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Dating Apps & Sites to use in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful Scandinavian country in Europe. Sweden is a country known for its many coastal islands and bridges. The country is very picturesque and has many stunning scenic views. There are many forests and glaciers, which warrants the fact that the climate is very cool in Sweden. The capital of Stockholm in Sweden. There are many different open museums in Sweden and many medieval towns which can make for beautiful dating spots. Gamla Stan is a part of Old Stockholm, complete with beautiful narrow streets and small cozy cafes. It makes for a romantic dating spot as the streets light up at night. There are many small micro museums and restaurants in this area, and it is a must-visit when in Sweden. Stockholm also has a hidden gem in the form of Rosendal’s Tradgard rose garden, which is a beautiful garden and has veggies in it. The green area also has many beautiful flowers in the summertime. Nature is one of the best dating spots, as it allows for a peaceful conversation which is a vital property of a good dating spot. There is nothing more romantic than a dinner cruise. Stockholm offers many different cuisines as the dim lights make for a great dinner date. The dim lights and amazing views of the Baltic ocean can paint a lovely picture. Stockholm is a city that celebrates music, and hence there is a museum called Abba. Abba celebrates the Scandinavian pop culture and instruments. Abba is located in Stockholm’s capital, and everyone visiting Sweden should visit this area.

Taking a long walk with your loved ones on a scenic route can be a very intimate dating experience. It would be best if you took a walk on the Monteliusvägen in the mornings, and at dusk will enlighten your romantic spirits. Shopping can make for a charming bonding experience if hence you can go to Sodermalm where there are many international shopping brands and malls. There are many different bars in Stockholm. Bars can offer a perfect dating atmosphere as well. A lovely Tak rooftop bar provides gorgeous views of Stockholm while serving mixed cocktails as the DJ plays songs in the background while setting up the mood for the evening. Sweden is a collection of many islands and bridges, making for breathtaking viewpoints. Fjallgatan viewpoint is a very famous viewpoint in Stockholm which offers many picturesque points to take Instagram-worthy pictures.

Moreover, apart from natural parks, cocktail cafés, and other small cozy eateries, many Michelin star fine dining restaurants make for a perfect evening. There are many dating apps to use in Sweden. Dating apps are there to make your life easier. These apps provide comfortable solutions to your dating needs. You don’t need to roam your local bars during weekends to find a suitable person for you. These apps allow you to find a like-minded individual with the click of a few buttons. Clever algorithms and interactive activities will enable you to experience the feel of natural dating and make the whole process seem realistic. This article will discuss the top eleven dating apps to use in Sweden. Moreover, we have also included some essential tips and tricks for you to use in Sweden while using these apps to ensure a smooth and healthy dating experience. 

Here is the list:


Swingtowns is one of those apps made specifically for people who are looking for casual sex with no strings attached. This is a sex-positive app and helps to humanize the practice of casual sex. One of the reasons this app is so popular is because it is straightforward to use SwingTowns. The process of creating your account is straightforward to follow and do. All you need is some basic information a decent picture, and you are good to go. This is not one of those apps that focus on long, tedious questionnaires and bore you with compatibility quizzes. This app gets straight to the point, and that is why it is so popular among people in Dublin. One of the key features is that this app supports the LGBT community, telling if you are looking for gay or lesbian partners. This makes it easy to enjoy life your way through this SwingTowns. Once your account is created, all you need to do is browse through the feed, which as pictures and posts from other people looking for a similar arrangement like you, so communication is not a problem. There are numerous filters available on this app, so you can choose which type of people or relationships you want to filter out from the crowd. You can even find out people looking to be in polyamorous relationships, which shows how accepting and progressive. These apps are there to cater to people with a wide range of sexual desires. Hence, if you are in Sweden and looking for a dating app for casual sex, SwingTowns is your app. Make sure to check it out! 


Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the world of online dating has heard about Tinder, arguably one of the most famous mainstream dating apps. I can even go as far as to say that the word ‘dating app’ is synonymous with ‘Tinder’! Moreover, you can find almost everyone on this app! Fortunately, the app doesn’t allow users to send messages to each other unless they have mutually ‘matched.’ The primary reason why I would recommend Tinder to anyone is simply because of its vast user database. Recently, Tinder has updated its settings to be more LGBTQ-inclusive. So if you’re looking to experiment with your sexuality, you might find someone ready to play the same game as you on Tinder. Tinder’s unique selling point is its very fluid, easy registration, and accessible account. Tinder is one of those few dating apps which won’t surprise you with a sudden ‘free trial period ended’ message and ask you to pay a subscription. Another great thing about Tinder is just how easy it is to navigate. Hands down, Tinder is one of the most popular mainstream dating apps you will find out there. If you look to find your crush on Tinder, you will have a high possibility.


OkCupid is not just another dating website- it’s what you’ve been looking for. You didn’t know it yet. With over 50 million users, OkCupid is a great dating website for those looking for just a fling, for marriage, or something in between. The majority of its users are millennials between 25 and 34 years of age. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find older, younger, and LGBTQ crowds as well. On OkCupid, you will have to answer a set of non-traditional, unique questions that are anything but tedious on this dating website. Using your answers, interests, quirks, and accurate algorithms, they present you with a boat of options you can choose according to your preference. One of the best things I liked about this dating website is that it’s completely free to use. If you’re looking for an online dating website that takes the pressure of ‘trying to fit in’ and ‘finding someone immediately to settle down,’ OkCupid is your happy ending. 


DateHookup is one of those popular dating options in Sweden. DateHookup is offered in 11 languages and 20 countries! DateHookup tries to give straight access to the users instead of those lengthy and tedious procedures to find your potential matches like one of those painfully long questionnaires you might have encountered before. Minimal information is required to start, so new users can create in no time, making it very popular for people who want to get to the business right away. Unlike many other websites, users here can interact over emails and other forums. Social media has a significant influence on this dating site. Many dating websites try to find your potential matches through advanced algorithms, but even those can sometimes be wrong. DateHookup believes that your heart knows the best, and hence it’s entirely up to you who you pursue here. Moreover, the membership is completely free, which means it’s a fantastic place to start dating right away! 

Our Time

Most people over the age of 50 have given up on dating. It can be tough looking for love, or even just a fling, at this age. Most dating websites and apps cater to younger audiences. OurTime caters to an affluent audience of singles over the age of 50. With more than 8.9 million users visiting this site monthly. The site has 48% male users and 52%, female. This ratio gives women a slight edge; however, it is so tiny that it hardly makes much difference. OurTime’s best feature is its beautifully designed, keeping in mind its members’ demographics. Most of all, there are clear-cut instructions every step of the way that guide you on how to use the website better. All in all, OurTime is one of the most popular and easy-to-use dating websites for anyone over 50. It is entirely safe and secure.

Owned by Match Group, has been a popular online dating website since 1995. If you have spent any time on online dating sites, then the Capitalized ‘M’ with acute heart logo is all too familiar to you and millions of other users. With a free subscription and several other generous offers, is undoubtedly one of the most popular dating websites where you can find love. One of the main reasons people flock to is the website’s versatility. Unlike its competitors, Eharmony or Tinder, offers users a choice to look for casual flings and serious commitments. It has a reach of over 21 million users and is used globally. If the bar dating scene isn’t cutting it for you anymore, hop on over to one of the most trusted online dating websites in the world. has something for everyone – primarily because it has such a vast audience.  


Tastebuds is for the type of people that let their dating life drive their dating life. Music is significant to some people, and they sometimes find it annoying if someone says something regarding their music taste. Hence this app called Tastebuds is for those people whose life music plays a vital role. This place acts more like a haven for audiophiles, bands, and music enthusiasts to get together and share their common passion. In this unique way, if you find a potential soul mate on that platform, you can be sure that they’re an avid fan of music.

Moreover, this app lets you find new music. So you will find new songs for your playlist too. However, this app is not for you if you don’t like music that much. 


