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Birra and Blues Bar Valencia, Guide & Review

One of the very best craft breweries and bars in Valencia, Birra, and Blues, has a philosophy of producing natural beer without artificial additives and preservatives and attracts guests who appreciate the high quality and award-winning natural beer. Sharing space with the Spaghetti and Blues restaurant, guests can first enjoy delicious Italian-inspired food before enjoying Birra and Blues right by the sea. You can also go ahead and take a guided tour of the facility from the master brewer, plus you can take this fantastic beer home with you thanks to their online store. There are also live concerts to accompany your food and beer. Nestled between an exteremly busy shopping street and a cobblestone lane, this artisan bar Carmen is one of the best places to grab a beer in Valencia. It has modern decor, comfortable seats, and a relaxed atmosphere. They serve 10 of their own favorite locally brewed beers on tap, along with plenty of seasonal bottled beers. There is also great pizza and tapas to try.

Much like writing a great song, Birra beer recipes are a product of experiences, feelings, emotions, and passion. Their ingredients are notes, their recipes are rhythms, and their equipment is the instrument on which brewers make beautiful music and ferment dreams.

Their creative process was developed through travel, expanding their horizons to new cultures while learning the best techniques and gathering the best ingredients from around the world. Their beers are compositions with a unique harmony that define what Birra & Blues is and who Birra & Blues is.

“We cook in an intuitive way, guided by feelings, tastes, or smells that inspire us, or even a color can be the starting point of a new recipe,” says Frá. “We make beer right next to the Mediterranean Sea because we believe it inspires us. From our brewery, you can see the sea, hear the waves and feel the saltiness. It’s the best of places.

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