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26. Tin Roof Bar Detroit

There are many excellent bars and dining spots in Detroit where one can enjoy their favorite cocktails and dinner items in a relaxed atmosphere. Tin Roof Detroit is one such place where one can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and food while enjoying their rooftop area. The tin roof also offers three different levels if it is cloudy and raining, or you want the peace of an indoor corner spot to sip your drink and be on your way.
Tin roof Detroit also offers its patrons live music, so you can enjoy upcoming musicians on the stage and drink with them later on since this place is known for its relaxed atmosphere. The patrons and community here at the Tin Roof Detroit are a very closely-knit and helpful group of people so that you will find yourself among friends after a round of drinks. Moreover, there are many different types of people here, so this place will not turn into your regular bar after a while. Tin Roof Detroit has many talented bartenders who know how to make your drink the way you want. You can also ask them for suggestions since they are very polite and well trained.
Tin Roof Detroit is located in a bustling neighborhood, so you are always a few minutes away from most shopping centers and other places, which makes this place an excellent option to stop by when out for chores. There are many different food items on the menu here, which means many other options for you to try. There is also a happy hour for those who like to drink on a budget; the happy hour is from three until six pm every day from Monday until Friday. Some famous cocktails people have during these hours include Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Mich Ultra, among others. We should also mention that the appetizers are almost half the price. You should give this bar a try if you are in Detroit.

25. Pinky’s Rooftop Bar Detroit

Pinky’s rooftop is another bar in Detroit famous among people who like their craft cocktails under the open sky in an electric environment among like-minded patrons. Some of these bars will offer regular drink menus, cocktails, and your regular craft beer. However, the ambiance will be so breathtakingly good, mixing well with the bar’s aesthetic, that one is compelled to stay longer and take in the whole vibe.
Pinky’s rooftop is one such place and uses a dull beautiful pink shade on its walls and several interior items, as the name suggests. The décor is charming and gives a luxurious feel to the bar. Almost anything you can imagine in the bar has a touch of a pale pink shade, making it unique. However, this color scheme and design are not too much for the eyes, making the whole area stand out. The rooftop of this bar is also very luxurious and offers a relaxed lounge-type setting where one can enjoy their food and drinks. The rooftop has imported plantations and small outdoor plants, which add a lot more color to the whole setting, taking the ambiance to a new level. Imagine sipping your cocktail in this beautiful plush outdoor setting along or with friends, and it’s genuinely a very relaxing feeling.
Pinky’s craft cocktails offer a lot more than just looks and ambiance. They have a very diverse menu, consisting of several small platters and shareable plates if you have friends. Moreover, the drinking menu offers several cocktails, beers, wines, and other spirits. This fantastic bar also offers remarkable services; the bartenders are very accommodating and will prepare any drink you like, any way you want. Moreover, the staff is very responsible and polite so you can enjoy yourself peacefully. The restaurant opens six days a week at around four pm, so you can come and enjoy your favorite drinks anytime you want during these hours.

24. Delmar Rooftop Bar Detroit

Delmar Rooftop bar is known for its electric ambiance and exquisite parties held on the rooftop. Delmar also has a fantastic café, where one can enjoy plenty of delicious dishes. Delmar Rooftop offers what little rooftop bars can offer here in this city, and that is a beautiful view of the Detroit Skyline, which makes for a spectacular view at night when all the mood lighting is turned alone. And the place is abuzz! The experience at this bar is out of this world. From bartenders to the waiters, they are so professionally trained that you feel like you are in a very premium spot with the city’s elite. The music system here is also great, so you can dance to your favorite beats without getting interrupted by the city noises on the rooftop.
Delmar bar is covered with neon signs on every wall, paintings, and artsy décor. This place is perfect for your next Instagram story and attracts many influencers in the area! You can enjoy your drinks and interact with a lot of people here who come from different backgrounds and expand your social reach!
The rooftop bar offers one of the best bottle service experiences in the city; hence, it is always crowded and booked. Make your bookings in advance if you plan on taking your friends or family with you. The menu at this place is very diverse. The ambiance makes you want to forget about going home, especially on game nights when the whole town comes together for a couple of chilled beers, wines, and craft cocktails to watch the big game on the twenty-foot HD wall, which also happens to be the distinguishing feature of this fantastic bar.
This bar is open from Wednesdays until Sundays, and the dress code is smart casual, so make sure to dress accordingly!