In this day and age, women’s empowerment and safety are paramount for online dating. Due to failed attempts to match authentic users or have their inboxes frequently penetrated by creepy, persistent men, women often find online dating experiences less than enjoyable. Thankfully, Bumble understands this too natural problem and has decided to give women back the power. On Bumble, women can make the first move, leaving men in a ‘losing position,’ but women feel much more secure. Moreover, this app is LGBTQ-inclusive, which is another bonus. It will take you a maximum of 1 to 2 minutes to register a new account on this app. Finally, what I like about Bumble is its photo verification process. This process ensures that whoever you see on the Bumble app is the real deal- and you don’t end up getting catfishes. Like Tinder, Bumble also has free and paid options. And again, just like Tinder, the free option isn’t too restrictive. You can create your profile, match users, and even chat and send messages, which is excellent. If you are lonely or just looking to make friends, this app is perfect for you.


DIG is a unique dating website specifically tailored for people who love their canines a lot! Sometimes you land a hot date and hit it off with them but only to be disappointed when the topic of dogs comes up and if they tell you that they don’t like canines. Since this is a deal-breaker with people who use DIG, this ensures that everybody you meet on this website either is a proud owner of a dog or is actively wanting one. The mutual love for canines gives you something to talk about and creates that strong bond needed in a relationship. Setting up this profile is easy as you have to sign up and start matching. Moreover, this website goes a bit further and gives you some lovely dog-friendly date ideas and places to go in Sweden. Thus this app is excellent for dog owners who want someone equally affectionate for their pets. 

Single Parent Meet

This app targets those single parents who realize time is too important to waste; hence they want to start dating again. These people have gone through the dating scene before and are mature people looking for serious relationships. Since people here have kids, they’re all in need of long-term commitments and not just flings. Since it is difficult to date a kid, as their interests are more important than yours, single parents often end up ignoring their right to love as well. This app helps them give another shot at love and do it right. A lot of people on this app are single parents. This makes Single Parent Meet a strong community where everyone else understands the situation of each other and is supportive. Parents can talk over voice calls through the app without giving their number, maintaining privacy. You can narrow down people with your preference due to detailed filters. Moreover, the profiles are well maintained and detailed, making for quite a pleasant experience. You cannot text another user without paying for the premium membership, though. 


EliteSingles is the ultimate dating website for you. Here, you will find other like-minded individuals who know what it’s like to have loved and lost and are ready to try it again. It is an excellent website for educated professionals interested in the left and right swipes and quick-gratifying encounters offered by other dating websites. It allows you to match with people who match your interests and your career goals and educational values. EliteSingles promises to find you a match, which is much more than just a weekend fling. Their questionnaire has been designed specifically to get to know you better- in the real sense. More than a random questionnaire asking you about what you like to eat and what your dream destination is, this website provides a kind of psychological test to get into the depths of your personality. If you’re looking to get serious and find companionship again, EliteSingles is probably one of the best options for you. Once you get over the lengthy, psychology-test-like questionnaire, you stand a good chance of actually finding someone authentic on this website. 

Quick tips for using dating apps in Sweden

Leaving people hanging

One of the most significant mistakes people make when dating online is that they think it is okay to ignore people at your convenience and talk to them when you feel like it. Suh casual and irresponsible behavior is not welcome on these dating apps. The lack of accountability from your side can be mentally exhausting for your significant other. You should be honest with your intentions even if you are not going to pursue anything with them. Letting people know that you are not planning on being with them will help avoid any awkward confrontations if you ignore the elephant in the room and leave people hanging. This will take an emotional toll on them and never leave them like this. The ethics of dating clearly state that you should be honest with your partner even if you do not want to see them anymore. Treating them as an option or someone you can resort to when things go wrong with other people shows immaturity and lack of accountability from your side and will be pretty harmful to the mental health of people near you. 

Trying to date two people at the same time 

One of the many issues users face when using these dating apps is that the number of options these apps provide is too much for the average user. The idea of many being interested in you can be overwhelming, and hence in a bid to hit two birds with one stone, many people pursue to date two people in a row online to make sure that one of them leads to a successful date. We can assure you that this method will not work, not to mention it is both wrong and unfair to your date. You should focus on only one person and try to give it your best, and if that does not work, you should move on to another person and try your luck. However, juggling your time and feelings between two people can be emotionally and physically draining. Hence, as a general rule of thumb, you should find someone you like, begin a conversation, and send meaningful texts to judge the compatibility with that person. This is the ideal way to use these apps, ensuring that you are not wasting time with anyone. There are many perfect dating methods that you can look up online that will help you manage your time well and understand the best approach to interacting with people on these apps. 

