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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Geneva

1. Jetlag Geneva

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2. Geneva Nightclub Geneva

Night club in Narva, Estonia. Geneva Nightclub is located at Võidu prospekt, Narva, Estonia

3. Le Déclic Bar Geneva

Gay bar. Located at bBd du Pont d’Arve 28, 1205 Genève, Switzerland. Since 1988, Le Déclic has been the main hangout for the LGBT community in Geneva. In the beginning, the bar features drag shows, magicians, contortionists and various acts.

4. Cruising Canyon Geneva

Gay night club in Geneva, Switzerland. Gay bar designed for hook-ups offering themed nights & parties. Located at Rue Docteur-Alfred-Vincent, Genève, Switzerland near the Cornavin train station, the Cruising Canyon is a discreet place, clean and open until late at night, dedicated to meetings and pleasures.

5. Le Phare Geneva

Gay bar located at Rue Lissigno Genève, Switzerland. Small bar LGBTIQ+ – but not only – in a small pedestrian street, with a terrace. Geneva wines, cocktails, teas and coffee. Exhibition on the walls changing every 2 months.

6. Village du Soir Geneva

Welcome to the Village Du Soir, temple of culture and evenings in Geneva. Disco club in Lancy, Switzerland. This stylish venue offers a nightclub venue as well as regular markets with food stalls in the open. Located at Rte des Jeunes Lancy, Switzerland.

7. Velvet Club Geneva

Looking for the best night in a club in Geneva, Velvet club is best all in voluptuousness and refinement. Created more than 45 years ago in the heart of Geneva, the VELVET Club can look back on a rich history that has forged its reputation. The place has that extra soul that belongs to those who pass through time. Unparalleled artists, a unique atmosphere and a space architecture designed to preserve the well-being and confidentiality of its guests.

8. The 7 Night Club Geneva

Disco club in Geneva, Switzerland. Rue du Levant 3, 1201 Genève, Switzerland.

9. Point Bar Geneva

Point Bar is a Nightclub located in Rue du Marché Genève, Switzerland. In the heart of Geneva, located between Confédération Center and Rhône, in the passage Malbuisson, the Point bar club is the Urban nightclub in the city center. The Point bar club welcomes a young and dynamic clientele, in a hot and torrid atmosphere of Latin and urban music.

10. Petit Palace Geneva

Night club in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva’s oldest nightclub features Roman-style decor & features parties until 5am each night. Located at Rue de la Tour-de-Boël Genève, Switzerland. Nestled in the heart of the Old City, Le Petit-Palace is the oldest nightclub in Geneva. The building rests on a section of the wall of the former Geneva.

11. Neuf Cent Onze Geneva

Club in Geneva, Switzerland.

12. Moulin Rouge Geneva

Looking for a well rhythmed evening with different atmospheres according to the themes and headliners Moulin Rouge is the place to be. Ideally located in the heart of Plainpalais and close to the lively streets. It organizes concerts of all kinds, shows such as the Revue Transformist, or Impro Talents, etc… Everything is gathered to give you the desire to move, salsa, blues, soul, hot swing, pop … diversity as you may  like. A classy decoration with silvery touches.The nightclub turns into a cinema, the big screen screens throwback romantic musicals such as Moulin Rouge.

13. MonteCristo Club Geneva

Luckily enough in the city of Geneva you can find one of the most happening party destinations there you will find it in Monte Cristo Club. This club frequently hosts theme nights, playing different kinds of music that ranges from DJ sets, to reggae, RnB, hip hop, salsa and music from all over the world, plus live music performances from world-famous artists. In addition to the great music, one will also be introduced to some cheer-inducing drinks at the bar area of the club. What an amazing place to find here in Geneva.

14. Midnight Club Geneva

Looking for the newest trending nightclub in Geneva Midnight Club Geneva is obviously the place for you.Ideally situated in the Old Town of Geneva, their establishment offers an unforgettable night out. You’ll hear in the club that will make you sing along and dance like nobody’s watching. In the brand new decor of its 3 floors which are wants modern and refined

15. Mambo Club Geneva

Looking for a Buzzing nightclub with a cocktail bar & a diverse range of music, including R&B, electro & salsa Mambo club in geneva is the best place for you to be.Ideally located in central Geneva, minutes away from the train station, the vibrant city centre and the lakeshore, this warm and friendly location, unique in Geneva,Mambo club will delight your taste buds with its Cocktail Bar and your ears with its Nightclub. A diverse and eclectic musical programming is chosen for your pleasure.Deep house and mainstream sets have Genevans dancing ’til dawn at this hybrid cocktail club, dance school and nightclub in Pâquis.

16. Le Zoo Geneva

Disco club in Geneva, Switzerland Is a Low-lit underground nightspot known for a changing line-up of cutting-edge techno & house music.

17. Le Terreau Geneva

Diversity, accessibility and a good time away from work, Le Terreau will absolutely provide this for you. It has been a nightlife spot in Geneva since May 2016. Managed by the Collectif for a rich, lively and diverse nightlife . Le Terreau hosts weekly events organized by all types of associations. Concerts, Dj’s set, exhibitions, vernissage, dance lessons, projection etc … Consult our program to keep you informed of the evenings. It’s golden rule  is to make its evenings accessible to everyone.