23. Lumen Bar Detroit

Lumen Detroit is one of the most famous bars in Detroit, and for a good reason. The concept of this bar is quite astonishing. The open-air bar is right beside a park, a large green patch that allows users to enjoy their drinks in the greenery. The park side seating area has relaxing and comfortable chairs for you to sit down or lie down as you enjoy the greenery Detroit offers. However, if you plan on coming during the day, make sure you have your lotions and sunglasses with you. The open-air concept allows the patio to be unique; hence, it is almost always booked, and you can’t get a table quickly during your walk-in visits, so we recommend you to call and book the table before that, after which you will get it for two hours. Moreover, the menu is quite diverse here, which we will discuss later.
The bartenders and menu team over at this restaurant are constantly working on a new thing or the other. The ingredients are sourced locally and imported as well for those exquisite creations. The chefs always want something extra for the patrons, matching the energy of the bartenders who try to make the perfect drink for you based on your preferences and tastes. The bartenders are incredibly professional; hence seeing your next craft cocktail get made is a treat in its own right. Some of the best cocktails, which Lumen Detroit offers, are, Glow Up, My Best Friends Mom. The first one is made with limited edition tequila and lime soda extracts, while the latter is a masterpiece made with rum and pineapple-jalapeno syrup.
The desserts at this restaurant are to die for, and we would highly recommend the crème Brulee cheesecake to be paired with your favorite cocktail. The wine list is also spectacular. You can get red, white, and rose wines by the bottle.

22. The Monarch Club Bar Detroit

The Monarch Club stays true to its name as it is one of the best rooftop bars in the area, which attracts the upper middle class of Detroit. The Monarch Club is based in a penthouse on the metropolitan building and hence offers some of the most beautiful views of downtown Detroit and the Detroit skyline at night. The design language and ambiance are very sleek and minimal, and the grandeur of this place is unmatched. This rooftop bar is famous for its fabulous views of Detroit, which allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tall buildings and landmarks from tall buildings.
The mood at this rooftop is also quite cozy since the candlelight at each table brings out your inner romantic. Imagine sipping your favorite craft cocktails and wines under the candlelight while enjoying the sparkling lights of the skyscrapers around you – this is nothing short of a dream come true.
There is a dedicated indoor space for those who like to sit privately with friends and family. The exquisite grandeur also continues inside the premises. The beautiful wallpapers and the plush sofa chairs allow you to sink into luxury and create a sense of luxury around you which is one of the main features of this bar.
The food here at this bar is unmatchable as you are treated to the creations of some of the finest chefs in the area. There is an option for small plates and shared platers before dessert. The dishes are prepared in-house by the master chefs for you. You can always ask your waiter to help you choose the best wine or drink to pair with your food since all our staff is very knowledgeable and attentive and is ready to cater to your every need.
Some of the best cocktails this bar has to offer include, Stolen Moments, Summer Wind, Side By Side, Daybreak, Stella by starlight, and At Last, among others. These cocktails are some of the finest creations of this bar and are priced at $20 each.

21. 3Fifty Terrace Bar Detroit

3Fifty terrace has that electric ambiance and energy that some of us need at our local bars. This bar hosts some of the most outrageous parties in the area and has a lot of dancers as well; hence this could be the ideal location for your next bachelor party. With mood lighting throughout the premises and disco lights blasting the patio, the environment is chill and relaxed. This is, however, a quiet place, so people who like to have their drinks in a quiet and chill atmosphere should look for other bars. This bar is a nightclub and bar all rolled into one, where you can mingle with other high-profile people of Detroit and attractive women to take on a date later.
The dedicated DJ stations and Hi-fi music systems bring this place to life; hence, you must visit this place once if you are in town. Moreover, the LEDs can make this place look like the best spot for your Instagram stories; hence influencers throng this place in huge numbers!
This fantastic bar and nightclub are open from Thursdays until Sundays, offering unmatchable service. The premises is enormous here – around ten thousand square feet to be exact; hence you can easily relax and enjoy your favorite cocktails. There is a list of wines, craft cocktails, beers, and essential tequila for those who like to drink the good stuff! Moreover, the bar is illuminated with LEDs, so you will enjoy the ambient lighting while waiting for your drink.
You can ask for custom cocktails, and the bartenders will be more than happy to cater to your preferences. The staff here is very welcoming and ensures you enjoy your evening. Due to all of these reasons, we must urge you to visit this bar if you are in Detroit.

