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Bigg Blue Martini Bar Lexington, Guide & Review

Bigg Blue Martini is one of the Lexington bars that make you feel at home. It is a perfect combination of old and modern. The customer is welcomed by the sight of a wine barrel which might make him think that it is an old-school bar; however, inside the bar is a different story. The interior of this bar consists of glass panels and stylish furniture. The tables are trendy, and the chairs are as comfortable as possible. You can recline your back against the chair’s foam and take it easy if you want. The staff is also friendly and makes you feel welcomed. The warm and vigilant attitude of the staff makes you want to revisit Bigg Blue Martini. The overall atmosphere is warm and cozy for you to relax and have fun in your own way. It is one of the best bars to blow off some steam and enjoy yourself. There is also an arrangement of outdoor sitting for minimizing the chance of spread of Covid-19, which continues to show up as its new variants, and for the customers’ preference generally.

If you are looking for refreshing and pleasant cocktails and beer, look no further as your search has ended at the “Bigg Blue Martini.” The cocktails at this bar are one of the best in Lexington, and the beer is also no less. You are also welcome to enjoy one of the finest Alcoholic beverages and wines at this bar. As its name suggests, this bar specializes in cocktails that are hard to forget. If you visit this bar once, you will likely visit it again and again.

You can also be at this bar due to its mouth-watering food you can never miss. You are free to dine solo at this bar, so if you are an introvert, this bar is a comfort zone. You can also come to dine or drink in groups. The main motive of this bar is to serve its customers to the best of its abilities, and you can find this out by visiting it.

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