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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Macau

1. MacauSoul Macau

When in Macau visit no other place on your night out other than MacauSoul because here you are going to get the ultimate experience. MacauSoul is an Intimate, bi-level hangout offering wine, cocktails, charcuterie and small plates. MacauSoul opened in 2008 and is located just a few steps away from Love Lane and the symbolic Ruins of St Paul. This place shows some of the City’s multi-faceted colonial background and provides a homey, intimate and aesthetic environment, tasty snacks, jazz music, Chinese furniture, European paintings, Canton style ceiling bird cages and Japanese pottery. It is an elegant and relaxing wine lounge featuring fine art and great music in the heart of historic Macau. It is Asia’s best Portuguese bar with good music.

2. SKY 21 Macau

SKY 21 is the place to be on your night out in Macau. SKY 21 Bar & Restaurant is located just on top of the AIA Tower, featuring the best views of the Macau skyline. From business lunches to entertaining performances by local artists, bespoke dining experience and more, this hotspot is the place to go when looking for a fun yet classic environment to have a meal or some drinks. Serving Asian gourmet foods, SKY 21 is a landmark that’s always with life, action, and entrainment. The two-floor venue offers all-day dining on the first level and a second floor with both an interior and an exterior area where people can experience 360˚ views of Macau, including the city center and Taipa side, as well as the former islands.

3. Club Cubic Macau

Looking for a joint In Macau to enjoy your night life in Asia and share memorable experiences, Club Cubic is the place to be. It is one of the largest and most prestigious hotspots in Asia, celebrating its official grand opening at City of Dreams. The Club was destined to set the standards for exciting nightlife in Macau and is focused on meeting the needs of the region’s large and ever growing market of leisure and entertainment destination seekers. In the celebration of a lifestyle that demands the best, Club Cubic has it all.

4. D2 club & lounge Macau

Are you thirsting for a memorable night out at Taiwan Macau, then think not beyond D2 Club & Lounge nightclub?  It is located in Macau, Fisherman’s Wharf EDF. New Orleans III, Macao.  D2 Club & Lounge is a great place to spend the night.

5. Show House Macau

Looking forward to having a fun night out at Taiwan Macau. The ShowHouse Nightclub is the place to be. ShowHouse Taiwan’s famous for providing glamorous, European and American-Style luxury nightlife. ShowHouse has 15 years of history, and originally came from Taiwan. Now they’ve brought their trendy deluxe nightlife experience to Macau, and you’re invited to the party! Dive into a sea of dazzling lights as exotic dancers perform their hottest moves on the dance floor while legendary Top 100 DJs play fantastic club life and have fun drinking and dancing all night long with their friends. The nightclub has cheap but very good drinks and you will experience a nice atmosphere from a beautiful outdoor terrace right behind the dance floor. What a nice cloud in ShowHouse Macau and the host renowned stars.

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