20. Bookies Bar and Grill Detroit

Bookies Bar and Grill is another fantastic bar in Detroit. This bar, however, is more famous for hosting parties and other events since the ambiance here is fantastic. The place is very cozy and perfect for those who like to party. You can book this place and host a party for up to five hundred people. The staff is very welcoming and accommodating, so you will have fun here.
This place is also known for its fantastic food combinations. The menu offers distinct American cuisine. You should try out their starters and pair them with their cocktails for a fantastic experience. The burgers are also extraordinary, so you should try them too.
This bar also offers live music, so you can enjoy music, good food, and chilled beers on the terrace and relax after a tiring day at work. The location is great with this bar and many other landmarks nearby, so you can always catch a bus or order a taxi conveniently. The bar here is very well stocked and offers all your favorite cocktails and beers, so you have many options to choose from. Moreover, the terrace is heated so you can enjoy the view year-round, which is a standout feature of this bar. This bar is open from Thursday until Sunday till midnight and opens for bookings and parties from Monday until Wednesday.

19. Level two Bar and Rooftop Detroit

Level two bar is another fine example of a bar and nightclub all rolled into one in Detroit. This fantastic bar is located in Detroit’s Greektown district. This bar has electric vibes and a high-energy atmosphere. If you love to party and enjoy expensive cocktails, then this is where you should go.
The winters in Detroit can be pretty harsh, so the rooftop area is only open in summers, where you can enjoy the Detroit skyline and views while sipping your favorite drinks. Many people are coming in every day, so you can also increase your social profile here. You will find people from all backgrounds hence none of your visits here will be boring if you come alone.
This is one of those bars offering a specially curated menu for drinks and small plates. We all know that all that dancing and shaking can leave you hungry hence allow the Level Two bar to help satisfy your cravings. The drinking menu has all your favorite cocktails, especially cocktails, tequilas, and other spirits, giving you many options. This bar has something for everyone; hence you should know that they also offer happy hour specials where you can try the exquisite and more expensive spirits in a budget-friendly range.
We all know that you can watch a game at one of these bars and sip your favorite cocktail. You can watch your game through their large-screen LED TVs, further enhancing your experience. Moreover, this bar offers DJ nights and live music featuring local talents four days a week, so you are in a treat if you live nearby! This bar is also available for booking hence if you want to invite all your friends and family that can be arranged as well. In short, this is one of the best rooftop bars in Detroit, where you can enjoy delicious cocktails in a relaxed environment.

18. Candy Bar Detroit

Candy Bar is one of Detroit’s most unconventional bars, making it unmistakable and unmatchable. People seem to love this bar due to its unique ambiance and other design elements, not to mention its diverse drinking menu. Detroit has a long list of bars, whether rooftop bars, fun bars, or unique bars like these. However, in our experience, patrons mostly enjoy bars like Candy Bar, which always has some special touch.
The unique feature of the Candy Bar is its use of the color Pink. These people have used a different shade of pastel pink and other pink hues on every surface they could find, which makes the whole bar pink-themed. Other shades of pink are also used, but the dominant one is the candy pink color. Design-wise, this is one of the most beautiful and truly unique bars in Detroit, and hence it was impossible to make this list without mentioning this bar.
The decorators and owners have not shied away from using expensive materials and pieces to ensure that the interior feels upscale. There is a velvet curtain – you can guess its color! – which welcomes you as you step into the main hall. Moreover, there is a beautifully designed chandelier which gives this bar a sense of grandeur as well as further enhances the ambiance.
The candy bar offers a unique drinking menu with a wide variety of craft cocktails and unique tequilas for its patrons. This bar is open seven days a week from four in the evening. Moreover, there are a few recommendations we’d like to make as we talk about the Candy Bar. If you are a fan of expresso Martinis, then make sure you get your hands on Bubble Rum. Apart from this, they also do seasonal cocktails, so you can visit them at various times of the year and expect something different each time!

17. Elwood Bar and Grill Bar Detroit

Elwood Bar and Grill is one of the few remaining bars in Detroit which can capture the authentic style of bars in Detroit, and it’s essentially an old-school bar! Elwood bar and grill is one of the few diners stuck here for over fifty years. The unique feature of this diner is the fact that they have always been the go-to place for people who come to watch a game or their favorite movie nearby since the location of Elwood puts it right near Ford Field, Comerica Park, and the Gem Theatre. You can ask anyone from Detroit about this place, and they will have fond memories of it.
This place served fantastic food and different drinks for spectators of games or enthusiasts of the films run over at the theatre. Elwood served as the main spot for the area’s elite to come and rejoice in these activities. The theme of this bar also makes it unmistakable. The decorative art theme sets it apart from other bars of this era, not to mention that this place was originally built in 1936! However, it has since gotten a complete restoration, but it still maintains some design cues from back in the day, which makes it very special.
This diner has a fantastic menu that serves burgers and fries, among other American food for the movie and game fans who throng its premises on special nights. Moreover, the indoor seating space might be compromised during one of these nights, but not to worry since the diner has an outdoor seating space with seating arrangements complete with patio umbrellas for large groups. This place serves cold beer and some of the best cocktails as well. The different types of wines and rums, along with beers, make the menu very diverse and give the patrons many options.

