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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Jacksonville, Florida

1. Myth Nightclub Jacksonville, Florida

Myth Nightclub is a stylish nightclub featuring overseas DJs, art cocktails, a bistro venue, and a VIP section. It features some of Jacksonville‘s top chefs, paired with top mixologists, to create a unique dining experience. After your dining experience, head over to their art nightclub with the world’s most prominent DJs, live music, sound effects, and unique lighting that this city has to offer, and an incomparable environment for the city center. Jon Kinesis owns this nightclub. Their team wants you to feel free to express yourself and have fun. They pride themselves on performing top regional live performances, producers, artists, acoustic acts, bands, and international DJs. It is considered a Premier nightlife that brings the look and feels from the world’s tops to three distinct spaces. The nighttime myth leaves you feeling that magic is in the air.

2. The Loft Jacksonville, Florida

The Loft is a fashion and entertainment nightclub that offers cocktails and DJs spinning popular dance beats. It is located in the heart of Jacksonville and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Loft nightclub has a great space, which is helpful if you want to spend some time with your friends and family. They offer a weekly schedule: Drinks and Dancing Tuesday and Wednesday, Indie, Pop, Dance, Party and DJ on Thursday, the 80s, 90s, and latest music on Friday, with DJ Wes Reed touring Party Anthems on Saturday. Loft nightclub has a comfortable place for everyone. It’s the perfect place to relax your mind with the people you love. Come and enjoy a night without stress at Loft. LOFT is a must-have place for a nightclub experience in Jacksonville. Head to LOFT to enjoy some complete rewind vibes with live DJ music all week, great cocktails, and more.

3. InCahoots Jacksonville, Florida

InCahoots is a popular nightclub in Jacksonville and a popular hangout among the local LGBT community. There are dance shows, karaoke nights, night dance events, and DJs – check out their website or Facebook for event details. Incahoots have been one of the biggest and most popular nightclubs in Jacksonville for the past decade. The LGBTQIA Nightclub award won the biggest prize. From the burlesque show to the karaoke, something happens at InCahoots every night of the week. This nightclub is said to be Jacksonville’s first dance group and is one of the top 18 or more venues in North Florida. Eleven DJs cast songs throughout the genre, including Progressive House, Techno, Trance, and Dubstep. New shows and themes are constantly emerging. You will never be bored with this Jacksonville nightclub. It is a stylish nightclub with overseas DJs, art cocktails, a bistro venue, and a VIP section. Mythology is one that has been in operation for almost three decades.  The little heart that wants something to move its soul has finally found the answer to the underground club tradition of the 90s.

4. Eclipse Jacksonville, Florida

Eclipse includes some of the best “old wave music” in Jacksonville nightlife. Rock and dance to old and modern songs. From some beats to songs, the beautiful music makes it a popular nightclub in Jacksonville. This is an intimate yet vibrant dance hall featuring the top 40 DJs, hip-hop, funk, and soul. Located on North Ocean Street, this is considered to be one of the nightclubs in Jacksonville, which is heavily reminiscent of those in the big cities, allowing modern songs and atmosphere to blend in. Eclipse is the place you should be if you are looking for great music, dancing, and drinks in a close, beautiful atmosphere.

5. Cuba Libre Jacksonville, Florida

Cuba Libre in Havana Jax has been the premier event hall and nightclub since 1974. Cuba has a dance floor, a large-screen television, large leather sofas, a beautiful and traditional work of art, and unusual beverages from the Caribbean. It is one of the largest and most innovative nightclubs in Florida, with over 20 years of experience in the nightclub industry. The Cuban team brings the best viewing experience to Jacksonville, particularly with your favorite music on its famous LED screen, concerts, and sporting events. So add a little spice to your night and visit Cuba Libre. The music is loud, and the dancing is hot! Get a lesson in salsa and practice your walk all night. When you get hungry, you order traditional Cuban food from the neighbors at the Havana Jax restaurant. Back at the dance floor, enjoy live music while mixing and mixing and drinking Mojito and doing colorful art.

6. Club Heaven Jacksonville, Florida

Want to enjoy proper entertainment? Club Heaven is the 1st Miami Style Nightclub of Jacksonville with light and modern luxury. The quintessential nightclub features the attraction of a special lounge and a powerful nightclub. Modern accouterments combined with a premium bottle service, an attractive food menu and a five-star tourist are all offered in such an attractive and sexy place as it is sophisticated. Club Heaven redefines nightlife in Jacksonville, Florida.

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