Best Adult Only All Inclusive Resorts in San Jose

As a fan of adult-only all-inclusive resorts, I share your struggle in finding proper recommendations online.

If you looking for the ideal adult-only (read: no children, hallelujah) accommodation in San Jose, look no further.

We’ve taken the most highly recommended adult-only resorts from our users’ feedback as well as our local contributors to bring you a succinct and easy-to-navigate article to help you pick the best option.

Let’s get started.

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👀 Adults Only Escapes: Dive into Luxury at San Jose’s Top All-Inclusive Resorts

1. Hayes Mansion San Jose, Curio Collection by Hilton

Hayes Mansion

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A historic property built in the heart of Silicon Valley, this estate boasts luxurious amenities while maintaining a grandeur charm. With its history, beautiful and breathtaking architecture, and top-class amenities, the Hayes Mansion is here only to give you the best memorable experience possible.

Why we recommend this resort?

The resort is hands down the best adult-only resort in San Jose, California. It is the perfect place for anyone looking for a luxurious stay that provides not just a peaceful and indulgent getaway for couples but also offers a divine heavenly atmosphere. Hayes Mansion San Jose, Curio Collection by Hilton is located at 200 Edenvale Avenue – a historic destination of North California. Hayes Mansion is known to be an intimate adobe for those wanting timeless comfort. They have won multiple awards for their delectable food scene, extraordinary attention to accommodations, and other hospitality-driven services.

Hayes Mansion has been creating unique stories for its guests that can stand against all times. This wonderful property offers a refined ambiance, with a full-service spa, and multiple dining options such as Palm & Ember and Palm & Patio. The breakfast is served between 6:00 am – 10:00 am offering options such as assorted pastries, whole fruit baskets, blueberry overnight oats cups, bagel & cream cheese sandwiches, etc. The lunch is served from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm offering quite a delightful menu such as the classic Palm Beef Burger, Gilroy Garlic Shrimp Salad, Spicy Salmon, and much more. And finally, the dinner which is served between 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm offers a scrumptious menu that includes Strip Steak Frites, Fire Cracker Wings, Farm To Table Vegetable Tempura, and much more.

The Mansion is known to be boosting some great character and decor. The overall decor of Hayes Mansion creates a special sense of escape that transport adults to a world filled with sophisticated refinement. Every step you take into the property reflects the natural beauty of San Jose while offering you a level of opulence and comfort that is unmatched by your daily lifestyle. Common elements of this luxurious property include an amazing swimming pool, a spacious lush green garden, and breathtaking views of the city surrounded by wonderful landscapes. Additionally, the property’s location is also one of the key factors to choose from since it is located just 20 minute’s drive from the Mineta San Jose International Airport, 16 miles from the Santana Row shopping center, and a very short distance from some of the local wineries, golf courses, and nightlife scene.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Queen Suite

Advertised as one of the most luxurious rooms on the property, this private suite has all the amenities you seek for your getaway. This private room is 28 Sqm in carpet area and comes with an 8.2-rated comfortable sofa bed, and 1 large double bed. The Queen Suite has a microwave, a coffee maker, a flat-screen LED TV, a full-size mirror, an exceptionally spacious wardrobe, and a carpeted floor.

The minute you step your foot inside the Suite, you can see the perfectly crisp bed to your left facing the blue crimson wall filled with aesthetic decor. If you walk a bit further be prepared to be welcomed by your own private balcony that has some of the best views from the property. The bathroom has a classic boho decor and comes with a towel, toiletries, and a great bathtub

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2. Shashi Hotel Mountain View, an Urban Resort

Shashi Hotel Mountain View

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Shashi Hotel Mountain View, an Urban Resort is the perfect property for those guests wanting a serene and tranquil environment with world-class features. The property gives you an unforgettable experience through its amenities such as a spa, gymnasium, gourmet dining, and bar scenes.

Why we recommend this resort?

