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Birchwood Canopy Bar Tampa, Guide & Review

Birchwood canopy is a sky cocktail lounge offering delicious cocktails and a beautiful view of Tampa. Downtown Tampa and Tampa Bay look beautiful at night, and the view is even better from a specific height; from these rooftop bars. The skyline of this city makes you feel dreamy. The craft cocktails with attention to each ingredient and a specially curated menu will give you the experience of a lifetime. The décor is beautiful here. The super comfortable and plush sofas make you forget about all your worries the moment you sink in them, along with the canopy, which has these dreamy white curtains over it. The décor comes beautifully together when you see this rooftop lounge in the evening just as the sun is about to set. Due to the fantastic views and hand-crafted menus, Birchwood canopy does not accept any reservations over the phone or otherwise. The staff will serve you on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is essential to plan your evening if you want to enjoy it at this cocktail lounge. There are some policies for this bar; you cannot smoke here, so you will have to go to some other rooftop bar if you are an avid smoker and want to enjoy your cigar and have a cocktail.
Moreover, pets are not allowed keeping in view that someone could be allergic and it might ruin their evening. These customer-friendly policies allow this bar to attract people of all types where everyone can enjoy. There are many different promotions at this bar, allowing you to enjoy. Every Wednesday, there is a ladies’ night where you can enjoy unique cocktails and wines at discounted rates. Moreover, there is a tasting session every Tuesday at this bar where you can try all the latest wines and drinks while enjoying a fifty percent discount on the appetizers, do not miss this! There are dedicated happy hours during the week where you can try signature drinks and exclusive liquors at a discounted rate so that the visit is not too heavy on your pocket and you can enjoy!

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