Best Nightclubs in Buenos Aires

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Buenos Aires

1. Jet nightclub Buenos Aires

Jet is what we would call the ‘creme de la creme’ of Buenos Aires. It is one of the most special nights in Buenos Aires, and there is a beautiful herd. You can expect to see the height of the community entering these doors. So for those of you who want to dress up to nines, then this is the place to be and to be seen. Its amazing location, built over Rio de la Plata, provides a clubbing experience for the ‘first.’ Equipped with the best sound technology around, the DJs will soon make you lose the sense of time dancing to their electronic mixes.

2. Fiesta Plop Buenos Aires

The gay community has a central party spot, and that’s Fiesta Plop. Come join the fun and live a unique clubbing experience you have never had before. In Plop, every night is a theme party. Be prepared to marvel at the opening music of the night. The dancers stole the show with their elaborate costumes. From cosplaying anime characters to dressing up as Romeo and Juliet – you name it, and certainly, this disco has already made a party out of it.

3. Terrazas del Este Buenos Aires

Reggaeton, Dance-pop, Cumbia, hip hop, whatever your style, just choose one dance venue. With a capacity of 3000 people, Terrazas del Este is the largest nightclub in Costanera. Full of 10 different bars and four dance floors, good luck finding your friends if you get lost. At the moment, among the coolest Argentine people, tourists from all over the world and bartenders are known for the warmth of this vibrant nightclub. Finish your Wednesday in the best way you can, dance in Terrazas del Este behind the office (at 18: 30hs). Or just ponente en pedo (drunk) on Terrazas’ riverside and make your Saturday a fairy tale night. Costanera Norte

4. Ink Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

Located on Coronel Niceto Vega Avenue, Palermo Quarter, INK Club offers nightclub features and a restaurant. Situated on an area of ​​750 m2, it has two floors, three bars, two VIP areas, and comfortable tables and seating characterized by minimal decoration. There is also a smoking area, which is very important for those who do not want to spend the night without their favorite cigarettes. Start your evening at the restaurant with a magnificent style lounge, taste delicious food from the club menu, and then dance around the club all night long.

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