If you are looking to take a break from your mundane day-to-day life and get away from the hustle and bustle of city routine, the Shashi Hotel Mountain View, an Urban Resort is a stunning option. Nestled amidst breathtaking mountains of Northern California, this property is just a perfect place for guests to rejuvenate and detox their minds, body, and soul. Surrounded by nature, this resort offers a wealth of outdoor activities and other recreational options including mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. It is a perfect place to explore and experience the true beauty of San Jose’s nature.

The resort offers all its guests an unforgettable experience of relaxation and indulgence via its great customer service. The brand envisions being the future of the hospitality industry by unlocking the possibilities of customer-orientated experiences tailored just to their needs. Every room within the property features a plethora of conveniences with unmatched blends of tranquility. Their in-house restaurants and bars boast some of the finest chefs graced with Michelin awards. The Emerald House – the art of modern mixology, Broma – a casual Spanish cuisine, Carte Blanche Coffee – a boutique coffee cafe that offers you some of the most delicious fine-dining, bar/coffee experiences you could have ever imagined for. From a classic Gin & Black Lime cocktail to Chorizo Octopus Sausages – there is literally no way that their gastronomical services are going to disappoint you.

The brand value of the resort purely revolves around the brand reputation that it has been withholding for several years. They have centered their business model around creating very exclusive, unforgettable luxurious adult-only experiences for their guests. And they positively achieve this via their high-end amenities, strong brand reputations, and exquisite hospitality. With a strong commitment to offering guests personalized attention to detail, this resort truly stands unparalleled when it comes to an adult getaway.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Deluxe King

Ah! Where we do start? This room speaks for its name. The Deluxe King room is one of Shashi Hotel’s finest accommodation zone that has a total carpet area of 25 Sqm. The room opens to the view of the property’s amazing landscape and has its pool view. You may also switch to a city view if you ask the front desk and they would take care of your needs in case the rooms are available. But nonetheless, you are sure to take a wonderful view of Shashi’s inner courtyard which is filled with greenery.

Apart from the scenic view the room as to offer room actually is very much equipped with 1 extra large-sized double bed. Many reviewers have rated the comfort of their mattress to 9.2 which even to us, is the highest! The Deluxe King room has centralized air conditioning and opens from a private entrance. Lastly, the overall aesthetic of the room is cozy and privacy-orientated so that you and your partner can just relax without having to be bothered by anyone or anything.

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3. Hotel De Anza, a Destination by Hyatt Hotel

Hotel De Anza

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Hotel De Anza, a Destination by Hyatt Hotel comes not just with affordable rates, but also comes with numerous amenities for guests on a budget. Located at the heart of downtown San Jose, this property is an excellent choice for adults seeking budget-friendly yet comfortable nights amidst the stunning nightlife of downtown SJ.

Why we recommend this resort?

In the World of Hyatt, Hotel De Anza, a Destination by Hyatt Hotel is truly their showstopper boutique in Downtown San Jose. Established in the year 1931, this property is one of the most classic yet iconic hospitality-driven structures in the city. With over 100 guest rooms and 14 suits, this classic Art Deco-styled hotel is perfect for all those guests wanting a vacation like a true American. Known for its unique authentic services Hotel De Anza, a Destination by Hyatt Hotel stands true to its words for being the perfect amalgamation of history, grandeur, and class. Additionally being a popular choice amongst many travelers, this property is known to host the best live jazz music events at the Hedley Club Lounge in the whole of downtown creating a sub-culture in itself for all adults wanting to have a relaxing night for themselves.

There are many logical reasons to choose this property for your getaway. Out of those, the primary reason to choose this Hotel De Anza, a Destination by Hyatt Hotel would be for its nearby attraction. Located within the evergrowing metropolis of San Jose, this property is surrounded by endless restaurants, cultural hotspots, galleries, museums, and much more. It is also incredibly easy to access these attractions by local taxis or Uber which again can be arranged by the front desk upon request. Therefore guests wanting to pursue an outdoor getaway just to have a change in their mundane routine definitely should opt for this hotel.

