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Biddy Early’s Boston, Guide & Review

Biddys Early’s is a dive bar that opens Monday – Friday  10:30  am – 2:00 am, Saturday  11:00 am – 2:00 am, and Sunday 12:00 pm – 2:00 am. Great dive bar atmosphere with a very kind and attentive bouncer. Friendly and rowdy crowd. A ton of personality at this place. This place is Boston’s best-kept secret.

Biddy Early’s features awesome bartenders, electric and entertaining decor, state-of-art lighting and sound system, the weirdest mix of people, a decent draft selection, a cool clientele, solid food, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, tasty bites, and strong drinks. Friendly dive bar with nice bartenders and it’s easy to strick up a conversation with strangers. This is a great spot if you’re looking to grab a quick drink at a local dive bar. The drinks are cheap and the small selection of food is delicious, there’s simple comfort food available on the menu, such as chicken tenders, burgers, mozzarella, sticks, and the like.

As dive bars go, this is top-notch. It’s got Keno, TVs, Golden Tee, darts, a jukebox, and a cigarette machine! This is one of Boston’s hidden gems a place you have to check! Great local bar that’s probably as divey as things get downtown these days.  Biddy’s on a Friday afternoon after work is a great spot to hang out for a few drinks, play some darts, and not pay too much for beer. It’s a dive bar, plain and simple! The bartenders and staff are all very chill and friendly. Cheap drinks, a fun atmosphere, and a fun place all around. It’s an awesome dive bar where you’ll feel right at home! Because of how niche this bar is, it attracts cool people! So. Much. Fu! Highly recommended!

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