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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Cairo

1. 707 Club Cairo

Looking good, especially grandiose, but you still need the magical touch. It’s high time you rise and head to 707 Club. 707 is a Disco club located at Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt. It’s the trendiest VIP club in Egypt. Dine and Dance all night long on our Commercial house & Arabic music.

2. Club Areana Cairo

Club Arena is a disco club located at Bulaq, Cairo, Egypt. Amazing place, good food and drinks, very professional services and creative music. The most beautiful Gulf disco Club.

3. Dahabia Club Cairo

Dahabia Club is a nightclub in Giza, Egypt. The place is good and the prices are good and the service is good but the place is small. Enjoy every moment when you are at Dahabia Club. The best variety theater in Egypt Cairo. The disco is a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, organized and diligently respected venue.

4. Dark Rock Club Cairo

For a stunning night out when in Cairo don’t hesitate to head to Dark Rock Club in the heart of Nile for your memorable night out. Dark Rock Club Cairo is a new concept of a Restaurant, Lounge and Bar. It’s open from 2 pm for early diners till 10 am in the morning. Dark Rock Club Cairo is located at El Zawya El Hamra, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

5. Dice Club Cairo

Dice Club is a nightclub situated in Egypt, Royal king boat Kornish, Agouzah, Egypt. Dice Club exhibits very good service: very, variety of drinks with reasonable prices. It’s floating on the bottom floor of Royal king boat with awesome Nile views and perfect decor.

6. Echo Club Cairo

Disco club located at Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt.  Echo Club happens to be the best Arabic nightclub in Cairo. It is advisable to make a reservation if you are interested in a high session.

7. El-Regina Club Nile Tower Cairo

EL-Regina Club is a nightclub in Giza, Egypt. Here you will definitely find an infinite excitement, non-stop vivid dance and zero boredom; that’s exactly the condition of our amazing remarkable venue EL-Regina Club and that’s how they will entertain you by all means necessary for the whole night long

8. Level Club Cairo

Catch the idea of living a dream throughout urban, unique and ultimate clubbing experience at the mighty Level club. Level Club Cairo is exclusively yours!

9. Mama Night Club Cairo

Mama Nightclub is situated at Meret Basha, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt Disco club in Cairo, Egypt.

10. Moon Deck Cairo

Moon Deck is located at Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt. Stop by evening for Moon Deck where sweet sounds of DJ and live violin mixed with more festivals will whisk you away.  Moon Deck boasts a lovely view of the Nile that complements the service of its professionally trained staff, and tasty food and drinks. It’s usually a spot for the youth who feel like partying to some live music, but it also serves as a quiet retreat for a nice drink at earlier hours.

11. Music Zone Cairo

Great place, one of the best night clubs in Cairo. Music Zone is a nightclub 7 located at El-Bostan, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt. The best night club ever well organized and the best place to spend a night feel so happy and I always enjoy my time there. The place is huge and nice, with great interior design and light works. Music Zone is not only about music (although it features some of the finest DJ’s in town and they have a live performance by extremely talented musicians every day!).

12. Rai Club Cairo

It’s a rai music night at Cairo Jazz Club on Saturday’s where Rai-Na takes to the stage for a round of tunes. Experience the unbeatable thumping, foot-stomping extravaganza of the stars here performing live.

13. Regina El Beit Beitak Cairo

Regina El Beit Beitak is a kingdom of nightlife in Cairo. Very enjoyable and a great place to chill out and listen to Arabic/Khaleeji music. Have you ever tried Regina El Beit Beitak on the weekend? You should give it a try.

14. Tempo Club Cairo

It’s a tale of deep driven beats and rolling grooves that both encapsulates the mind and moves feet. Techno and electronic music. It’s a nice location overlooking the golf course at allegria , they have excellent food and drinks and the service is great

15. Venom Khaliji Club Cairo

Disco club in Cairo, Egypt. LL Level Fairmont Nile City Hotel، Corniche El Nil, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate 11611, Egypt. Venom club is the most luxurious and finest place in the heart of Cairo for the most luxurious Arab and Gulf nights . They feature the best musicians and awesome DJs.

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