As already mentioned the jazz scene in this hotel is hands down one of the most unique features of this place. However, to add a bit of glamour with an exceptionally great taste in gastronomy, their dining experience is a playful note. The Hedley Club offers some of the most premium cocktails in the city and has an extensive selection of wine. They also have an art deco-inspired dining room, offering seasonal cuisines and Mediterranean-style small plates. Needless to say with amazing jazz music in the backdrop, visually elegant food on the table, and the perfect wine in your hands – what else could you want?

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Double Room with Two Double Beds

This is a 31 sqm room that opens to a beautiful city view. This is hands down the best from this amazing property and has some of the coolest features such as access to upper floors elevators, alarm clock, centralized air conditioning, coffee machine, radio, ironing facilities, carpeted floors, a mini refrigerator, cable channels with a flat-screen TV, wake-up service and what not! The only drawback is it is a non-smoking room.

The room opens to the alluring view of San Jose. The bed is a bed and a mattress of 7.9 comforts making it perfect for those adults wanting a medium firm strength on their back when they sleep. The private bathroom is stacked with complimentary toiletries, a hairdryer, a bathrobe, shower caps, and towels. For the price they offer, this sure is a STEAL DEAL.

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4. Wyndham Garden San Jose Airport

Wyndham Garden

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Wyndham Garden San Jose Airport is a preferred choice for many guests because of its prime location. This is a comfortable choice of property for those wanting to explore the nearby attractions of San Jose such as the Levi’s Stadium, the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose Convention Centers, and others.

Why we recommend this resort?

When you talk about incredible comfort, state-of-an-art facilities, top-notch cleanliness, iconic locations, and exceptionally pleasant comfort stay all for a good value for money then Wyndham Garden San Jose Airport is the best choice. As soon as you enter the building you are greeted by their courteous staff that is ready to assist you throughout your stay at the property. The level of quality the resort offers is highly appreciated by the guest’s thanks to their multilayered variety of factors such as location, budget, and food. This is also a carefree zone for adults wanting to relax for a weekend.

They have an amazing outdoor pool just outside the fitness center that offers some of the latest fitness gear and equipment for your workouts. Their property is surrounded by WiFi reception and it’s completely free throughout the stay. Also, as a popular addition, the Wyndham Garden San Jose Airport has the best hot tub facility. The tubs are essentially large, and heated and come with powerful jets to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Soak yourself in the jetted hot tub and let your muscles relax in the form of weekend hydrotherapy.

Lastly, the property has two great dining venues. The first one is the guest’s favorite Island Grill Restaurant which has a team of highly professional culinary experts cooking great food for their lovely guests. Tip: They are best known for their perfectly grilled steaks and seafood. (Thanks us later). Second, is the Bamboo Lounge. It is one of their most romantic and electrifying setups where couples can get a quick bite and grab a refreshing drink. It is also an ideal backdrop for a romantic evening because the lounge always hosts live music creating an upbeat environment.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Queen Room with Bath Tub – Mobility/Hearing Accessible – Non-Smoking

This is one of their most inclusive accommodation within the property. The queen room is 30 Sqm in carpet size and is stacked with all amenities you could have wanted for your holiday. The entire room is also wheelchair accessible, making it perfect for couples with differently-abled partners. The room comes with a large double bed and has a mattress comfort of 7.4.

The Queen Room comes with a bathtub in their private bathroom and has a stacked collection of their in-house toiletries, bathrobes, shower caps, hairdryers, and toilet paper. What makes this room really good is the fact that it respects the conditions of every couple and offers features for inclusivity. This is why this hotel is one of the most preferred choices for special adults wanting a special getaway without having to worry about their discomforts.

