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16. Wet Willie’s Bar Atlantic City

Wet Willie's Bar Atlantic City

If you are looking for an inviting and welcoming bar due to its lively interior and ambiance as well as a variety of cocktails, then Wet Willie’s Atlantic City is the place you are looking for to have fun. It is one of the most popular bars among the people of Atlantic City. The cocktails offered at this bar are so refreshing that they stand out. It would not be wrong to say that these cocktails have earned Wet Willie’s Atlantic City the fame that it enjoys in Atlantic City. These cocktails also add color to the lovely and colorful interior of the bar. The cocktails are not the only thing that makes this bar stand out; the whole place is fun and amazingly refreshing. The bar’s interior is also very welcoming and energizing since it is pretty colorful, and it is not only the cocktails that make the place bright. The lights and dispensers also have different colors that enchant the eyes, and you want to relax. The site has a grand entrance full of lights, and the stonework at the door creates such an aesthetic pleasure that people get hooked. The seating is also very comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your drinks in peace. This comfy setting and the refreshing beverages motivate people to come here over and over. 

 If you want a good boost of energy for your tedious routine, Wet Willie’s Atlantic City is the place you want to go to reenergize yourself. One of the best parts about this place is that it offers its services to its customers not only during the night but also during the day. This way, you can always visit Wet Willie’s Atlantic City whenever you find the time or feel like blowing off some steam. 

15. The Pool After Dark Bar Atlantic City

The Pool After Dark Bar Atlantic City

If you are a jolly person who is always looking for excuses to party but cannot find a place where you can party in a wholesome way and enjoy yourself, then we have found just the bar for you. The Pool After Dark is such a fun bar that it gives you the experience of a musical dance party and a pool party simultaneously. It also has a casino for those who want to gamble and, in this way, have some fun. This bar is the complete package as it not only serves as a restaurant, fancy pool party, and dance party, but also a good restaurant with good food and drinks. Just as the name of this bar suggests, it is for those party animals who love booze, dancing, gambling, music, and good food, and that too till late night for this bar serves as a night bar for Friday and Saturday. The functioning of this bar as a night bar is a cherry on top as it adds to the popularity of the bar and remains open to party animals of Atlantic City till 3 a.m. The ambiance and setting of the bar are out of this world, especially for someone who wants to have fun and break from the mechanical mundanity of life. This bar has a pool where people can even play water volleyball to have fun, and besides that Pool is the party zone where you can dance or interact with other people just the way you want. The lights add to the party setting of the bar as the combination of red and blue lights attracts people to sway with the rhythm of the music, and in this way, they put themselves at ease. Besides all these amenities, this bar also offers spa and fitness facilities. If one is looking for multifaceted fun at a bar, then The Pool After Dark is their place as it provides the vibe people are looking for. All these amenities would not be possible without the efforts and diligence of the staff who ensure you have the time of your life.

 14. The VÜE Rooftop Bar and Lounge at the Claridge Atlantic City

The VÜE Rooftop Bar and Lounge at the Claridge Atlantic City

One of the things that attract people to a bar is the aesthetic pleasure that it offers. Well, in this domain, The VÜE Rooftop Bar and Lounge at the Claridge is pretty rich as it offers a divine ambiance. The view it provides to the people visiting this bar is aesthetically very pleasing as it provides a beautiful view of the Atlantic city. In the evening, this view becomes out of the world as the city gets illuminated with lights of all sorts. This view causes people to visit The VÜE Rooftop Bar and Lounge at the Claridge. This bar provides cocktails like mimosas and others; however, the food this place offers is very palatable and ranges from starters to steaks. This kind of fancy meal accompanied with such a beautiful view of the Atlantic City that this place offers is the kind of self-care people deserve and, therefore, choose to be at this bar. The ambiance and food of this place make it a spot that can be used not only to care for oneself but also as a romantic getaway since there is nothing better than enjoying fancy food and a great view with one’s beloved. These amenities are ensured by the hardworking and ethical staff of the bar, who do their best to make the customers feel at home and are pretty much successful at it too. This bar is more than the conventional bars that provide booze and party, and it can be used as a calm and scenic dating spot, so it can be an ideal bar for extroverts and introverts. Maybe these features of the bars make them so popular among the people of Atlantic City. When in the city, check this place out once, and it will surely get you hooked. 

