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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Manila

1. Ignite Nightclub Manila

 Ignite Nightclub Manila

The nightclub and large dance floor are at the heart of the venue with state-of-the-art DJ equipment and specialist VIP areas with new booths fitted around the edges of the dance floor. The cocktail lounge will include drinks specially selected by general manager Aleksander Jolla and also includes a second DJ booth with ‘chill out’ tunes pumping through the speakers.

2. Cove Manila

Cove Manila

The Beach Club at Cove Manila indulges those with a taste for the spectacular. It’s located in the newest entertainment space in Manila, Philippines. Cove Manila nightclub is the world’s first entertainment complex that seamlessly incorporates some of the most advanced audio, video and ambient lighting technologies to put on an eye-popping show.

3. House Manila

House Manila

For a night full of energy and enjoyment, this is the night for you. House of Manila is one of the best night clubs in Manila that give you a world-class experience. House Manila is a nightlife mecca that pulsates with energy and vibrancy. House offers a world class nightclub experience that serves as a private haven to its guests. The Club exudes in class and style with an extensive private seating area that can accommodate 300 guests.

4. Revel at The Palace Manila

Revel at The Palace Manila

Revel at The Palace is a Nightclub  Manila, Philippines. It’s an amazing classy place with superb music and the coolest place to unwind after work. DJs worldwide often perform at Revel at The Palace on weekends, so arrive early for prime seating. A luxury nightclub attracting stylish locals, expats, and tourists seeking a fun night out, Revel at The Palace is located at The Palace. Revel at The Palace is Manila‘s most famous nightclub and has been in operation since 1995. The cream crowd of Manila can be seen partying here all night long.

5. Black Market Manila

Black Market Manila

If you need to get Hands down while getting crazy then Black Market is an amazingly great place to be on your night out. Black Market is a unique, fashionable, warehouse-style with industrial concept, World class, and super urban nightclub situated in a great accessible location in Makati, Philippines in a pretty trendy 2-storey club. The venue caters mostly to a cool crowd looking for something beyond DJs playing top 40 pop hits and edgy underground music.

6. TOPIC Poblacion Manila

TOPIC Poblacion Manila

If you want to have fun, this is definitely the perfect place to party! Topic Poblacion is a Nightclub located in Makati, Philippines. As Manila’s first 2-storey rooftop bar that’s home to House and Techno music, TOPIC opened its doors early 2019 and has since quickly turned into an iconic destination among locals and tourists alike.

7. Royal Nightclub Manila

Royal Nightclub Manila

If you want fun just head down to Royal Nightclub and you’re assured of finding what the real nightlife experience means. Drink, dance and have a fun filled night! Good place for party people. Royal is a classy nightclub in a good and easily accessible location, Manila, Philippines.  The nightclub exhibits tons of fun making you feel at home and it caters for tourists, locals, expats as one and serves the best and the latest EDM music and conducts special theme nights on various days of the week.

8. Exklusiv Nightclub Manila

Exklusiv Nightclub Manila

Are you in search of a great nightlife experience in Manila? Exklusiv is a high energy, relaxed and high-end bar and  Nightclub in Manila, Philippines. The city of Manila’s only nightlife hotspot where you can eat, drink and party.

9. Club zzyzx Manila

Club zzyzx Manila

If you just need a place to hang out with friends and have a good time, then Club ZZYZX will undoubtedly serve your purpose. Club ZZYZX is a multi-level and good setting Dance & Nightclub that has a separate lounge and dance area located in the heart of Manila and is easily accessible. The mezzanine level serves as the lounge overlooking the dance floor. One of the best places in Manila to let your hair down and soak up the party atmosphere.

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What is the nightlife like in Manila?

If you’re looking for the center of Philippines’ nightlife, head to Manila. Manila has a wide selection of bars and clubs that offer great music, good company, cheap drinks, high-end settings and one-of-a-kind clubs that you’ll only find in the Philippines.

Where can I go to drink alone in Manila?

Whether you prefer quiet nights with friends or loud nights out with the gang, there’s no better place to unleash your inner fun side than in bars in Manila.

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