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5. DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose

DoubleTree by Hilton

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Globally known for its world-class services, this high-end property hands down is the most stylish and contemporary-looking resort in the whole of San Jose. DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose holds a reputation for being a popular spot for those wanting a relaxing getaway for both business and leisure travelers.

Why we recommend this resort?

Located at the heart of Silicon Valley DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose offers a wide range of amenities for all its adult-only guests. The brand has received millions of reviews from all around the world, making it the only trusted property for those travelers wanting to play a bit safe. DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose is located at a very convenient spot, making their guest easy access to all things touristy. Also being one of the most popular choices by many, this high-end Silicon Valley must-stay has some of the best rooms with the friendliest staff.

DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose has over 6+ dining setups for you to choose from. 2050 Lobby Lounge & Bar, Coffee, Cream & More, Forty-Eight Wine Bar, Sprigs, Spencer’s for Steak and Chops, and Truya Sushi Lounge are some of the modern restaurants and cafes available for their guests for a gastronomical adventure. All the foods and drinks made in these separate kitchens are made with the finest of fresh ingredients. Be it continental or Asian cuisine, DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose has got you covered. Not interested in exploring these restaurants? No problem! You can always avail of these scrumptious meals as room service.

Lastly, being an international brand, the staff at DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose follows a strict protocol to ensure their guests are given the utmost respect, courtesy, and services while keeping their professionalism intact. It is the vision of the Hilton brand to attend to every small detail of their guests from clean room service to quality dining, to prompt action to their demands. The staffs at this property are always helpful and greet you with a smile setting a tone for a perfect guest experience. There are many reasons that might make you fall in love with DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose but you will definitely remember the gesture of their staff who put all their efforts to ensure you have an enjoyable stay.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Non-Smoking Superior Queen Metro Tower Room

This room is magical. Inspired by the classic American decor of the 20s, this 42 Sqm Queen Metro Tower Room comes with your own private balcony that gives you some of the most surreal views of the city’s natural beauty. The space comes with 1 double bed, and 1 large double bed and has a mattress comfort of 7.1.

This particular room also has as an ensuite bathroom with marble flooring that feels so luxurious. The key feature of this room is its spacious wardrobe that lets you keep all your items organized and clutter-free. It is almost as big as the bed itself. Lastly, it comes with a complimentary coffee maker, centralized air conditioning, iron, flat-screen Tv, and wake-up service for your comfort.

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6. Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley, an IHG Hotel

Holiday Inn San Jose

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Well, Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley, an IHG Hotel is a package full of surprises. It is one of the most preferred choices of adult travelers not just for its brand value but for its convenient location, state-of-an-art amenities, its affordability, and luxurious accommodations for anyone visiting San Jose.

Why we recommend this resort?

Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley, an IHG Hotel is one of the properties that offer consistent standards of quality services regardless of the kind of traveler you are. Talking just for the adults, the Holiday Inn property in this city comes with a range of affordable accommodations at various budget points making this hotel one of the most booked properties in San Jose. Also, when you book this hotel you also can avail many promotional discounts and attractive coupons as a form of their in-house loyalty program for your next visits ensuring you always get free upgrades and other Holiday Inn benefits The brand has built a great reputation both nationally and internationally by providing world-class quality with their amenities such as fitness centers, pools, free breakfast, WiFi, and much more.

As soon as you walk within the property, the welcoming ambiance makes you feel the unique hospitality warmth and energy that would thrive if you want more during your stay. Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley, an IHG Hotel’s ambiance is their selling point because it is next to many prime locations. The entire aesthetic of the hotel gives you a comfortable and luxurious environment. The decor of the hotel is just perfect for adults wanting a romantic weekend or getaway. It boasts a perfect atmosphere, design, music, lighting, and an overall 5-star vibe of the hotel. With friendly staff available for you 24/7, you are to experience a well-curated stay that is going to be memorable.

