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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Buffalo

1. Club Marcella, Buffalo

Club Marcella is located on Buffalo Main Street and is one of Buffalo’s leading gay clubs. Enjoy hip sounds performed by leading DJs in a large dance area or relax with friends in a bar. Special events like college fights, 90s nights, bright nights, and holiday events. Female impressionists appear all year round performing “Life’s a Drag,” Western New York’s longest drag show. Heterosexual couples join the fun on Friday night, and a hot underwear contest will begin on Saturday and a hip hop night on Sunday.

2. VENU, Buffalo

VENU is a hot Buffalo concert, party, and nightclub. It is located on West Chippewa Avenue and is located anywhere in the city. The club offers cocktails in this state-of-the-art, high-quality bi-level nightclub with neon lights and guest DJs. VENU has modern light and sound systems for enhancing the night. It is a great place to play live to enjoy the night experience with your friends and loved ones. VENU is a neon downtown club with a spacious dance floor with enthusiastic customers enjoying live music and DJs as they sip beer and cocktails and beat down the dance floor. Enjoy hip sounds threatened by good DJs in a big dance area or have fun with friends in a bar.

3. Bottoms Up, Buffalo

Bottoms Up is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular nightclubs in Buffalo, NY. The club has a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, a decent-sized dance area, an ornate VIP table, outdoor and backyard. Bottoms Up offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, wines, and beers. At Bottoms Up, you can book their VIP table and get some special offers. Bottoms Up is a great place to enjoy special parties like bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more.

4. SkyBar, Buffalo

Dance under the wide-open sky at the city’s Sky Bar. Located on the roof of D’Arcy McGee’s Irish Pub, Sky Bar is a fashionable nightclub with a crowd of nightclubs shouting at its doors. With a jaw-dropping view of the city and a list of top DJs using the latest hits. This city nightclub has all the classic club amenities, such as VIP bottle service, Liquid Motion dance floor, and DJs spinning songs that can help you get around. The intricate decoration of the skybar, the glowing light, and the modern sound system make for a great sensory experience.

5. Cathode Ray, Buffalo

Cathode Ray has been Buffalo’s first game for Gay Bar & Nightclub in more than 25 years. We are open every day and include Video DJs who play your favorite pop and dance videos every weekend. In the heart of Allentown history, the Cathode Ray bar gives you and your friends an unforgettable experience. This New York nightclub offers a beautiful movie that is hard to compete with for tourists and locals alike.

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