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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Punta del Este

1. Soho, Punta del Esteheikh

Soho, Punta del Esteheikh

If you want to dance or down a few drinks with your friends, Soho should be your next stop. Soho House Night Club is located in the center of with outdoor seating and is often referred to as the holy place because it is so far away from all the noise and chaos from the distant streets below! Recognized as a place where people can go to escape everything and enjoy delicious food and city service, Soho House Night Club was initially created as the only member club for those working in the film and media industry back in the 90’s.

2. Moonlight Disco, Punta del Este

Moonlight Disco, Punta del Este

Usually, nightclubs are full of young people or people in their 30s, so people in their 40s are reluctant to go to a party. But Punta del Este found a place where everyone no matter their age would be guaranteed a good time. Does everyday living give you a feeling of resentment? Go to Moonlight disco nightclub. They have an excellent and unique living space and are a comfortable place to spend the night.

3. Ocean club, Punta del Este

Ocean club, Punta del Este

Just north of downtown Punta del Este and far away from its hectic cliffs, a series of newly renovated beach clubs make a splash in the local nightlife. Located near the white sand dunes at Playa Brava, this modern one-story beach club is set in the middle of a concrete parking lot with a door that resembles a light glass tunnel. The Beam roof with a dispersed canopy connects a series of large chambers with teakwood floors and a long middle bar of tufted suede. Large circular candles hang from the ceiling,

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What time do people go out in Puerto Vallarta?

They all get going around midnight and party hard until the wee hours of the morning. Each club has its own special events like foam parties or Ladies’ Night from time to time

Can I use my cell phone in Puerto Vallarta?

If you want to use your phone (or an additional one that you carry with you, unlocked) with local service, you can get a SIM card with an approximate cost of $200 pesos and hire a monthly plan with the Mexican cell company that suits you best.

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