Lastly, if you are one of those travelers wanting to indulge in a fine dining experience with your partner then Pub Le Baron is the perfect restaurant within the property. It is an animated restaurant offering mouthwatering edibles and delicacies suiting every tastebud. Their thirst-quenching refreshing cocktails menu is reminiscent of the finest labor of a true mixologist. Standing true to the Holiday Inn brand, their gastronomical scenes are just world-class. Pick a wonderful date with your partner, come to Pub Le Baron, and enjoy the finest sips of local wine or new craft cocktails. Their indoor or outdoor setups just elate the mood and let you relive your excitement for the rest of the night.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Club King Room

Club King Room is a 30 Sqm accommodation that has centralized air conditioning. This room comes with a luxurious ensuite bathroom. The focal point of this modern accommodation comes with one extra large double bed with an 8.2 comfort mattress. The room additionally features a large 50-inch flat-screen TV and also has an office desk just in case you need to check your emails. But we’d recommend you, not to do so.

The design and the layout of the room provide all the essential amenities such as a small fridge, Wi-Fi, and much more. The space is well thoroughly optimized so that the guests can use every inch of the room. The furniture is multifunctional and can be used as a chest of drawers or a standing desk. Lastly, you would love the neutral colors of white, beige, and grey throughout the room giving you more space to enjoy.

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7. Courtyard by Marriott San Jose North/Silicon Valley

Courtyard by Marriott

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Short Description – Courtyard by Marriott San Jose North/Silicon Valley is one of the most appreciated resorts in the region. With clean rooms. well-maintained property, endless recreational activities, exceptional customer services, and the Marriott brand value; your stay at this property is surely going to be relaxing and rejuvenating. PERIOD!

Why we recommend this resort?

This brand understands the psychology of being the best in the hospitality industry. There is a reason why Courtyard by Marriott San Jose North / Silicon Valley is one of the most recommended adult-only accommodations in the northern California region. The answer is very simple. When you welcome yourself within the property you get to experience America’s notes stylish and friendliest hotels ever. It is one of the most comforting, budget-friendly, inclusive properties that take care of their guest need and requirements thoroughly. This property is infamous for offering some of the finest amenities one would want to indulge in. Be it a comfortable bed, high-speed internet access, onsite dining experience,  fitness centers,  swimming pool, and more this place is one of the most convenient accommodations for all those adult guests wanting the fun chance to experience a different setup which was a long due.

If you and your partner are one of those guests who indulge in the perfect ambiance of a hotel but also would like to take a full-on experience of a scrumptious meal along with refreshing drinks then this is the perfect hotel for you. Within the premises is The Bistro – Eat. Drink. Connect.® – a revolutionary breakfast and dining option that offers varieties of choices for beers, wine, cocktails, and fine dining.  The breakfast option includes a flavourful palette of freshly ground avocado toast with coffee.  You can choose to sit  within the bistro or step outside and enjoy your breakfast by admiring the landscape of the property. For dinner, you can indulge in the Classic  burger with a Mediterranean grain bowl which is gluten-free. The particular eating establishment would unwind and relax your mind body and so like never before.

To guests who are not familiar with San Jose and its local vicinity, the concierge services of the property would be ensured to plan your entire day and activities for you. Be it an outdoor activity in the city life scene or surrounding yourself with the natural beauty of the province your day can be planned in the most attentive manner. all you have to do is book your day at this property and come along with your partner. the friendly staff of this property will ensure that all your wishes are attended keeping every little of your wishes in mind. You and your partner can just sit back and take the experience of true Marriott hospitality.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

King Room with Sofa Bed

This room is typically designed to accommodate up to 4 people or just two lovely guests wanting to enjoy the maximum space. The is a 28 Sqm bedroom that comes with centralized air conditioning and a private bathroom. The room features a wonderful extra-large bed and one sofa bed with a mattress comfort of 9.2. The art deco-inspired decor lets you kickstart your holidays in the most animated mood possible.

