walk away from the Bayshore Golf Course and Lincoln Road Mall, this place attracts youths and the elderly evenly. Add to that the magnificent worldwide cuisine, drinks, and dishes, and that in itself will tell why this place is this famous.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Two-Bedroom King Suite with Bay View

This is a two-bedroom holiday suite with an area of 139 square meters. With two separate rooms with King beds, and space enough to accommodate over 6 people easily, this room is spacious and equally luxurious. Added with a comfy sitting area right across the skyline and bay view, this room gives late 90s luxury vibes.

With all the five-star services, the booking price for the room also includes buffets twice per day, refreshment services, massages, and easy access to indoor and outdoor pools.

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3. Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Loews Miami Beach Hotel

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This hotel is one of the most luxurious and affordable ones in the proximity of the old History District. With only a small walking distance from historical grounds like the Versace Mansion, Art Deco Historic District, and the Jewish Museum of Florida, this place attracts a large number of youths and students during vacation periods.

Why do we recommend this resort?

This place serves as one of the best relaxing spots for all people, but that must not mean that it is some laid-back kind of hotel. On the contrary, this hotel supports professional guides for adventurous sports like Kayaks, other boat rides, and other extremist sports, making it appealing to youths.

As for acting as a relaxing place, this place has some of the best physical therapy sessions included for the guests. This includes outdoor pools, oil massages, hot tub baths, saunas, and steam rooms.

This hotel supports the best family-friendly environment that you might be able to witness in the entirety of Miami. Where the youth can feel the rush of adventure, the elderly are free to focus on relaxing, and the accommodation has multiple large lounges for people to interact with each other freely, and people do use these.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

King Room with Ocean View and Balcony

The King Room with Ocean View and Balcony of this budget-friendly hotel is, hands down, one of the best rooms you can find. Not only you get enough space for you and your friends but also get a private bathroom. The beds are very comfortable and just after you wake up, you can enjoy the view of the ocean from your balcony. It is truly mesmerizing and pocket-friendly at the same time.

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4. Kimpton Angler’s Hotel South Beach, an IHG Hotel

Kimpton Angler’s Hotel

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Now, this is a hotel that can be said to lie in the proximity of every other attraction that Miami is recognized for. Less than 400 meters from the beach, History Museum, 10s of parks and big malls, and only 7 minute’s ride away from the seaplane base. This hotel is known for its direct routes o both Miami Central s well as the Coastline.

Why do we recommend this resort?

This is a hotel that supports a pretty authentic and impressive Mediterranean theme, and it works rather effectively following the same. This place is a close call to everything that Miami is known to others for. Here, you will be able to witness the perfect Bay area and the daily life of the citizens, while making sure that you are in touch with what you want to enjoy here.

This hotel is extremely famous for its seafood dishes, spas, saunas, and extraordinary therapy facilities that are reserved only for the needy. This place in itself is the personification of the cultural heritage that Miami supports.

The hotel is extremely attractive support for tourists that are in groups, as the biggest intermix of cultures and ethnicities is more-than-likely to be witnessed only in the bar or lounge areas.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Premium Queen Room with Two Queen Beds

This is a 37 square meter accommodation supporting a minibar, sitting area, private bathroom, and a shaded balcony. But, what makes this room so endearing is the phenomenal view out of the balcony. As for those who indulge in drinking, many of the exotic drinks are already paid for in the booking fee.

The services to the guest are not restricted to only these, and every guest gets access to the private gyms reserved only for the guests of certain rooms. And, this also included after-care sessions like spa and massage.

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5. Gale South Beach, Curio Collection By Hilton

Gale South Beach

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This is a hotel that is well-known for its rich neighborhood, not in terms of money, but the kind of lifestyle that you are capable of witnessing when living near a place like this. This hotel lies close to all modes of transport and provides effective and regular services to visit the nearby islands. In the neighborhood of this hotel, you can live the entirety of Miami.

Why do we recommend this resort?

This hotel is right across the beach, which means that you can open to witness one of the best sunrise or sunshine that you would ever be able to witness. Also, this hotel is extremely close to the city Convention Centre, making it hot grounds for those who love buying things, and are a bit on the high-end of budget.

For those that like to keep it private, you can even get access to the beach area that is exclusive only to the guests of the hotel. Besides that, this hotel has a rooftop pool, and one can derive the attraction just from the fact that this is one of the most-loved features in the entire locality.

The hotel also has an on-site restaurant that serves some of the best inter-continental dishes and seafood that you will never be able to forget. Add to it the Cocktail club and the open bar, and no guest would want to turn his back on this perfect location.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Signature Queen Room with Two Queen Beds

These two large double beds bedroom has an interior design that will is comparable to some of the best interiors of high-end 5-star hotels. And, with that, this one is spacy too. In addition, the room includes a luxurious indoor bathroom, sitting area, TV, free WiFi, and 24/7 housekeeping services.

Also, being a guest of the hotel you can get access to the rooftop pool, in-door Cocktail club, bar, and some of the services that are reserved only for the guests.