16. The Whitney Bar Detroit

The Whitney is a mansion in Detroit famous for all the scary reasons. This mansion has huge lawns, which can serve as great places to hold weddings and other functions. Moreover, there is a dedicated dining area in the villa with many food options. The fine dining experience should not be missed if you plan to go to the Whitney.
For the drinks, the Whitney has an upscale lounge called the Ghost Bar, where one can enjoy various beverages. Moreover, the mansion has picked up some ghost rumors over the years, and the owners have capitalized a lot on that extensively, as you can see that the main bar is called Ghost Bar. However, don’t worry. You won’t be sipping martinis with headless corpses any time soon. The bar offers different types of martinis and cocktails about their ghost theme. One of the best martinis, which you should definitely try, is called Witching hour. There are other cocktails and martinis which you need to try, like a cocktail called Dress to Impress, which is made with bourbon and orange peel, among other ingredients, and is surely a game changer. The cocktails are handcrafted by expert bartenders who know how to make you involved in the experience of creating your drink. The staff is also very attentive and will listen to you and try to accommodate you as much as possible. The design elements are spooky but in no way uncomfortable. It would be best if you visited this place to unwind after a long day. The ghost bar is open on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
The wine selection over at the Whitney is also something you should look out for, and they have a wide range of typical and exquisite wines. Champagne is also available here. Red, white, and sparkling wine collections are also a part of the eight-page wine menu.

15. Bad Luck Bar Detroit

Bad Luck bar is one of Detroit’s most upscale and exquisite bars. This bar is relatively new; however, it has quickly made its mark as one of the most upscale places in Detroit since this bar is reservation only. This bar aims to create a sense of mystery and hence utilizes different design cues, including oddly shaped tables, while also playing with superstitious numbers. There are exactly 13 cocktails on the menu. Moreover, this bar also has neon signs and Illuminati logos throughout the premises, which again help it with its spooky vibe. This bar is certainly not for the faint-hearted, and you will surely meet some exciting individuals here. The cocktail glasses, mugs, and other décor items follow suit and maintain a level of mystery using different design elements.
We will urge you to make reservations when coming to this place since they only allow walk-ins when the space permits – which is rare – given the exclusivity of this place. Almost everyone in unique bars around the town has heard of this place. This bar operates from Wednesday until Saturday, so your window is thin if you want to get in. The menu here is quite diverse and offers craft cocktails and signature cocktails apart from other spirits. Some of the most famous and talked about cocktails of the Bad Luck bar include the Admiral – made up of a type of vintage rum, lime extracts, and sugar.
Moreover, the bar also recommends you to have it with bonbon. Another signature drink we would urge you to try is called the Hammer. This fresh and electric drink comprises single barrel rye, house-made bitters, and lemon extracts to give it that energetic aftertaste. This drink is served with spicy cashews to enhance the flavor further.

14. The Sugar House Bar Detroit

The sugar house is another unique bar in the city of Detroit where one can go if they are tired of their local bars. The sugar house has some of the best craft cocktails in the area. The cocktails feature some of the classics and more creative options made by the bartenders by experimenting with different locally sourced ingredients and a wide range of whiskies, bourbons, and rums.
This place also offers an extensive menu for their small plates, which you can enjoy on your own. Moreover, this bar is one of the pioneers of craft cocktails in Detroit and hence is a trendsetter. You can find some of the most influential personalities of Detroit in this cozy spot, sipping their favorite artisan cocktails, and hence is the perfect place for you to grow your social profile. This place moreover offers a seasonal variety of cocktails, which means that you can come to this place year-round and expect something different. The key is to bring the best of the season to the patrons, and the bartenders over at the Sugar House know how to do just that. Moreover, the owners are experienced, as they also own another unique bar called the Bad Luck bar, which is also an exclusive bar, so you should know that you are in capable hands.
The menu at this place is extensive and filled with imported and local spirits, including single barrel bourbons and American Whisky. The craft cocktails range all the way from $24 and go upwards to $52 for the premium ones made up of expensive spirits and exquisite extracts. Moreover, there is dedicated merchandise for this bar, which includes mugs and t-shirts if you want to collect them as a souvenir while visiting the beautiful city of Detroit.

