Best Nightclubs in Jersey City

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Jersey City

1. Six26 Jersey City

Jersey houses some of the most diverse communities of all. Nightclubs work all around the clock to ensure every community feels at home. Among them is Six26. Situated at 128 Christopher Columbus Drive Jersey City, It is one of the finest LGBTQ premier Lounge and Nightclubs serving everyone from all around.

2. Phebe Reborn Jersey City

If you are looking for an electric night or live entertainment, look no further. 646 Newark Ave, Jersey City, serves the finest live entertainment by Phebe Reborn Nightclub. They “promise you a great time full of live entertainment and a stocked bar.”

They bring in top-notch entertainers, amazing food, a neon-lit dancefloor, and all the fun you will ever need to detox and relax. From VIP Reservations to VIP Bottle service, Phebe Reborn is truly a rebirth of nightlife. Whether you are with your friends or with someone special, the fun atmosphere and fantastic vibes will make your nights unforgettably fun.

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