13. Gypsy Bar Atlantic City

Gypsy Bar Atlantic City

It is no joke that the people of Atlantic City not only love partying but also love bars, and if both of these are joined together for the people in one place, then it will always be popular among the people. It is precisely the situation of the Gypsy Bar, which is known for its tequila and musical nights i.e. the love of Alcohol and bars can be satisfied here. It provides its customers with a musical night as a band performs every night to entertain the customers of Gypsy Bar. Music and drinks, the main attractions of this bar, attract a huge crowd to this place, but this is not a problem for the professional and hardworking staff of the Gypsy Bar, who keep the glasses full all the time. The huge crowd is tackled pretty well by the staff who keep serving the customers despite their overwhelming number. Gypsy Bar is also one of the bars of Atlantic City that lighten up the night lives of the people as it remains open till late at night. The abundance of drinks and availability of musical performances satisfy the urge of the people to enjoy and have fun for as long as they wish. The ambiance that the Gypsy Bar offers to its customers is one of the reasons that people find it an appropriate place to blow off some steam and find a quick getaway from their tightly packed schedules. What is found in the Gypsy Bar is no less than a concert, and this enjoyment is also not bound by time as Gypsy Bar allows people to stay and make the most of their time till late during the night. Gypsy Bar offers all that is generally expected from a quality bar, so it is one of the bars that should be visited.

12. H2O Pool and bar at Golden Nugget

H2O Pool and bar at Golden Nugget

Being at a Casino for a long time can be a hectic thing to do for some; however, it is not necessary that a break cannot be taken from it. At the H2O Pool and Bar, not only do those looking for a refreshing break from life come to enjoy themselves but also those who take a break from gambling at the Casino that is found in the same building. The heavenly bar, called the H2O Pool and bar, is located on the sixth floor or rooftop of the said building. It is one of the few rooftop bars that offer a view of the whole of Atlantic City. This sublime setting makes the bar’s customers and visitors enjoy their drinks to their fullest. Many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served here, so no matter your preference for the night, this place has you covered. Drinks are not the only attraction of this bar; actually, the view attracts not only the party animals but also those looking for a peaceful getaway. The view the bar provides from the rooftop is so pleasing to the eye that it keeps you at peace throughout your visit. The city lights in the evening and at night time cause one to be intoxicated by the view even more than Alcohol. Besides these things, this rooftop bar also offers music and dance in the form of DJ nights, but it’s not your random DJ night because it is not only during the nighttime that this musical party is offered to the people who come here to have fun. Since this bar provides wholesome fun and great food for people with a sound palette, you must visit it at least once.

11. Bally’s Beach Bar Atlantic City

Bally's Beach Bar Atlantic City

If you love chilling at the beach to relax, and you would love if you would not have to leave your comfy chilling spot to get a drink, then the Bally’s Beach Bar is your heaven on Earth. The unique thing about this bar is its location that is common with the beach. As far as the sight goes, one gets to see water. The site makes the Bally’s Beach Bar a perfect summer spot to hang out with friends or even yourself if you wish. The drinks you get at such a spot seem relaxing, refreshing, and energizing. Still, Bally’s Beach Bar does not rely on nature to get the attention and admiration of its customers, and it offers drinks that are so full of flavor that they satisfy your topical craving or cold, sweet and sour. If summer tries to give you lemons, make lemonade with them, literally, at the Bally’s Beach Bar. You can even have the drinks you love while taking a dip in the water. If you are not someone who likes to take a swim, then you can just bask on the beach and have fun in your way. This beach bar can also be a place to hang out with your family because it offers refreshing cocktails to beat the heat, and a good view accompanies that too, and there is nothing better than beating summer with your family. The bartenders at this place are also very friendly and professional. They do their job right and also make the customers feel warmly welcomed. Bally’s Beach Bar is a perfect blend of a great menu, lovely location, and professional staff. It’s a bar you just cannot miss; therefore, it is a must for you and your friends to visit this bar this summer, and you will not be disappointed.

