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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Bogotá

1. Kaputt Club Bogotá

Kaputt is one of the top nightclubs in Bogotá. The venue is large and has several different rooms with Latin music, techno, funky electronics, classic hits, and more. They even have a food truck when you get munchies. Kaputt Club is a nightclub in Chapinero, Bogota. Kaputt Club is focused on special party hours, which are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

2. Lio Bar Bogotá

Lio Bar is the city’s leading techno club, with a total of at least 900 clubbers. When they visit Bogota, big names of electro DJs will always be playing here. Recently, they hosted famous artists such as Robin Schulz, Guido Schneider, John Acquaviva, Hernan Cattaneo, Cassius, Guy Gerber, etc. The department’s policy can be strict so that you can dress modestly and not get drunk. You can download their app and sign up to help you log in. COP 30,000 cover fee and it is an hourly club.

3. Theatron Bogotá

Bogota’s largest club, this mega 13-room venue, offers thousands of people attending parties from Wednesday to Saturday night. There is LGBT friendship, even though non-LGBT people tend to have fun with them. The largest nightclub is thought to be the largest in Latin America, with 13 separate rooms and a total of 5,000 people. It is officially a gay club, and, as a result, you will see male strip dancers / transexual artists. However, there are also many direct visitors to the crowd, including visitors

4. Armando records Bogota

One of the busiest nightclubs in Bogota, even during the day. This is a recommended place if you are new to the city as it is popular with foreign tourists. It is very large, with two large rooms (electronic roof, Latin crossover on the balcony). And they have live bands. The entry fee is usually COP30,000 unless there is a special event. The crowd is very diverse, including the middle and upper classes, students, and administrators. Find out early to avoid queuing.

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