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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Chiang Mai

1. Differ Inc Chiang Mai

On your night out you cannot afford to miss Differ Inc Chiang Mai for your memorable nightlife. Differ Inc Chiang Mai is a nightclub in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here you will find live bands, DJ music & cocktails offered in a neon-lit, industrial setting with an energetic vibe.

2. Mad Murphy’s Chiang Mai

Mad Murphy’s is a place to have your night out at Chiang Mai. A nice pub located right in the middle of Chiang Mai within walking distance from Maya shopping mall and Chiang Mai University. Mad Murphy’s is a nightclub located in Chiang Mai , Thailand. Scruffy Murphy’s claims to be the only Irish pub in the capital that has the full ownership by the Irish, and there’s everything you can expect from great Irish pubs including a big selection of whiskey and traditional Irish food.  It’s usually packed on Friday and Saturday and you definitely have fun with a live band in place.

3. Zoe in Yellow Chiang Mai

In search of an amazing night out at Chiang Mai then Zow in yellow is the best to be. Nightclub located at Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Bustling nightclub complex with DJs playing electronic & hip hop music & serving alcohol in buckets. Located in the middle of the old city. Great spot with a great dance area and great music. Also has a great beer garden to watch the football games and super nice staff. Great drinks, awesome cocktails and the atmosphere is favourable. Head to Zoe in yellow nightclub  if you want to soak up the energy and enjoy a night of dancing!

4. Spicy Club Chiang Mai

Spicy Nightclub in Chiang Mai is about the most notorious and the longest running nightclub and late night establishment in Chiang Mai. Spicy Club is a Disco club in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Club Pumps out dance music late into the night. At Spicy Club there is a mixed clientele including a large number of ‘freelance’ girls. It’s not a sophisticated place, but it is a lot of fun if you are looking to dance and mingle late into the night.

5. Sound Up Chiang Mai

Looking for a nice venue to have an awesome night out, then head to Sound Up nightclub, the biggest dance hall in Chiang Mai. Sound Up Chiang Mai is a disco club with a mixed crowd. Sound Up is one of the largest and cheapest nightclubs in Chiang Mai.

6. DC Chiangmai Chiang Mai

A little party never killed anyone and for that reason a spooky night awaits you at DC Chiangmai. DC Chiangmai Nightclub located in Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand. DC Chiangmai is a new hangout place, drink and dancing. Full of light, colour, and sound unlike anywhere else in Chiang Mai. Along with many food and beverages in the shop, there are two zones to choose from all together.

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