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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Lincoln

1. Main Street Bar Lincoln

Main Street Bar is considered one of the best and hottest bars and nightclubs in Lincoln, NE. The club has provided an excellent night experience to its guests for many years. It has friendly vendors, affordable drinks, a lively live band, and a vibrant location. Main Street offers a wide variety of music, dance, and the DJ is great here. Main Street Bar strives to provide individuals with excellent service to its guests. It’s a great place to spend your night with your loved ones in the Lincoln area. Main Street Bar is also a great place to go if you want to relax with your friends while listening to live music.

2. Junction Nightclub Lincoln

Junction Nightclub is the new central capital of Lincoln nightlife. Featuring more than 85 different shots and grenades, Junction Nightclub is guaranteed to have something that will suit your taste. The Junction club has a leading local and international DJ and a large dance floor with modern lighting and audio programs. The local DJs are constantly improving their songs, lights, and mixes.

3. The royal grove Lincoln

For almost 80 years, the Royal Grove nightclub has hosted live and entertainment music events with local and national talent. Nebraska Rock’n’ Roll Hall of Famer Tommy Jelsma and his family built the club as one of the highlights of the Midwest. The club has hosted thousands of concerts over the years until it closed in 2005 to become a national music venue. After a few patents and name changes, the historic Royal Grove reopened in January 2018 with its old-school attractions and modern developments.

4. Duffy’s Tavern Lincoln

Duffy’s Tavern is a brick-and-mortar nightclub with backyard billiards, pouring great fishbowl drinks, and hosting live bands. It is easily located in the heart of Downtown Lincoln and is found anywhere in the City. This nightclub has been a strong sponsor of local/national tourism talent for many years and will continue to do so. Duffy’s Tavern hosts live events such as Nirvana, Flaming Lips, 311, Wesley Willis, Soundgarden, etc.

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