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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Newark

1. QXT’s Night Club Newark

On your night out, QXT Nightclub is the place to be for an awesome night out in Newark city. QXT’s is a dance club and a late night club located in Newark, United States. It’s the longest running dark alternative dance club and is definitely a place to dance. The nightclub is open every Friday and Saturday night, with each offering a variety of music genres. Alternative club spinning cutting-edge dance music until the early morning in an industrial space. The venue features three spaces and includes a bar, giving patrons plenty of options for enjoying a drink in whichever space they find themselves comfortable. It’s a great place to hub artists and musicians alike to exchange contracts and have a good time. Three spaces also include a bar, giving patrons plenty of options for enjoying a drink in whichever space they find themselves most comfortable in.

2. Club Eclipse Newark

Club Eclipse is a sexy club and it’s highly recommended for an awesome night out at Newark. Club Eclipse is a nightclub located in Newark, New Jersey, United States. It’s a longtime, easy going nightspot with a dance floor and DJ spinning reggae, and Hip-Hop.

3. Phebe Reborn Newark

Phene Reborn is a nightclub located in Newark, United States. It features a variety of genres from Bachata, Dembo, and Salsa.

4. Lancers Night Club Newark

The greatest place to have dinner. Featuring 2 live Bands plus dj lots of salsa ,merengue ,bachata cumbia house etc .etc. It is also a great place for Latin music.

5. Rio Lounge Newark

Great place to relax! Rio Lounge is a nightclub in Newark, United States. Rio Lounge is a Tapas restaurant and nightclub located in the Ironbound offering an unforgettable dining and dancing experience. The ambiance is super chic with stylish decor reminiscent of the blue waters of Rio de Janeiro and Samba. Get ready for a lively mix.

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