The King Room with Sofa Bed is designed to maximize comfort while keeping the functionality of their guests in mind. It’s well-lit and it has essential amenities such as a kettle, coffee maker, microwave, iron, etc plus ample storage space for clothes, personal items, or luggage. It is highly comfortable and practical thus garnering our recommendation.

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8. Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, San Jose International Airport, CA

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson

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If you are in desperate need to relax, and have all your wishes answered then Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, San Jose International Airport, CA is your perfect place. Their staffs are great, the food scenes are impeccable, their concierge services are mindblowing and their accommodations are near heaven. What’s the wait for?

Why we recommend this resort?

There cannot be any other better option for an adult guest than Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, San Jose International Airport, CA. This property features all the basic amenities you could seek in a hotel. The overall aesthetic of all the Radisson properties is to set the right mood to welcome all the guests. And how do they do that? Off course by hiring only experts to address the mood. Be it the lobby lighting, personalized service, live music, landscape and others offering the perfect mood for the guest is their priority. It alone plays a very powerful tool in creating an ambiance by the Raddison group that lets their guests come back for more.

For all those outdoor-loving couples, by choosing this hotel you surround yourself with some of San Jose’s iconic landmarks such as the Winchester Mystery House, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, Santana Row, San Jose Museum of Art, Avenue One Drive, and much more. If you want to break free from arranging an itinerary let the front desk do the hard work for you. Once you are done with your check-in you may request the front desk to plan your activity. They shall do it with pleasure. All you need to do is answer some of their questions, and you are good to go.

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, San Jose International Airport, CA is known for its decor. They are visually comfortable and stylish at the same time. The common areas, lobbies, restaurants, and bars, have a very relaxing atmosphere. It overall gives a very inviting gesture that plays with your mind asking it to think of nothing but the present hospitable environment. Apart from the decor, the scent of the hotel throughout the building is very sweet. The aroma lights up your mood and lets you get diffused in a perfectly pleasant state of mind. The music they play also plays a very crucial role. The playlist shuffles between soft jazz and classical music creating a very porshe yey sophisticated atmosphere.

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Guest King Room

Country Inn hotels are known for being the best hosts to their guests. Therefore all their rooms are designed keeping the privacy of their guests in mind. The 28 Sqm room is designed in such a way the guest has a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable time within the four walls of their choice of stay. The Guest King Room focuses on providing the best privacy options. As always you can additionally opt for a “Do not disturb” sign in case you do not want to be disturbed even for a minute.

Here at Country Inn guests are allowed to control their privacy and minimize their disruptions. The curtains installed in this room at thick so that they completely blacks out the room. The guests are also given in-room dining, a private balcony, and a bathroom so that their getaway business can all be done keeping their privacy intact. Plus it is still equipped with all the basic amenities you would traditionally find in any of the Country Inn properties such as WiFi, complimentary toiletries, etc.

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9. SureStayPlus Hotel by Best Western San Jose Central City

SureStayPlus Hotel

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This internationally reputed brand is here to give you the experience of your lifetime. From easy booking to a personalized experience, SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western San Jose Central City is here to validate all your expectations ensuring you indulge in a holistic and memorable experience.

Why we recommend this resort?

If you have reached so far then brace yourself because we did keep our last two options as our best-concluding options. SureStayPlus Hotel by Best Western San Jose Central City located at the Monterey Hwy is a classically American-style adult-only hotel in San Jose. Bestwestern is a reputed international brand that owns award-winning chains of hotels. Therefore there is no doubt that this property is just going to amaze with their well reputed hospitality. The hotel is a delightful place to spend your time with your partner. The vision of the hotel is to provide their guest with elements of high-end stay provided by personalised services. And this is true in all the reviews you can find from the critics. They are truly committed to providing a high-quality hospital environment.

