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The Best Places to go Clubbing in West Palm Beach

Respectable Street West Palm Beach

Respectable Street West Palm Beach

If you find yourself in West Palm Beach in the mood for clubbing, there are few places better than The Respectable Street on West Palm Beach. The club has been a staple for West Palm Beach nightlife for the past 20 years, and with good reason. The club was the first location and concept behind the subculture group and hence are very accommodating to alt artists. This also means you get to listen to up-and-coming bands playing genres of music you may not find being played in many other places. The front bar has a large stage where legends perform on a weekly basis. It has hosted Industry giants such as the damned and misfits while giving a platform to indie artists such as surfer blood, who have then risen to great heights.  The respectable street has become a big part of the community by constantly switching up things by having different weekly events and themes. You can tell just how involved the surrounding community is as the walls which surround you are covered in their art. The drinks never stop flowing, and velvet couches are present for those who might want a break from the excitement. Those looking for a slightly more relaxing evening can enjoy the outside patio where you can avoid the high energy happening of the inside and socialize or perhaps partake in some karaoke. The Respectable Street has a little something for everyone and hence has no dress code so one can swing by whenever they fancy it. They are open from 9 pm to 3 am Monday to Thursday, and 9 pm to 4 am Friday to Saturday. Suitable for any age who just wants to kick back and have a great time exploring new music and spending the night partying. 

Monarchy Nightclub West Palm Beach

Monarchy Nightclub West Palm Beach

Monarchy nightclub is another community favorite. It was brought about by the partnership of the big names in the nightlife of west palm beach Cleve Mash and Rodney Mayo, the very same Cleve Mash and Rodney Mayo who were responsible for the Respectable Street, Monkey Club, DADA, Lost weekend, and many more. The theme and ambiance fit the name. It has a very antique look and medieval aesthetic fit for kings or queens. The wallpaper is tapered by design and ripped in various places revealing the concrete walls underneath. The chandeliers above shake due to the top-of-the-line music system blasting modern club bangers through the night. The club has alluring in-house dancers who make their way through the crowd mingling, garbed in tight bodices and curly white wigs to match the 18th-century theme. The large dance floor is always filled with life, sandwiched between two bars where different DJs are mixing dance house and electronic music; however, if you are perhaps not feeling the crowd, the club has 15 VIP booths to give you the night you desire with their impeccable service. The operational hours for the Monarchy Nightclub are from 9 pm to 3 am Monday to Thursday and 9 pm to 4 am Friday to Saturday. Many events are hosted by Kettle One Vodka, where they push their bottles on customers; however, if you don’t feel like spending $3, beers are available, not to mention they often have events where ladies are offered free drinks. The Monarchy Nightclub is perhaps the best place to come and listen to EDM music in West Palm Beach. With its breathtaking music system and ambiance second to none, you are indeed in for a night to remember at the Monarchy Nightclub. 

Pawn shop Lounge West Palm beach

Pawn shop Lounge West Palm beach

The Pawn Shop, when compared to the other clubs around it, is a relatively new establishment. It was established in 2014 and hence does not have the same rich history the other clubs have. Still, what the club lacks in history, it more than makes up for with a new state-of-the-art music system and lighting party. Despite being a newcomer, the Pawn Shop has grown to be a community favorite and is arguably the most famous club in west palm beach. It provides a fresh and exciting approach to the bar experience while providing a safe and sophisticated atmosphere within the club for all to enjoy. The front bar opens at 5 pm, where one can come to drink and actually purchase pawn trinkets, but in reality, it is just a front for the nightclub where the party rages at 10 pm. The DJs blast the music, playing all the latest hits one would expect for a club this trendy. The large dance floor is filled to the brim in the back. The club is the place for a younger crowd and is great for ladies who are allowed free entry on the weekend. Not to mention pool tables are available at the back if you have VIP access. The staff and bartenders are known for their excellent service and friendliness around the area. If you want to be part of the party, the club is open 9 pm to 3 am Thursday while remaining open from 9 pm to 4 am Friday to Saturday. There is no strict dress code, and any nightclub attire will do as long as clothes aren’t excessively baggy or a  jersey; that is when there isn’t a themed event going on, in which case costumes are encouraged. Clematis is a very happening place, but this is one place you do not want to miss when in west palm beach.

Camelot West palm beach

Camelot West palm beach

If you aren’t in the mood for too big of a crowd, Camelot club is where you need to be. It acts as a homage to former president Kennedy’s love for sailing and West Palm Beach, where he used to have a vacation home and is as themed as such. Unlike most bars in this list, Camelot is a semi private, upscale lounge/club. The club itself has wooden panels, whitewashed walls with nautical nodes everywhere such as old ropes and anchors.”The woodwork inside is done mainly by the owner himself, Rodney Mayo. There is even a VIP section that is fashioned after Kennedy’s yacht. There are two bars serving craft cocktails, great wine, and beer. A dance floor is present for the people who wish to sway to the sounds of ocean music. They are open Thursday 9:00 pm – 2:00 am Friday and Saturday 9:00 pm – 4:00 am. You can visit for a cover charge of $20 or purchase a yearly membership to the club, which ranges from $500 for the Captain’s membership to $1000 for the Fleet Admirals membership offering many perks such as no waiting bringing guests. discount on drinks, etc. So if you frequently find yourself in West palm beach, a membership may be a worthwhile investment though you will have to get lucky as they only offer limited memberships at a time. It is worth noting the crowd is slightly older in age, and the place can get rather cramped during the weekends. According to Rodney Mayo, this is where the “sophisticated south Floridian” comes to party. So if you feel you belong to that crowd or just want to go out and not be surrounded by a rowdy crowd, Camelot west palm beach is where you need to be. 

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