13. Supergeil Bar Detroit

Supergeil is here to bring you delicious small plates and only the best wines from the streets of Germany! Supergeil is one of those places which boasts of the relationship between its patrons and staff, including the chefs. The whole team is one hard-working unit, which is one of the main reasons for the success of this cozy spot. The team tries to bring cuisine from all over Europe to the people of Detroit. The chefs always try to make everything from scratch and hence do things their way, making the dish and the drink even better!
Supergeil is one of those places which also supports the local economy by using ingredients sourced locally. The owner David Landrum is a very humble person and often works with the head chef Joshua Taylor to create bespoke menu items for the patrons! The cocktail menu is also widely diverse and includes a touch of only the finest of spirits in combination with local extracts and homemade syrups for that fantastic flavor Supergeil is known for. This unique bar is open all days of the week except Monday. The beer selection also has a variety of craft beers.
Unsurprisingly, the owner has a distillery and wine tasting cellar on the same street as the bar, so you can imagine that the two-page drink menu is no joke and only contains some of the finest liquors and beers you will need to make your day better and help you relax. There are unique wines imported from Malaga, Spain, which range from $8 to $12. There is a wide variety of light and dark sodas and a massive collection of sodas, so you can choose the drink you like the most and match it with one of those delicious menu items offered. There is a dedicated gin and tonic section, not to mention the seasonal cocktail selection this bar is famous for. If you are in town, make sure to check Supergeil out!

12. Wright & Co Bar Detroit

Wright and co is another unique bar famous for its wide range of craft cocktails. The bar offers amazing views as well of the nearby area called Woodward. The place is aesthetically pleasing and attracts a large group of people who come here for the finely made cocktails and seafood plates, which perfectly complement the drinks. The whole vibe is very wholesome, creating a sense of warmth among the patrons. The staff is well trained and works tirelessly to ensure that your visit is even better than before and the place leaves a good impression on you. The bartenders are equally professional and do their magic while making your favorite cocktails so that you can enjoy them.
With plush sofas, dimly lit lanterns, and dropping ceiling lights, the vibe is very upscale and allows you to relax after a tiring day fully. Moreover, several other design cues like the tall ceilings and brick walls create a sense of luxury around you. There are huge paintings on the walls, which greet you when you enter the premises.
The chefs at this fantastic bar have won prizes and awards for their culinary wonders, so you can be sure that you will be treated to fantastic food. At the same time, your stay here, and the master bartenders will complete that experience by preparing your drink the way you like it. This high-end bar offers a very diverse menu of drinks on its whopping 28-page drinking menu! The spirits include wine, whiskey, agave, cognac, brandy, whisky, Vodka, Rum, Gin, and other spirits you will enjoy. These drinks come from different sources; some are imported, while others are sourced locally. This bar operates from Tuesday Until Saturday from five in the evening till eleven at night so you can visit anytime you want with your friends, however, make sure that you make reservations since this place can be very crowded, especially on the weekends.

11. The Library Bar Detroit

The library is another upscale drinking bar for the people of Detroit. This bar offers a unique ambiance and mixes tradition with the latest cocktail trends. The grandeur this place exhibits with its beautiful chandeliers, décor items, paintings, and choice of wall paint. You are definitely in for a treat in this bar. The library utilizes centuries-old cocktail mixing methodologies and techniques and combines the latest flavor elements to create something new and amazing for its patrons.
For the people who come to this place, it’s not just about the exquisite, handcrafted cocktails but more about the vibe and history this place holds. Regarded as a gentleman’s lounge, the library is surely for serious people who like to divulge into the art of cocktail making. This bar will use fine quality spirits, rare ingredients, and amazing techniques to create some masterpiece cocktails; there are several variations of your favorite drinks as well. The library is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays; make sure to make a reservation if you are coming on the weekend. This place follows a strict dress code, which it describes as business casual, so make sure that you dress to impress because, with this bar, you will not know how you can come and sit down right next to you. This place offers a lot more than craft cocktails and delicious homemade recipes; it sells an experience we recommend you to check out.
The bartenders are some of the most skilled professionals in their field and have an excellent command of the mixing techniques and choice of ingredients, which means that you should leave it to them to surprise you with their cocktails. We would highly recommend this bar to anyone visiting Detroit to come and enjoy the utter luxury and unique experience this place offers.