Reviews on dating apps

There is a certain level of accountability on these dating apps as well. The world is a global village, and hence you can most definitely find someone who has used the dating app you are planning on using. It would be best if you asked for an honest review from that person to make an informed decision. Honest reviews are critical with these apps. It would be best if you talked to someone who has used similar apps as it allows you to get firsthand experience. There are multiple places where you can get reviews, and there is or different app stores where you download the app. Reviews, ratings, and user experiences are the best parameter to judge these apps, and you should do thorough homework on these apps as you invest your time and money in them. 


You should know that expectations can ruin your dating life. You should use apps that can fulfill your expectations. However, the key to a successful dating life is to have realistic expectations from the start. It would be best to understand that dating apps don’t work like magic and have real adults on them. There is accountability on these apps, so you should maturely use them. It would be best if you understood that you would not get dating applications lined up in your inbox once you are on these apps, or there won’t be tons of people outside your door wanting to meet you. These apps can only give you access to people. Finding the right person and taking them out on a date is entirely up to your abilities. Hence, understand that these apps will work if you do your part. People should also understand you should expect only a certain amount of help from these apps. There are apps for sex as well. They are very sex-positive apps out there, but you also have to put in time and effort into them to get successful in there. The moral of the story is that these apps will surely help you land dates, but you should put in the required time and effort in curating your profile and setting up matches to get the most out of them. 

Frequently asked questions on dating apps in Sweden

Which is the best app to use in Sweden?

Sweden has an abundance of dating apps, and hence choosing the right one can be pretty tricky. Tinder and eHarmony are safe options. You can never go wrong with these apps. The younger generation prefers apps like Tinder, which has a wealth of dating options and a sizeable dating pool to choose from. Moreover, eHarmony is a top-rated dating app to use in Sweden. Eharmony is made for serious users who are into long-term dating and are not looking to waste their or anyone else’s time. One of the critical features of Eharmony is that the profiles are of quality; however, if you are looking to get laid in Sweden among the locals, you should use apps like Swingtowns. 

Are there any attractive dating spots in Sweden?

Yes, there are many attractive dating spots in Sweden. The country is made up of many islands and has many bridges which connect such isles so that you can expect this country to over deliver in terms of scenic beauty and dating spots. There are many natural dating spots near lakes and parks, which make an exciting dating spot in Sweden. However, there are cozy eateries to Michelin Star restaurants in Sweden for those who are into fine dining experiences. To give you an example of what dating spots should look like, we have talked about some of the most beautiful places in Stockholm in our introduction, and you can take some help from there. 

Can I spot people who are trying to catfish me?

This is a tricky question. While there is no set method that you can use to spot catfishes or scammers, you can implement some tricks and strategies to make sure that you are not getting catfished. Some of those techniques include thorough background searches when interacting with someone new. Moreover, it would be best if you also used the option of video calls over voice calls as it is the most crucial trick to catch catfishers since they are hesitant to come on live video, as it is easy to edit pictures and text messages. Still, it’s often difficult to continue the ruse on live video. It would be best if you also were on the lookout for any red flags from people you are interacting with.

Moreover, anyone asking you for sensitive information or money is probably scamming you or trying to blackmail you. This is, however, not the complete list of things you can do to make sure that you are safe from the harmful elements on these apps. If you encounter someone who does any of these things or you are sure that they are a catfish, it’s your duty to report them and call them out to make sure the dating platform can become a safe space for everyone. 

Are there any adverse effects of using dating apps?

While there aren’t any direct adverse effects of dating apps, these apps can become highly addictive for some users; hence time wastage and other things can threaten the user’s mental health. Moreover, you can sometimes face a streak of rejection on these apps due to a poor profile or out of sheer bad luck. Some people fall into depression or develop extreme anxiety due to such things. These are some of the commonly noticed adverse effects of these apps. 


In conclusion, we can say that these apps should be used if you find a date in Sweden. These apps can be used to help you save time and manual labor for visiting bars and other pickup spots. You can find like-minded individuals from the comfort of your bed, and hence this is what makes these apps immensely popular. The ability to interact with so many people is the major highlight of these apps.

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