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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Rosario

1. Barú Rosario

In Rosario‘s living nightlife area, one of the city’s boliches (nightclubs). Think twice if there is a long line if you have a solid door frame.

One of Rosario’s boliches (nightclubs), this stylish place is at the heart of the sinister nightlife. It uses a strict departmental policy, so think twice if the line is long.

2. MONROE Rosario

This is one of the few boliches (nightclubs) found in the center, right next to the river. With a variety of venues, on the ground floor, there is a bar where live bands play, and upstairs there is a large nightclub, playing pop and Latin music. In addition, there is a place where DJs play electronic music. It’s all in one place. It is located on a riverbank. An enjoyable night is fine if it is what you want, then Moore is one of the few nightclubs located in the center, located along the river.

3. Lotus Night Club Rosario

One of the most prominent nightclubs in Latin America, Lotus Night Club (formerly known as Club Brown), is located in an old factory building where she works as a club and restaurant. The ‘mega disco,’ in the next room, has three indoors and three outdoor seating areas for guests.

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