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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Destin

AJs Club Bimini Destin

Destin is a family-oriented place, and so while there are a lot of diverse, fun activities to partake in, their nightlife leaves a little to be desired, especially for younger folk looking for a good night out.  However, Club Bimini is one place where young people can go to party the night away. It has made the top 100 nightclubs in the USA for nine years straight, giving live performances and entertainment daily! The club itself is on the top floor of AJs Seafood and Oyster bar. It acts as a regular bar till 9 pm, but after that, anyone younger than 21 is required to leave as that’s when it transitions into a thrumming club. However, there is an exception: the minimum age to enter during spring break months is brought down to 18. Regardless, the age to drink remains 21. People from all around Destin come to exuberantly dance on the expansive wooden deck, offering a great view of the breathtaking harbor, with a tiki hut bar right across, serving tantalizing refreshments. AJs often plays rock and island music which just adds to the lively mood. That is, however, when guest bands aren’t gracing the stage. Club Bimini is the ideal spot you want to be in Destin to socialize and mingle. While there is no strict dress code, it is preferred if club goers aren’t wearing excessively baggy clothes as is custom in most nightclubs. Club Bimini is the finest place in Destin and arguably the finest in all of Florida. The seaside really helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere, and the refreshing breeze keeps those partiers jovial.

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