The reason every guest staying at the SureStayPlus Hotel by Best Western San Jose Central City has an unforgettable experience is that every staff member caters to your specific needs and offers you unique services that go above and beyond your expectations. Every single day you spend at the hotel creates a postive impact on your life and also on your partners. Their 24-hour front desk answers all your needs. Lastly, the only drawback of the hotel would be their laundry service since it’s not included in the stay. The services cost you $2.50 per cycle and can cost more in case you have delicates that need special attention.

By choosing SureStayPlus Hotel by Best Western San Jose Central City you also get complete access to their outdoor pool that opens at 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm. It is recommended to first make reservations to avoid getting into limited occupancy in case the property is booked. This generally happens during the summer or holiday season. Just adjacent to the amazing large pool is the steam/sauna feature available at the fitness center. The saunas are state-of-an-art amenities provided by the hotel to ensure your stay is relaxing and stress-relieving. After a hard swim or workout at the gym, you can spend some time with your partner in the sauna and ease the muscle tension and just relax. What better way to improve your blood circulation and also your romantic mood, isn’t it?

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

Queen Suite with Jetted Tub

If you are one of those guests who would want to take a long dip in the bathtub and is in need of hydrotherapy then this room is just for you. The room comes with jetted tub in their private bathroom making it one of their highly requested yet easily sold-out rooms on the property. The suite is totally air-conditioned and comes with a microwave, fridge, wardrobe, safety deposit box, flat-screen television, and other basic amenities.

As soon as you enter the room your focal point would be the large double bed that has a mattress of 8.2 comforts making it perfect for those adults wanting to lay down in a soft backdrop. Apart from this, you also get a designated area to have your coffee and also work. Since all their furniture is multifunctional, you can truly utilize the room at your maximum level.

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10. Hampton Inn San Jose Cherry Ave

Hampton Inn

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The reason this is a perfect property is because of its convenient location. If you are one of those guests who wish to have a romantic getaway with your partner in the backdrop of city life, The Hampton Inn San Jose Cherry Ave should be your top priority.

Why we recommend this resort?

Located just a few blocks away from the iconic Almaden Ranch Shopping Mall, this San Jose hotel is for those wanting to have a laid-back getaway in every sense possible. Hampton Inn San Jose Cherry Ave understands that most of their guest are here to rekindle their romance or strengthen their bonds, so they offer you some of the best privacy-orientated stays in the hotel. The staffs are friendly, yet they ensure that you are not disturbed as often. This hotel is a perfect property to every adult wanting a romantic change and Hampton Inn San Jose Cherry Ave helps you create lasting memories that every couple can cherish for years and years.

The entire decor of the property has so much influx of light during the day that it instantly set your mood better. The front desk has staff that speaks both Spanish and English making this place a very inclusive property.  The property is located just a few miles from the airport, and just 10 miles from the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. It is recommended that you stay in the hotel during the weekdays to avoid a weekend rush since this hotel is truly everyone’s choice.

The best part about the Hampton Inn San Jose Cherry Ave is that they have 24/7 vending machines and snack shops for your to indulge in. If you are craving for a late-night snack and want something to munch, you can walk down to their lobby and find yourself shopping some great frozen options such as ice creams, sherbet, pizzas along with other snacks like takis, nuts, and chocolates. As if this wasn’t enough you also have a variety of soft drinks to choose from. So what is it going to be like for you and your partner? Fanta with chocolate-coated cashews or just vanilla ice cream? *WINKS*

Which room we’d recommend from this hotel?

King Room – Mobility/Hearing Accessible – Non-Smoking

This is a beautiful King Room with 19 Sqm carpet space. When you choose this room, you get yourself a centralized air conditioning unit, a innoculate private bathroom, an 8.8-rated comfortable mattress, and free WiFi. Not just this the room also comes with an alarm clock, tea/coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, and must more. The rooms are designed with high-quality soundproof materials. The windows are double-paned and well-insulated both from the weather and acoustic. Lastly with the help of the heavy curtains, the noise or any little amount of voice gets easily diffused to ensure you are not disturbed by the outside ambiance and also your sounds are not disturbing the other guests outside your room.