10. Grey Ghost Bar Detroit

The grey ghost is a very relaxed and chill bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks. This bar is known for its cocktail service, craft cocktails, and others. The bartenders really know their tricks and hence provide you with amazing service. If you are looking for a place with cold beer, accommodating staff, and a wide variety of drinks, then this place is just for you!
This place is also known for its signature cocktails, which you should try. There is a wide variety of stirred and shaken cocktails and mocktails for you! Some of the most recommended mixed cocktails include nineteen fifty-three, which is made up of Vodka, Rum, orange elements, and lime extracts. Other classic cocktail-called Shallow waters are famous among the patrons, made up of tequila, cynar, and orange bitters.
Moreover, the shaken cocktail section also includes some names worth your money and should be given a shot if you want to try something new. Some of these include cocktails like the Handsome Devil, which is made of Gin, brandy, and lime, to name a few ingredients, and packs a punch. Apart from this, it would be best if you tried pillow talk, cease-fire, heir apparent, effeneff, pretty magic, etc.
The beer section of the menu also has a lot of variety where you can choose beer from all over the world, they have beers from Wisconsin, Germany, Ontario, Indiana, and the Czech Republic, to name a few! Without wine, any bar menu is incomplete; hence the Grey Ghost offers three different types of wines, white, red, and sparkling wine, for the patrons to choose from. Overall, this is a great bar for people in Detroit, and we recommend you to check it out.

9. Shelby Bar Detroit

Shelby is another bar in Detroit that focuses on craft cocktails and provides a very energetic atmosphere where you can come and relax while sipping various drinks. Most people will not know about this place, which adds to its charm since its located one level below the ground in the financial district of Detroit. This bar is one of those few bars that work on changing the cocktail game and whose bartenders will come up with tweaks and new inventions so you can get experimental with them if that’s what you like. The Shelby bar has been relatively untouched since it opened its doors last year in 2021; hence you can be sure that the décor and architecture both contain elements from the latest trends and hence are pretty pleasant and make your trip to this bar worth it.
The ambiance is also one of the key features of this bar. Dim lights, mood lightings, and several other décor pieces create an atmosphere of serenity and exclusivity for you as you enter this bar. Moreover, another thing to note about this bar is that they source all their ingredients through reputed sources, a list of whom is given on their website for you to read. This speaks to their transparent nature and aspires confidence among their customers.
Their menu includes various cocktails, beers, and wines. However, the cocktail list has ten of their famous creations, which range from $15-$17. Some of the best ones include Fresh To Death, Fiji Flip, Ace High, and Expresso Martini, among others. Fresh to death is made by mixing a special flour peel gin, lime, orange juice, and lemon grass extracts, among other ingredients. This is one of the best cocktails Shelby has to offer. Their share plates also have a lot of variety and provide different meats that pair fantastically with the exclusive cocktails.

8. SpkrBox Bar Detroit

SpkrBox is another funky, relaxed bar in Detroit known for its craft cocktails and mixing techniques. This bar is famous for how bartenders put their effort and time into making your drink and are accommodating. What makes or breaks a place like this is the behavior of the staff around you; hence, this place has cracked that code and made sure that everyone from the bartenders to your order takers and waiters is there to facilitate you. This is one of the most customer-friendly places in Detroit, and hence a must-try if it is your first time trying out cocktails in Detroit.
This bar is also for music lovers since the owner recently renovated this space and put up an excellent stereo system and a futuristic DJ bar. Moreover, SpkrBox has a hidden feature that attracts people from all over the city. SpkrBox has a basement with professional soundproofing, producing crisp and clear sound for the best experience. Imagine sipping your favorite cocktails and grooving to your favorite music. The food here is also sourced locally through a business called Village Hand Pies.
This bar is also famous for its coffee and coffee-oriented menu. This means that most of their drinks have a hint of coffee in them. There are two types of cocktails, hot and cold, and both have coffee elements. However, Homerton and Nervous Negori are some of the famous cocktails you should try. Homerton has whiskey and coffee reduction elements to it. Nervous Negori is made up of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari. One of the best and signature cocktails this place offers is the 1738 Hot Box, which has many different elements, including Cognac, Cointreau, Lemon, sugar, and smoke. Mind you. However, this one costs $25!

7. Two Birds Bar Detroit

This old barn is one of those spots on Detroit which doesn’t look too good on the outside but is a gem from the inside. Two birds look like a typical old house but inside, you will find the best collection of beer, Vodka, and gins. Not to mention the craft cocktails offered here are phenomenal. A family runs this bar; hence you can be sure that the operations are neat and clean, and you will get the best bang for your back, which is challenging to say about most chain-oriented bars you see in Detroit. Moreover, the owners here at Two Birds are charming and generous people who ensure the customer experience is top-notch. They leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best of the best when you come here. The staff and the bartenders are like a family together, which happens in these small family-run businesses so that you will be treated like family.
Moreover, the staff is very attentive and accommodating. The bartenders know their art and hence will make you your favorite drink your way if that is something you want. This bar is also known for its custard, which pairs really well with its locally sourced beers and wines. It would be best if you tried a combo of their homemade custard and beer.
Most of their cocktails are $12. Some of the best ones include Coast – which is made using rye, blueberry, ginger, lemon extracts, Cruisin’, Savor, Harvest, and patio. They also have unique summertime cocktails, such as the Hummer, which is made up of their signature custard and rum. This is very refreshing and a must-try! Moreover, they have different types of beers as well. You will find draft beer in a can and bottle form. No menu is complete without wines, and thus Two Birds offers white, red, and sparkling wine as well.

