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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Reno

1. LEX Nightclub Reno

LEX Nightclub is a dance club and a nightclub located in Reno. The dress code is a strict aspect followed at this venue. Patrons are required to wear upscale casual attire. Athletic wear of any kind, especially baseball hats, are not allowed. Exclusive jeans are acceptable with dress shirts and dress shoes. Any ripped or baggy clothes are strictly prohibited.

2. The BlueBird Nightclub Reno

The BlueBird is a dance club and nightclub situated in Reno, Nevada. The dress code at The BlueBird Nightclub advises dress to impress. Guys are recommended to wear collared shirts, jeans or dress shoes. Patrons are expected to avoid anything that can be considered sportswear. Any sorts of track jackets, jerseys, sneakers or hats are strictly prohibited in the club. The BlueBird Nightclub has a full-fledged bar that provides various cocktails and special drinks to its patrons.

3. The Point NightClub Reno

The Point Nightclub is a dance club, cocktail bar and nightclub located on South Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada. The dress code at this nightclub is allowed to be Casual Classy wear. Patrons are permitted to wear casual attire and are also free to Dress To Impress. The Point Nightclub has a cocktail bar available at the premises, which satisfies patrons’ thirst. The special drinks and cocktails add to the exciting nightlife experience this club has to offer. The music played at the nightclub falls under these genres: Rock, RnB and Pop.

4. Novi Reno

Novi is a dance club and a nightclub located in Reno. The lounge follows a casual dress code. Any simple dress is acceptable but dress like a cowboy or cowgirl if you have the boots because you won’t be out of place here in that attire. For guys, hoods and skull hats are not allowed on the premises. Novi has a full bar present at the scene, catering to patrons’ cocktails and special drinks needs. This nightclub is also a stylish casino bar with a lounge offering live entertainment to the patrons. DJs play country, rock and hip hop and other genres depending on the event nights. At this place, a dance floor is a dazzling attraction with VIP seating provided to special patrons. Novi is inside the Eldorado Resort Casino in Reno, right next to the buffet.

5. Faces NV Reno

Face NV is a Gay Bar, Dance Club and a Night Club located in Reno, Nevada. A full bar is available to serve patrons different types of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and drink specials at this venue. The main genre played at this nightclub falls under the category of Electronic Dance Music. Other genres of music are played often depending on the event night. So make sure to follow Faces NV’s Facebook for regular updates on which themed nights are being hosted.

6. 1up Reno

1up is a Dance Club and a Night Club located in Reno, Nevada. The dress code is very casual at this venue. Patrons are free to wear anything of their choice but keep a few exceptions in mind. It is advised to avoid anything considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats). Other than sportswear, all are allowed at 1up for entry. 1up has a full bar available at the premise, which states the alcohol desires of the patrons. Special drinks with deals and cocktails are offered regularly by the venue.

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