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6. The Setai, Miami Beach

The Setai

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This luxurious hotel is one of the best and highest-rated hotels in the entirety of Miami. It is well-appreciated for the sophisticated and classical interior design that the hotel has. This has helped this one maintain its image of perfection and is one of the first choices of guests and visitors to Miami.

Why do we recommend this resort?

The Setai is popularly known for having accomplished a perfect fusion of classic as well as modern interior designs. So, as per your wishes, you can book modern rooms that support a soft interior. Or you can go for the classic dark-themed rooms. And, the latter ones are more popular among the sessional guests.

Also, this hotel is not known only for its being close to the beach, but for the friendly space it can provide to the children and elderly alike. Moreover, being close to more than half a dozen parks and natural settings, this place is famous among those that come here to seek some calm and joy.

This hotel has been able to perfectly bring out the Asian theme that it is centered around. Moreover, supporting a friendly atmosphere, you get more than ample opportunities to get along with other guests.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Two Bedroom Suite Ocean View

This room is extremely spacy and is perfect for new couples or youths that love to venture with their counterparts. This is an entirely private suite of area 12 square meters, including an attached bathroom, minibar, sitting area, and balcony.

Also, being a guest of the hotel, you get access to services like yoga sessions, body massages, physical therapy sessions, saunas, and spas. Access to pools, massages, and treatments, is already included in the booking fee for the hotel room.

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7. Hilton Bentley Miami/South Beach

Hilton Bentley

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This is a beach hotel that will provide you with a  perfect image of the high-end lifestyle. This hotel supports the kind of luxuries that are witnessable only in Hollywood movies, or to those who are on the high-end of the social spectrum, but not reserved only for them. With a  posh but friendly atmosphere, this is the place to get along with others.

Why do we recommend this resort?

The Hilton Bentley Miami Beach is capable of providing you with all the facilities that are expected from a beach hotel when asked for in some beach-scene movies. This hotel has a lifestyle that is strictly based on beach life and tourists. This beach hotel is well-respected for its phenomenal treatment of guests.

This hotel has a private beach of its own, meaning you can get full-time sunbaths without going through the hassle of a crowded beach. And, even during that period, you will be free to access the services that are accessible only in the hotel.

This beach hotel and the beach accommodation right next to it stay alive even during the nighttime. The nightlife and culture, fireworks, and festivities, are other reasons why people gravitate toward this hotel.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Croner Studio With Double Beds and Partial Ocean View

This is a double bed single room suite of span 37 square meter. And, this lace in its entirety is the measure of how close you can be to extreme luxury. This room has a balcony with a clear ocean and Bar-line view, an attached bathroom, kitchen, minibar, and 24/7 housekeeping services.

Also, this hotel is renowned for its facial massages, and body-therapy sessions. Overall, this is a good place to relax, enjoy and let loose for as long as you wish.

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8. The Ritz-Carlton South Beach

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach

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This beach hotel is located near the Art District in Miami, making it quite an appreciable choice for quite a few people. Also, the Ritz-Carlton South Beach happens to be only a foothold away from three beaches giving a whole lot of versatility. Besides that, the hotel has direct bus services to the city Convention Centre to help serve the guests more efficiently.

Why do we recommend this resort?

This resort is one of the most popular hotels on the Miami beach that is popular for its Mediterranean and Latin American cuisines. This hotel has one of the largest pools for guests to ease into and relax completely 24/7, and that too, with perfect guest service all the time. In addition, the hotel provides services and guides for guests to help them make the most of their time greatly supporting first-timers.

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach has quite a few on-site restaurants famous for cuisines across the whole globe, and the same stands true for the bars, supporting all kinds of delightful drinks. Having a pretty impressive hotel chain of its own, the hotel also owns some shopping centers to provide guests with better incentives.

This is a place that you can enjoy any time of the year. It is orientated in a way that is perfect for helping indulge all kinds of people.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Oceanfront with Double Beds and Club Lounge Access – Balcony

This is a 35 square meter room with two beds, and an attached bathroom, including services like culinary offerings and beverages. Also, the balcony from this room gives you a clear and perfect view of the hotel premises, pool, and the entire beach, completely enticing you.

You are also free to use the pool, on-site spa services, or massage therapy twice per day without having to pay any additional charges.

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9. Acqualina Resort and Residences

Acqualina Resort and Residences

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This is a resort that spells the essence of the perfection of Miami. It boasts all the services that any 7-star hotel is capable of providing to you, and in many of the categories, it only strives to do better. Happens to be a pretty emphatic spot to get along with others while maintaining your privacy.

Why do we recommend this resort?

This resort can put to shame any kind of fantasies that you might have has before coming to Miami. It is just so good that you will never be able to forget this memorable experience. This is a Mediterranean-themed hotel and a modern one at that too. Extremely-modern interiors and rooms help accommodate people of all ages and provide them with the best of services.

The guest spaces like lounges, bar, dining area, and buffet spots are entirely classic-themed with excessive hints of modernity. Everywhere in the hotel, one can easily foresee the status of comfort and luxury that the premises strive to provide to the guests.