6. The Lexington Bar Detroit

The Lexington bar is truly one of its kind here in Detroit. The passion and drive of two individuals made this possible. Lexington offers many different types of drinks and spirits, making it unique. The story of this bar is also extraordinary. One of the owners already had a bar; hence when he opened this one up, he did it a little differently, which is why it’s a big success. You should know that you are in capable hands when walking into the Lexington bar. The owners treat anyone who walks in that door like family and ensures that you feel accommodated. This is also reflected in their drinks and food.
Diversity is one of the critical features of this bar, and there are different kinds of beer, cider, and seltzer barrels, so you can choose from a wide variety of drinks. The bar has twenty taps for you to try out as well. Moreover, without classic craft cocktails, a bar cannot be complete; hence, this bar offers you craft cocktails with different themes. These themes are musical and depend on the staff, and they get to choose them. Therefore, you will bond with your bartender quite well when he makes your drink, with further makes the experience much better. This bar also offers something else, which is quite rare for bars in Detroit. The Lexington has a line of merchandise, including various funky shirts you can buy as a souvenir or gift. The bar is open from Thursday till Saturday; hence, on the weekend, you should make reservations before going.
There are different cocktails, all of which are priced at $12. We recommend you try Hang Wire which is made up of Vodka, vanilla, rosemary, and pear. We have already discussed the bar’s draft beer, cider, and seltzer variations.

5. Hammer & Nail Bar Detroit

Hammer & nail is another amazing bar to go to in Detroit. Hammer & nail is located in the midtown plaza building, where it serves its patrons some of the best craft cocktails. The design language of this bar is rather exciting and exhibits grandeur. There is a huge Hammer & nail design in neon light which welcomes you as soon as you walk in, along with the leather upholstery everywhere and not just any leather but only the high-end leather and warm walnut seatings and sofas. You will sink into these chairs once you sit down. Natural light is one of the best ways to create a unique ambiance, and Hammer & nail has done just that by using floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow maximum light and gives a retro look to the bar.
The Hammer & nail is open from Monday until Thursday and on Sunday. However, make sure to make reservations if you plan to go on Sundays since this place is very crowded during the day. Moreover, the area is also available for private concerts and events should you want to host one.
This place is known for its signature cocktails and drinks; hence, you should definitely try those. There are a total of seven signature cocktails which are priced between $14 to $16 and hence are pretty affordable. Among the signature cocktails are Eden’s Perfume, which is made of Vodka, lemon, grapefruit, and imported Himalayan salt. Apart from this, we would also urge you to try lemon Rox Bury, which, as the name suggests, is made up of Gin, lemon, and primary ingredients. Other incredible drinks include First Mate Scholar, More Oxacaca Please, Golden Hour, Let that mango – our personal favorite, as it contains Tequila, Mango, and other elements – and Gumdrop Canopy.

4. Castalia By Sfumato Bar Detroit

Castalia is a unique and cool bar in Detroit that aims to build a link between fragrances and cocktails. Castalia’s sister company, sfumato, is a fragrance manufacturer, hence the crossover idea. All the cocktails at Castalia are handmade and paired with a unique fragrance from sfumato. This fantastic place is located in Midtown Detroit. Based inside a Victorian mansion which gives this place even more character and a unique angle, you are welcomed by beautiful fragrances as soon as you walk into the premises.
All of these cocktails are complemented by a dedicated fragrance, a unique idea that is less explored in the cocktail scene in Detroit; this, in turn, attracts many people to Castalia. This fantastic concept is often covered in various newspapers and editorials in Detroit, along with the fact that the pioneer of this idea is Castalia. Hence, you should know that you are in good hands. This bar opens from Wednesdays to Saturdays for extended periods to accommodate the heavy rush of people who come here to get lost in the fragrances sfumato offers and the handcrafted cocktails prepared in front of you by the expert bartenders.
The go-to cocktails offered at Castalia are the most famous ones. They include Gravitas Old Fashioned – which includes Bourbon, sugar, coriander, and cardamom extracts. Paired with Gravitas, Old Fashioned is the scent called Gravitas. Apart from this, Cacao Manhattan is another famous drink made up of rye whiskey, cacao liquor, vermouth, coffee, and the sfumato fragrance paired with this is called Mocha Valentino.
Sands of Time Negroni is another drink made up of sandalwood Negroni, cedar gin, limey gin, ginger liqueur, spice Amari and licorice root extracts, among other secret ingredients which give it its distinct flavor. The fragrance paired and recommended by sfumato with this drink is called, Nijananda.