 10. Applebee’s Bar Atlantic City

Applebee's Bar Atlantic City

Applebee’s is considered one of the best and most popular bars in Atlantic City. It is known for its lively ambiance that is befitting for an individual, a couple, and a bunch of friends. It is not noisy for you to have your food in peace. If you are a person who wants to enjoy his or her meals in a bar without any noise, then Applebee’s is your bar. It is one of the few bars that offer musical amusement that is not noisy at all. This peaceful environment makes it a go-to place for those who want to treat themselves to their favorite food to blow some steam and feel merry. As far as the food of this place is concerned, it is palatable and has different flavors blended to create a culinary masterpiece. If you are embarking on a culinary adventure, you do not have to look any further because Applebee’s has covered you with its wide range of sweet, savory drinks. The food is also served at its best; the savory is served hot for the customers to experience a mouthful of delicious sustenance. As for the deserts and confectionaries, they are served the way we can enjoy them best. If you are a foodie who looks for tasty food everywhere he or she goes, then your search concludes at Applebee’s, one of the best bars in Atlantic City.

9. Ducktown Tavern and Liquors Bar Atlantic City

Ducktown Tavern and Liquors Bar Atlantic City

Some people prefer to take it easy in life, even better than those who believe in the epicurean motto of life, which says “eat, drink and be merry.” Atlantic City has a bar called Ducktown Tavern and Liquors for this kind of people. The way this bar accommodates its customers is so commendable. Nothing can stop Ducktown Tavern and Liquors from serving its customers, not even a global pandemic, for they have an outdoor arrangement to tackle that as well. Even if the epidemic of COVID-19 tries to confine you to the walls of your house, one of the fee places to ensure your outside amusement is Ducktown Tavern and Liquors. It also offers comprehensive and convenient parking for all those who come to visit, so you do not have to worry about that parking ticket anymore. The food is also good enough to make you skip meals at home and show up at this bar every now and then. This bar is also considered one of the best bars in Atlantic City for happy hours drinking. After a tiresome and long working day, you and your buddies might want to boost their energy by grabbing some drinks, and if you plan on doing something like this, then you cannot afford to miss a chance of your happy hours drinking at the Ducktown Tavern and Liquors. There is no doubt that only one visit to this place keeps you hooked for some time to come. However, it is important to visit the place; first, you know what they say, “try it to believe it!”

8. Eden Lounge Bar Atlantic City

Eden Lounge Bar Atlantic City

We are all fascinated by movies, and we want to live our lives just like we see people living in the film. The glamor, style, buildings, etc., always fascinate us. However, the lovers of movies do not need to worry about their passions going to waste, for we have found a perfect bar that looks like it came straight out of a movie. This bar, Eden Lounge, is just like the glamorous bars we see in the movies that have a lot of drinks on the table, and the people sitting there are getting entertained by a musical performance. The fancy movie-like interior of the bar is not all that there is to it. The drinks and the food that are offered here speak for themselves. People from different areas of Atlantic City visit Eden Lounge often, even though they have to drive long to get there. This is also one of the proofs of this place’s quality that it is undoubtedly one of the best bars in Atlantic City. Eden Lounge can host any kind of customer due to its welcoming and wholesome ambiance. Be it some lovers coming here to celebrate their anniversary or a young guy or girl who is here to enjoy his or her solitude, all of you would be pleased to find out that the Eden Lounge has got all of you covered. However, to find out, it is important to visit this bar. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. There are high chances that you would find a new place to usually hang out at. 