This hotel also provides a magnitude of services that are limited to once those who are guests here, giving you all kinds of royal treatment and services, that are bound to make your time here worth it.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

One-Bedroom Suite – No Resort Fee

with a  spacing area of 154 square meters, this room is quite spacious easily accommodating to the needs of the guests. Besides that, you get a modern and customized attached bathroom, an indoor kitchen, and full-time access to housekeeping services in the room.

Also, you get a free pass to access all the hotel’s services, including the private beach. In addition, the hotel has many world-class dining restaurants, so this is a chance for you to make the most of it.

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10. Marriott’s Villas At Doral

Marriott's Villas At Doral

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This is one of the best American-themed accommodations that you can find in the entire Miami. Only a small ride away from the subway station and the airport, this hotel has guests all around the year. In addition, this hotel is only 10 minute’s ride away from Maimi Central and supports many attractions that are meant to captivate your heart.

Why do we recommend this resort?

This is a hotel that you can make out the most of if you are traveling in a group. The residence supports services and accommodations that will captivate you entirely. The premises has a guest-only pool, jacuzzi, bicycle range, mini gold course, and dozens of indoor games that you can indulge in with other guests.

Each room of this hotel speaks of modern-day luxury, and will not lose to any other hotel or resort in terms of its effective services and luxury status. Besides that, all guests are given access to the sun-lounger terrace for a perfect sunbath.

This hotel has many intrinsic services like an indoor pool, wine and dining, bar, and a grill, that is meant to help people get along and are meant to be made complete use of.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Two-Bedroom Villa with Balcony and Lake View

This hotel room has 2 king-sized beds in two bedrooms, spanning a total area of 123 square meters, which can easily accommodate more than 8 people. All in all, this is what luxury means. In addition, the room has a balcony that gives you a perfect view of the ocean and the lake right against it. This, altogether, gives birth to a surrounding that you can let loose at.

Plus, this room has some of the best housekeeping services in the entirety of the hotel. And, you also get a free pass to enjoy the services like the golf course, bicycling range, or ease by the poolside.

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What did we consider when ranking these resorts/hotels?

Of course, you’ll be curious, what makes the #1 the #1?

Privacy and Safety

Each of the hotels we have recommended has some of the best privacy and safety features catered especially for the adult-only guest. By providing privacy to the guest, these hotels ensure their safety and security. Be it an accommodation in the woods of Poughkeepsie or at the heart of Times Square it was our duty to ensure your stay is protected within your personal space while lodging.

Customer Satisfaction

When guests look for adult-only hotels in New York, it significantly becomes obvious that customer satisfaction needs to be maximum. All our recommended hotels or resorts have achieved great reviews for their amazing hospitality leading to higher customer satisfaction levels. We believe the higher the guest is satisfied, the more likely they are to recommend our services to others.

Ethical Consideration

We understand that life sometimes needs to take a break. However, respecting guests’ requirements with utmost sincerity should be the hotel’s commitment. The hotels mentioned above are known to treat their guest with the highest dignity and respect which contributes to a positive stay of the guest thus generating a positive reputation and increased trust among the customers.

Food & Drinks

What kind of a hotel experience would that be if the food and drink options are bad, right? Hotel stays are all about gaining wonderful experiences. Food and drinks elevate those experiences leading them to have a higher standard of getaway. It’s all about the comfort and relaxation that the hotels are willing to offer to their guest. All our recommended lodgings have great options for food and drinks to unwind and feel more at home.


Off course! Providing comfortable accommodation is the only priority for the hotels and also for us. It’s crucial for the hotel’s success and our guests’ overall experience. The listed properties provide more than essential customer satisfaction ratings to offer the best comfort and well-being. These above-listed hotels are brand conscious, and thus takes it as a critical element in offering every little ounce of comfort for their guests with the hope that they retain them forever.


Honesty and transparency are one of the most elementary methods for us to choose our listings. We prioritize the quality of the property in all aspects of its operations, from hospitality, cleanliness, safety, privacy, maintenance of its facilities, food, and beverages offerings, and overall the guest’s experience. Every hotel we recommended upholds the highest standards of value-driven integrity that treat its guests, employees, and stakeholders with ethical behavior and fairness.


The location of the hotel can tell a lot about its customer base. Whether you wish to lodge in the creeks or in the middle of a bustling city, it’s all about the convenience you’d prefer. The locations of the hotel impact the success and the guest’s overall experiences. So our recommendations are suited for customers who wish to reach arrays of options for their adult-only getaway. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the budget for adult-only hotels in New York?

This completely depends on the services and amenities one wishes to take. Some of our recommendations start from $90 and go up above $1000. The estimated price can only be calculated after being very clear on the kind of lodging deals one wishes to choose.

Are adult-friendly hotels safe?

Off course! Popular adult-only property has some of the highest safety and privacy standards. It’s not just for the guests but also for the brand’s reputation for attracting more guests. A positive brand needs positive customers. Thus making it their priority to ensure their guests feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared for.

How is the experience in adult-only hotels?

Providing valuable and satisfying experiences via hospitality, food, drinks, room services, concierge services, and others hotels ensures that their guests enjoy a good deal of their time within their property. In addition, by prioritizing their guests, they build a positive image thus making sure that their services are known to everyone.

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