As soon as you enter the room, your feet are to touch the softest beige carpet. On your left, you will be introduced to your sliding wardrobe where you can keep all your clothes. As you want further you are welcome to witness an amazing king-size bed with a 12-inch thick mattress. There is a coffee chair and table for you to be organized during your drink. Plus a special mention to the amazing tungsten lighting that sets up a perfect romantic mood.  The warm tone automatically sets the mood to relax. The 19 Sqm accommodation comes is a nonsmoking room and opens to a beautiful view of the property’s landscape.

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What did we consider when ranking these resorts/hotels?

Of course, you’ll be curious, what makes the #1 the #1?

Privacy and Safety

Each of the hotels we have recommended has some of the best privacy and safety features catered especially for the adult-only guest. By providing privacy to the guest, these hotels ensure their safety and security. Be it an accommodation in the woods of Poughkeepsie or at the heart of Times Square it was our duty to ensure your stay is protected within your personal space while lodging.

Customer Satisfaction

When guests look for adult-only hotels in New York, it significantly becomes obvious that customer satisfaction needs to be maximum. All our recommended hotels or resorts have achieved great reviews for their amazing hospitality leading to higher customer satisfaction levels. We believe the higher the guest is satisfied, the more likely they are to recommend our services to others.

Ethical Consideration

We understand that life sometimes needs to take a break. However, respecting guests’ requirements with utmost sincerity should be the hotel’s commitment. The hotels mentioned above are known to treat their guest with the highest dignity and respect which contributes to a positive stay of the guest thus generating a positive reputation and increased trust among the customers.

Food & Drinks

What kind of a hotel experience would that be if the food and drink options are bad, right? Hotel stays are all about gaining wonderful experiences. Food and drinks elevate those experiences leading them to have a higher standard of getaway. It’s all about the comfort and relaxation that the hotels are willing to offer to their guest. All our recommended lodgings have great options for food and drinks to unwind and feel more at home.


Off course! Providing comfortable accommodation is the only priority for the hotels and also for us. It’s crucial for the hotel’s success and also for the overall experience of our guests. The listed properties provide more than essential customer satisfaction ratings to offer the best comfort and well-being. These above-listed hotels are brand conscious, and thus takes it as a critical element in offering every little ounce of comfort for their guest with the hope that they retain their guest forever.


Honesty and transparency are one of the most elementary methods for us to choose our listings. We prioritize the quality of the property in all aspects of its operations, from hospitality, cleanliness, safety, privacy, maintenance of its facilities, food, and beverages offerings, and overall the guest’s experience. Every hotel we recommended upholds the highest standards of value-driven integrity that treat its guests, employees, and stakeholders with ethical behavior and fairness.


The location of the hotel can tell a lot about its customer base. Whether you wish to lodge in the creeks or in the middle of a bustling city, it’s all about the convenience you’d prefer. The locations of the hotel impact the success and the guest’s overall experiences. So our recommendations are suited for customers who wish to reach arrays of options for their adult-only getaway. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the budget for adult-only hotels in New York?

This completely depends on the services and amenities one wishes to take. Some of our recommendations start from $90 and go up above $1000. The estimated price can only be calculated after being very clear on the kind of lodging deals one wishes to choose.

Are adult-friendly hotels safe?

Off course! Popular adult-only property has some of the highest safety and privacy standards. It’s not just for the guests but also for the brand’s reputation for attracting more guests. A positive brand needs positive customers. Thus making it their priority to ensure their guests feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared for.

How is the experience in adult-only hotels?

Providing valuable and satisfying experiences via hospitality, food, drinks, room services, concierge services, and others hotels ensures that their guests enjoy a good deal of their time within their property. In addition, by prioritizing their guests, they build a positive image thus making sure that their services are known to everyone.

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