18. Le Chat Noir Geneva

In search of a Hangout with a terrace, diverse drinks & homemade bar food, along with music played by bands and DJ club Le Chat Noir is automatically the place for you to be.It is one of the places where you can hear very good music in Geneva. In an essential part of the Geneva and Carouge nights! The Chat Noir is a convenient place for a meal inspired by flavors of the world such as the Mexican-style grilled shrimp or the beef tataki in salt crust. Here are beautifully combined, with the concert room, the tasting, with the restaurant and its kitchen of gourmet mixes, and a club bar with a team of “mixologists’ ‘ (cocktail specialists) and Flair enthusiasts (spectacular bottle juggling). The Original Margarita is great and the delicious Havanna Passion was awarded during the Havanna Club competitions in Geneva. One also comes for a vast selection of whiskeys, beers… an infinite palette of drinks. Intoxication here is joyful and passing a convivial moment. The team makes a point of honor to offer quality programming and a culinary experience open to the world’s cultures. One easily tames this little “black cat”.

19. Le Baroque Geneva

Looking for a glamorous and festive place at the end of the lake in Geneva, Le Baroque is the best place for you to be. The enveloping and muffled decoration plays the baroque game down to the smallest detail. It’s indeed a true institution for the Geneva night owls from the top of its club, the Baroque is just as much for the taste buds of the city with its eponymous restaurant. Discreetly nestled in the Passage des Lions, it features a winter garden, a festive floor and a more peaceful one covered with a magnificent glass roof. A subtle blend of noble woods, gray marble and mirrors lining the ceiling, it exhibits a sublime perspective contrasting with an intimate and subdued atmosphere unveiled by contemporary moucharabiehs. Far from being limited to a display of flashy luxury, the place lends itself as well to a copiously rhythmic.before – mixing lives and dj sets – as to a colorful taste spree worthy of Magellan’s journey. Linking the Mediterranean to Lima via the Sea of ​​Japan, the expedition led by young chef Romain Marie combines Japanese delicacies, Peruvian exuberance, Mediterranean delicacies on the plates. Special mention to the refinement of the welcome.

20. La Queen Geneva

Popular party night La Queen club in KL has made a comeback since February 2017. The club hosts themed nights with guest DJ’s, shows, dancers and live bands. La Queen takes place on Friday night in Bukit Bintang – check before you go. Bar, music, dancing, live music

21. La Gravière Geneva

Looking for a night club where you can  experiment in egalitarian values,La Gravière is the place where all this succeeds on every level. Good sound, good beer, nice people name it the place as it all. THis is the place to go in Geneva for an interesting live music night.

22. L’ Usine Geneva

Looking for a place different from the overpriced slick clubs aimed at Geneva’s moneyed jet setters, you’ll certainly find it in L’Usine. Formerly a gold refinery, L’Usine is now an alternative arts venue with a theatre, cinema and several concert spaces presenting an eclectic mix of music including electro, punk, ska, rock, reggae, disco and metal. In this place artists range from local unsigned bands to international DJs.L’Usine, in English means that the Factory is Geneva’s most experimental and adventurous venue and nightclub, unifying especially young and alternative people. It is a centre of the biggest and the wildest concerts and parties in town, playing at least 4 times a week. The company offers luxury designed sports clubs with comfort, services, working hours, coaching and excellent sports. There is a baby’s Berserk, a Dutch trio at the crossroads of disco won’t allow you to ever think of leaving this place.

23. Java Club Geneva

Disco club in Geneva, Switzerland. DJs, drinks & dynamic sound system inside this neon-lit, velvet-roped discotheque & nightclub. A nightclub designed for an urban, trendy clientele, Javaclub is the centre of Geneva’s nightlife. Java Club is Located at fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva, Switzerland. Elegant and contemporary decor, luxury materials in generously proportioned spaces with large velvet sofas. All the tables overlook the club where you can sway to some of the best beats of the moment until dawn. Large bar for walking-clubbers. The club is available for private parties, corporate receptions, fashion shows, events, etc. 

24. Ibiza Club Geneva

Night club in Geneva, Switzerland. Ibiza Club hosts Ladies night edition on Friday night. Women free entry until 1pm. You will find different genres from Sauce, Bachata and Merengue. Latin Bomb thus the best Latin music.

25. Five Night Club Geneva

Disco club located Helvétique Genève, Switzerland. In-Real life, Five play an important role in all the aspects of our lives, Five Elements such as Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Wood.

26. Champmeslé Geneva

rue Jean, Rue Jacques-Dalphin 53, 1227 Carouge, Switzerland. Disco, open stage, all-style club, concert hall in the heart of Carouge, the Champmeslé offers regular events for all tastes and ages. Le Champmeslé is an alternative place located in a historic building in the city of Carouge.

27. Bypass Club Geneva

A hotspot of Swiss nightlife. Night club in Carouge, Switzerland. Located at Carouge, Switzerland. Located in the heart of Geneva, the Bypass is unique and internationally known as one of the biggest hotspots of Swiss Nightlife, since 2002. Kingdom of high technology, Bypass is equipped with one of the best quality sound systems, light shows & videos in Europe. Being a pure live-entertainment venue, the Bypass is one of the favorite spots for the greatest artists on planet.

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