7. Rush Lounge Bar Atlantic City

Rush Lounge Bar Atlantic City

Another one of the coolest bars in Atlantic City is Rush Lounge which can be found at the Golden Nugget. The Rush Lounge is also one of those bars in Atlantic City where you can party and relax in a cozy environment at the same time, or if you want to do one at a time, you are pretty much welcome to do that. If you are a person who would prefer to be sober to be able to drive yourself or your friends to homes that evening, then Rush Lounge has non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails that nothing else can beat. However, if you have a friend with you who can drive you to your house and you want to let loose, Rush Lounge also works in the capacity of an Irish Pub, so it would nicely take care of your cravings for Alcohol. The ambiance, as well as the interior of the bar, is well suited to the conventional image of a bar. If you were a cowboy looking for his routine dose of booze to regenerate his energy, you would have been found at the Rush Lounge almost every time. This place also offers poker, so people of different age groups visit it. It is also very cooperative towards those customers who cannot walk by themselves due to either sickness or disability. It offers toilets that are particularly reserved for those in wheelchairs. This bar is one of those you would not want to miss due to its comfy accommodation and fun nightlife. A visit might make you a usual customer, do not wait any longer to deprive yourself of this act of self-care. 

6. Dusk Bar Atlantic City

Dusk Bar Atlantic City

What If you are not sleepy; it is pretty late, and you want to go and have a drink at the bar, but you think you will not find a good bar open at night, so you go back to sleep. However, we are here to tell you that you do not have to suppress your urge to party anymore just because you think you cannot have fun at this late hour at night. The solution to this problem of yours lies with Dusk, which is a fine night bar in Atlantic City that ensures the joy, comfort, and enjoyment of its customers, for, at Dusk, it is never too late for any party. Also, if you like to party, but you also require your party zone to be exclusive, to ensure the glamor and charm, Dusk rushes to your rescue again with its unique dress code, which ensures quality and style. Dusk is where you sway in style. Dusk can also be a great spot if you want to have bachelor and bachelorette parties here. Dusk is worthy of doing justice to your emotional investment in it for choosing it for family parties. If you want to experience a night that you will never forget for the rest of your life, then it is almost obligatory for you to visit Dusk at least once because the rest is up on the bar to keep you hooked for long. If you want to mention the active and enjoyable nightlife of Atlantic City, mention Dusk. 

5. Wonder Bar Atlantic City

Wonder Bar Atlantic City

Suppose you want to have a few drinks in a bar, but you also want to gaze at the stars and the widespread water body simultaneously, but of course, you believe that such a scenic location for a bar is not easily accessible. We are here to tell you that you are wrong, and the people of Atlantic City can make use of this scenic amenity in the form of a bar at the Wonder Bar. The Wonder Bar’s view for its customers is so soothing that it enchants them completely. The cherry on top is the availability of good alcoholic drinks here, making the Wonder Bar a dream come true for most people. The food offered at the Wonder Bar is also a hooking factor for those foodies who are almost always in search of good and tasty food. The best part is that this food is not too costly, so it is affordable for many people to dine there, get a drink and enjoy the view while doing so. One feature that makes Wonder Bar stand out is its accommodation for kids. It is not very often that we see any kid in a bar, and we even believe it to be inappropriate for a kid to be at a bar. However, Wonder Bar is not a conventional bar, and it is family-friendly where you can not only bring kids but also treat them to their favorite meals from the kids’ menu. Wonder bar attracts customers from almost all age groups to have fun in their way and enjoy the view as well. If Wonder Bar was not on your list of bars that you want to visit, you would add it now, for it is a wise choice. 

