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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Baton Rouge

1. Splash, Baton Rouge

Splash, Baton Rouge

Splash is one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs known for its long-night DJ dance, drag shows, and other thematic events. It is the largest nightclub in Baton Rouge. With two dance floors, the upper level is laid out as a living room with a sofa and balcony, so you can enjoy seeing those entertaining in the dance floor here, and it has a powerful laser added to our dance floor to deliver. You are the ultimate dance experience! The Splash dance floor incorporates the Co2 method, which will drop the dance floor by 30 degrees if needed.

2. Club Bella Noche, Baton Rouge

Club Bella Noche, Baton Rouge

Club Bella Noche is known to be one of the best and hottest nightclubs in Baton Rouge, LA. It is located on Plank Road and is located anywhere in the city. Club Bella has three fully packed bars, VIP sections, and the largest dance floor in town. You can also have scrumptious meals at Club Bella Noche. The club also has the best food truck in town. From BBQ ribs, Fried Chicken Wings to Potato Salad, you will be thrilled to buy a plate.

3. Texas Club, Baton Rouge

Texas Club, Baton Rouge

Texas Club is a long-time music venue and nightclub that presents country acts and rock songs that are known throughout the country in an area of ​​1,000 capacity. It is the live music venue of the Baton Rouge Prime Minister. The club also hosts popular live events at its venues, such as the Allman Brothers Band, Styx, Foreigner, and Kansas, to name a few.

4. City Bar Baton Rouge,

City Bar Baton Rouge

A night of dancing? Night of singing? A night to celebrate? Brunch? It is a choice! You choose your entertainment, whether it is DJ, Drag Show, Karaoke, Open Mic, or live music! City Bar Baton Rouge is ready to make your party a reality! The top stage is perfect for your entertainment! Whether it’s a drawing show, singing, talent, or just a spectacular venue, City Bar Baton Rouge’s top stage is the place to shine!

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