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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Raleigh

1. Legends Nightclub Complex Raleigh

Legends is hands down the best club in Raleigh. It’s a perfect place to have fun! Young, old, black, white, straight, gay etc. Legends Nightclub is an LGBT club with a dance floor, and a bar. Legends has both inside and outside areas, both with bottle service. There is a dance floor when you first enter, an outdoor patio and a performance area past that.

2. Loafers Beach Club Raleigh

Loafers is a private club for its members and their guests. It’s a modest venue for dancing offering a full bar and DJ music, plus weekly shag and swing lessons. It’s a great community full of friendly dancers who share a passion for dancing and having fun. They are thrilled to be your number one dance venue in Raleigh and it has been providing some of the best music, DJs, dance lessons, and social dance.

3. Stilllife Raleigh

Still Life is a dance club in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is an upscale and electric venue. Still Life is a customer service based organization focused on delivering clientele a state of the art, upscale nightlife experience. The brand originated in 2005 at East Carolina University in Greenville and expanded to the heart of Glenwood South in Raleigh in 2010. With consistent themes of VIP club and booth seating sections, signature light systems, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced sound.

4. Ruby Deluxe Raleigh

Searching for an awesome night out? Ruby Deluxe is the place to be. Ruby Deluxe is a gay bar located in Salisbury street, Raleigh, United States. A bar for bar lovers, located underground from whence so many of the things we hold dear emerge. Offering Raleigh’s widest variety of live music, drag shows, and dance parties. Check our website for current events! It features playful decor, theme nights & a snug stage for live bands & DJs. It’s great for experiencing and performing live music.

5. Farotage Nation Lounge Raleigh

A great Lounge that has a true International feel well worth the time to go and enjoy a good atmosphere with a great African & international feel. Farotage Nation Lounge is a nightclub located in Capital, Raleigh, United States. It’s a top luxurious Afro-Caribbean nightclub. They offer VIP specials, after party packages and new Reggae, African, and American hits.  Farotage Nation Lounge is all about sharing and advancing the culture through music They always have surprises for all the guests at the luxurious Farotage Nation Lounge. Farotage Nation Lounge has best drink specials, music, the ambience is worth bragging about here, food is amazing, atmosphere, and more.

6. Longbranch Saloon Raleigh

Fun night ahead! You’ve got to go there !! – The Longbranch is an icon in the Raleigh club scene plain and simple. If you haven’t experienced the Longbranch, you haven’t experienced a true nightclub! Longbranch is a Dance Club and Nightclub, bar, performances and events venue located in Creekside, Raleigh. aleigh. Longbranch is the home of country music in North Carolina and has showcased some of the biggest names in the US. Longbranch offers a large country music bar and concert venue, a night club to entertain Raleigh’s dancing crowd (all of them, it’s that big), a sports bar, a VIP room, and a disco bar.

7. Ambis 1 NightCLub Raleigh

Amazing night club! It’s the best night club around where you will have a blast because they have different genres of music. Different cultures under one roof. Ambis 1 Nightclub is located in Atlantic Ave. Raleigh, United States.

8. 440 Nightclub Raleigh

Are you looking for a great place to be on your night out? 440 Nightclub is the place to be. 440 Nightclub located in Hillsborough, Raleigh, United States. 440 Nightclub is a Latin dance club located on the 3rd floor of the Electric Company Building.

9. Enigma Nightclub Raleigh

Night club in Raleigh, North Carolina. Established in 1979, Enigma club is one of the oldest clubs in Santorini island. It is located only 50 meters north from the main square in Fira. Apart from the three rooms air conditioned hall, Enigma has an outdoor place too. All these years it is considered a must when it comes to Santorini nightlife. A 700 capacity nightclub in the heart of the market town of Newton Abbot, combining state-of-the-art lighting, sound and laser technology to enhance the clubbing experience! Enigma plays host to events such as UV paint parties, summer beach parties, personal appearances of celebrities and guest DJs!

10. Mojito Lounge Raleigh

Mojito Lounge is a very solid Nightclub club in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sophisticated Latin-Themed Lounge in Downtown Raleigh Offering: Full Bar Live Entertainment Drink Specials Bottle Service VIP Service.

11. Blue Oasis Raleigh

Are you in search of Blue Oasis Bar and Lounge located in Wilmington, United States. Blue Oasis Bar and Lounge offers a great venue for private parties like birthday parties, graduation parties and any other special parties or events.

12. Nuvo Lounge & Bar Raleigh

Nuvo Lounge Bar is a cocktail bar located in Hodges Street, Raleigh, United States. Nuvo Lounge and Bar Nuvo Lounge and Bar is Raleigh’s high end party hub. Nuvo Lounge and Bar caters to a diverse range of musical genres. Nuvo brings in special guests and house DJs with sounds varying from Top 40 to Reggae to Hip Hop and more. Featuring a Miami-esque atmosphere and night club inspired interior decor, the lounge keeps dress-codes enforced to maintain its high end appeal.

13. Hive Raleigh

Welcome to Hive Nightclub! The hottest nightclub in Downtown Raleigh. Escape Raleigh for the night when you enter  The Hive – with its Miami club vibes, multi-level building, neon lights, a marble dance floor, an elevated & expansiveness bar, plus VIP bottle service! Hive is a Nightclub in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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