3. Good Vibes Lounge Bar Detroit

Good Vibes lounge is another bar in Detroit that aims to provide some of the best cocktails in the city. The bar offers a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. Soft music plays over the speakers while you are served your favorite cocktails. This will most certainly remind me of an English neighborhood. The patrons here come to relax, so you should most definitely come here and enjoy. The scenery is quite relaxing and peaceful. Soft music and craft cocktails are what the people most crave in the busy city of Detroit. The happy hours are on Wednesdays to Fridays from 3 pm to 6 pm, where you can come in and enjoy the signature cocktails at discounted rates, which will not be a burden on your wallet. The bar is also open seven days a week, so you can come in any day with your friends and family to enjoy!
Most of these bars we have talked about offering something unique over the edge, which makes the experience fun but not necessarily relaxing. This bar is the opposite of that and gives you a chance to relax while truly having its signature cocktails. No nonsense activities or anything else, this bar will provide you with the best environment to sip your cocktail, enjoy soft music, and zone out from the troubles of everyday life. The bartenders here know that you are served your favorite drinks within minutes without any hassle. The order takers and waiters have strict instructions to make you feel at home, so you are also accommodated OK here, which is why most of the patrons you will see here have made it their permanent spot to come due to the atmosphere.
There are a wide variety of craft cocktails and signature drinks, which you can try. Most of these drinks are made from high-quality spirits sourced locally.

2. Second Best Bar Detroit

The second best is probably the best bar in Detroit and for a good reason. This bar offers a lot of different drinks, cocktails, and beers in a relaxed atmosphere. The food here is also reasonably well priced and hence is not too heavy on the pocket. The second best is located in the heart of Detroit. Thus this place is within walking distance of different stadiums and venues, which makes it a go-to bar for many people in the area. You will find people from different walks of life in this bar who have come for a good time. The bartenders are also very understood and experts in their art; hence you will enjoy seeing your drink get made. The staff is very accommodating, so one does not hesitate to try this bar if they are in the area. This bar is open seven days a week, so you can come here and enjoy it with your friends and family anytime you want.
Apart from serving different cocktails and drinks, the Second Best Bar is also known for its food, which is made in-house, and the chefs know their stuff. Their food is made with the highest levels of hygiene. The portions are good, so if you are feeling hungry and want to relax, we recommend ordering their ala carte menu items with your favorite cocktail, as it will help you immensely to unwind and enjoy. We recommend you try their steak fries, mac and cheese, steamed mussels, fried chicken sandwich, and most other dishes since everything is so good!
There are a variety of different wines offered. Red, white and sparkling wines are the specialties of this place, along with the many locally sourced and brewed beers, which are a treat when chilled at the right temperature. Moreover, the cocktails are what we would insist that you try! They are handcrafted and are some of the best in the area.

1. Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails Bar Detroit

Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails is one of those fantastic places in Detroit that gives more thought about the people they employ and the community apart from what they offer. This bar is about helping the local economy and sourcing most of its ingredients locally, which helps them support local farmers and traders. Moreover, the staff at Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails is one big happy family since the owners have made sure to employ positive individuals who will make sure to bring together like-minded individuals for the growth of the bar. The owners have decorated the bar on a day that resembles your home. Using décor items and furniture resembling a warm cozy house, Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails aims to be a home outside your home where you can healthily interact with patrons and relax in a home setting. This fantastic bar operates from Tuesday to Saturday from five-thirty in the evening till nine at night.
The food here is also great and is famous all around the area. The fried chicken, falafel, meatballs, duck confit, sockeye salmon, and opera cake are some of the best menu items to have with your cocktails. There are different types of craft cocktails made from only the best types of ingredients. You will find cocktails made up of rye, tequila, whiskey, and Bourbon. Moreover, there are unique cocktails, which are made using shaking, and stirring techniques. The bartenders know their stuff, so people throng this place for a hearty meal and delicious drinks. This place also offers beer from locally sourced traders and brewers, which also supports the local economy and tastes good as well.

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