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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Brussels

1. SPIRITO Brussels

Spirito Brussels is a nightclub located on 18 Rue de Stassart Brussels, Belgium in an old Anglican Church. In an innovative decor made of crystal and gold, Spirito Brussels offers a huge dance floor in an incredible ambience. Three different bars are at your disposal in the club, in order to ensure your comfort. On the first floor, you can find the ” Carré Dom Pérignon “, where you can enjoy your night within a privatized area and a relaxation lounge. In a sumptuous and unique design, the centrepiece is a chandelier, made out of real Murano glass. Tinted glass railings, mirrors and clean lines make the place’s exceptional environment. Particular attention was paid to the lighting of the club, where the ‘RGB lights’ create an unique and mysterious atmosphere. Indeed, in a report by the edge channel 7, Spirito Brussels has been ranked as one of the most beautiful clubs in the world.

2. Fuse Brussels

Fuse is one of Belgium’s longest-running electronic music institutions and has been so since its opening on April 16th 1994. It started off as a heaven for high quality techno with a reputation for bringing in the best and most innovative DJs on the scene.

3. BIRDY Brussels

Birdy Brussels is located in Boulevard de Waterloo 36, 1000 Brussels; Belgium. Whole nightclub recently got renovated and it looks very cool. It is conceived as a cosmopolitan and hype bar/club. Place that is ideally situated in the city, so both clubbers and business clients alike can visit and have a great time. The Birdy Brussels is a Bar-Club where you can pose with sophistication and without moderation. Cosmopolitan and hype, from a Mojito Royal at the start of the evening to a glass of champagne after midnight, more than a landmark it’s a “place to live” for all night owls who want to party in a cozy and eclectic atmosphere. Staff here is very friendly, and you will have a blast dancing all night to a great music programme, party here finishes when the sun starts rising.

4. Mirano Brussels

Mirano continental nightclub is located in Chaussee de Louvain 38, Brussels 1000, Belgium.The Mirano continental nightclub is an institution in Brussels and although it closed in June 2017, it still has its splendor. Originally, this place is a cinema located Chaussée de Louvain in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. It opened in 1912 under the name of the Giraffe before becoming the Mirano in 1934. It is in 1981 that the famous nightclub in Brussels opens its tracks in turn.

5. JEUX D’HIVER Brussels

Jeux d’hiver is located in Chemin du Croquet 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Located near numerous bus stops and Métro Louise, makes it very convenient and frequented night club.  It’s a stylish, modern bar & restaurant serving French menu, morphing into a nightclub with resident DJs The Club started since 1988, accessible from Thursday to Saturday. There are ten spaces and rooms, three sonos, contemporary music ambiances, lounge and music 70-80 years all in the heart of Bois de la Cambre. You will fell in love with their interior decoration, atmosphere and nostalgia this place brings.

6. LA DEMENCE Brussels

La Demence is located in Rue Blaes 208, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. The La Demence is a popular gay haunt in the city of Brussels founded in October 1989. The nightclub has two massive dance floors and another smaller one at the top floor. Guys from all over the country and Europe gather together here to have a grand party. They also offer transportation by plane, train, bus and car to reach the city. La Demence is a huge gay party in Brussels that takes place around 12 times a year: mostly on a Friday, or the day before a bank holiday. What make La Demence stand out from the other gay parties are the international crowd, and the variety of styles and ages.

7. ZODIAK Brussels

Located in Rue du Marché aux Fromages 10, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. It’s located in the heart of Brussels, right next to Grand Place. Zodiak is a nightclub which opened its doors in October 2016. The night club wanted to position itself as a new alternative to techno temple Fuse or small underground venues like Epicerie Moderne. Zodiak opened its doors in October 2016 and offers an interstellar nightlife experience, just a few steps from Grand-Place, at Rue du Marché aux Fromages a.k.a. ‘Pitta Street’. Fans of electronic music will be able to enjoy a musical and visual journey in this new venue where the cultures of clubbing and underground are intimately intertwined. A place with a convivial atmosphere that specifically showcases the Belgian electronic scene and young emerging artists.

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