Best Nightclubs in Des Moines City

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Des Moines City

1. The Garden Nightclub Des Moines City

If you feel like relaxing yourself from a hectic week or easing that jet lag, The Garden Nightclub on 525 E Grand Ave, Des Moines‘ is your best option in Iowa. The best music, greatest Drag shows, and top of all, the best professional service that you can imagine.

The Graden Nightclub is a high-energy gay club that features some of the best in Iowa. It has a large patio, dancefloor, and themed performances every week.

2. Miss Kitty’s Clive Nightclub Des Moines City El Sheikh

Do you feel a little Country energy when in Iowa? Do not fret; Des Moines has the best Nightclub to accommodate you with just the right amount of country club ambiance. Located on 8800 Swanson Boulevard, Clive, this place ensures that you get the best country-style experience in Iowa.

3. The Voodoo Lounge Des Moines City

Located at 208 3rd St, Voodoo Lounge is one of the hottest Nightclubs in Des Moines. It is well-known for organizing amazing weekend parties with Live DJs and exceptional bottle service. Voodoo Lounge has a large bar, leather seating arrangement, and top-drawer sound system complete with a permanent DJ booth for our guest DJs, which will surely make your night a memorable one for sure!

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