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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Madison

1. Voodoo NightClub Madison

Voodoo is a dance club and a nightclub located on Atlas Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. Voodoo Nightclub was established in 2017. This venue has an upscale vibe to it. Patrons are recommended to wear clothing to impress others they want to impress at the nightclub. So, Dress To Impress is the dress code for the Voodoo Nightclub. Voodoo Nightclub has a full-fledged bar at the scene to cater to all of patrons’ alcoholic demands. The music played at this nightclub falls under the category of this musical influence and all derivatives of it: Latin, Bachata, Reggaeton and EDM. This venue is one of the best nightclubs Madison has to offer to the local community. Voodoo Nightclub identifies itself as a Latin Nightclub.

2. Crucible Madison

Crucible is a dance club and a nightclub situated on Commercial Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. The dress code at this nightclub is Smart Casual. So, patrons are recommended to wear clothing that falls under this category. Otherwise, entry will be restricted. Crucible has a wide variety of distinct music genres played at the venue. The music played at this nightclub falls under these musical influences: Neo Goth, Classical Goth, Goth Dance Music, Indie, Electronic Dance Music, Hard Dance, Dark Psy, Goth and Industrial. Crucible has a full-fledged bar available at the club premises to care for patrons and their alcoholic needs. This venue is a mid-sized place with alternative music as its main attraction.

3. FIVE NightClub Madison

FIVE is a Dance club and a Night Club. The Dress Code at this Nightclub is Smart Casual. A full-fledged bar is present at the scene to sate the patron’s alcoholic needs. FIVE has been proudly serving the Madison community since 1998. It promises you a night out that is “Anything But Ordinary!” FIVE is an award-winning Nightclub. FIVE Nightclub, which primarily serves Madison’s LGBT people, attracts a diverse crowd, younger, older, gays and straights, all playing in the same venue! FIVE Nightclub, as one of Madison’s largest dance venues, truly has “something for everyone,” including a massive dance floor, an outdoor wrap-around patio with smoking privileges and permitted cigars, lots of accessible free parking, plenty of restrooms, handicap accessibility, bar food, and a great selection of your favourite alcohol brands provided by friendly bartenders to please your personal taste!

4. Sotto Madison

Sotto is a Dance Club, Gay Bar and a Night Club located on N Henry Street in Madison, Wisconsin. The Dress Code at this nightclub is trendy & casual wear. Patrons are recommended to follow the dress code if they wish to enter the venue. All clothing falling under the category of Trendy Wear and Casual Wear is accepted. Sotto has a Full Bar, and it prides itself to be called a Gay Bar as well. The patrons are provided with a variety of alcoholic drinks, cocktails and exciting drink specials. Music played at this nightclub falls under these musical influences: Electronic Dance Music, Trance Music and House Music. This venue is located right off of State Street in the heart of downtown.

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