4. Land Shark Bar and Grill Atlantic City

Land Shark Bar and Grill Atlantic City

Atlantic City is not devoid of bars at the beach and is making wide and creative use of its scenic geography by making bars at the beach. One such bar is the Land Shark Bar and Grill. Since it is a bar, it is supposed to offer drinks, but it has much more to offer. The glasses in which drinks are offered at Land Shark Bar and Grill are so beautiful and provocative that you just love the look of booze in them. There is no end in sight to one’s drinking once one lays one’s hands on one of these glasses. The view is also a perfect spot to blow off some steam. It is therapeutic here, and you would not even realize that staring at the beach in the evening while sipping your drink would make you forget all your worries in life, and you will feel a new vigor burning up inside you to take the bull of your problems by its horns when you are leaving the bar. It also has a good menu with cheesy and fried food that you can never go wrong with, especially in a place like Atlantic City. The Covid-19 prevention protocols are also on the spot here, so people feel safe to visit. The friendly treatment of the staff causes one to visit over and over. Land Shark Bar and Grill is one of those bars in Atlantic City that you simply cannot afford to miss, so do not miss it and see for yourself. 

3. Hard Rock Cafe Bar Atlantic City

Hard Rock Cafe Bar Atlantic City

For the people who look for something unique in a bar, Hard Rock Café in Atlantic City has come up with a creative theme of its own. The rock and roll theme attracts the young customers of this bar to a great extent. The food that is provided here to the customers is not compromised in terms of either quality or serving. The food of this place attracts foodies from the whole city to Hard Rock Café. The mouthwatering and palatable items on the menu would spark your hunger without you even realizing it. Another fun thing about the Hard Rock Café is the great arrangements made here for the sports lovers to watch their favorite sport. All of us, of course, love seeing LeBron James score while having a drink. The hygienic conditions in the toilets are on the spot, so even the germaphobes should have no problem using these toilets comfortably. Of course, missing out on this would mean missing out on being intoxicated by your love of sports and beer. Obviously, none of us wants to miss out on all that guaranteed fun. Therefore, this weekend heads to Hard Rock Café and buckle up for loads of fun.

2. Back Bay Ale House Bar Atlantic City

Back Bay Ale House Bar Atlantic City

At times, we just want to have a drink at a bar in an old-school way. You know what they say, “Old is Gold.” There is no better way to relieve yourself of any kind of stress or tiredness than having a drink in the dim lights for which a bar is known. Such craving can be satisfied at the Atlantic City’s very own Back Bay Ale House. The soothing lights help one to enjoy his or her drink to the greatest degree. Obviously, while taking a drink, a quick bite never hurts, and if that quick bite is as delicious as the one found at Back Bay Ale House, then your luck is definitely blessing you. For a wonderful evening, a melodious voice pouring sweet notes into your ears is all you could ask for, and as far as this bar goes, it offers musical performances that make your day. This bar also caters to the American need to watch sports. Different sports lovers from different backgrounds and social groups sit together to watch a game and bond over it. Back Bay Ale House is a little powerhouse of pleasant social interactions. Missing it is your own loss. 

1. Tango’s Lounge Bar Atlantic City

Tango's Lounge Bar Atlantic City

Some of us would just have a drink anywhere; however, not everyone is like this. There are definitely many of those who want to sip their drinks in a luxuriously set up bar. These people mostly cannot get any luxurious drinking set up since bars are mostly casual. We have a good piece of news for them because their search ends at Tango’s lounge. The ostentatious shelves and fancy lights display create a deluxe environment for those who have a princely taste in drinking and bars. That is not all, because this bar is not only for those who have sumptuous tastes. It also caters to the needs of the easy-going and happy-go-lucky party animals. This bar is a blend of the luxurious and the casual. The staff treats both kinds of people the same way, and that way is vigilant and professionally active. Other than the ambiance of this bar, the staff here also adds to the customers’ great experiences. It is also a great spot for watching sports with friends; we all need such spots to watch sports because we can get a little crazy while doing it. The dancing, music, and drinking are not limited by time because our very own Tango’s Lounge also remains open at night. All these amenities in one bar make it tempting to visit it. Just give in to this temptation of yours, and we assure you that you will have the time of your life even if you are visiting with someone else or just enjoying some me-time. 

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