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Bit Bar is a bar that offers old-school arcade games, craft beer & playful eats like donut burgers. 50+ classic arcade and pinball games. Local craft beer and specialty cocktails. Now on Derby Street with a large patio and new comfort food menu. 21+ after 8 pm. They find their games and like keeping them running. Check out the existing games on the floor; new ones are constantly added. Finding one of these devices abandoned in a cellar or barn is thrilling; you can see the 35 years of love and cruelty. It’s difficult to describe the sensation of seeing it light up for the first time after years of neglect. The knowledge and components required to repair them are soon becoming a thing of the past. However, it is evident that we have a tremendous emotional relationship with these games as a culture.

Organizations of dedicated individuals have formed to maintain them as a playable part of our shared past. We’ve been planning to create a permanent arcade restaurant and bar for quite some time. A location where friends can get together to play classic games, drink local artisan beer, and eat fantastic cuisine. Arcade bars are well-established across the country, but they have been lacking in the greater Boston region. We hope to spin on this notion by sharing our passion for vintage game graphics, music, and culture. We are also searching for methods to interact with the heirs of this history, independent game creators, by providing them with a specific location to exhibit and unique events to introduce new creations. 

Building on Bit Fest’s phenomenal success and the enthusiasm and encouragement of our incredible fans, the Bit Fest team is excited to introduce Bit Bar to Salem—the greater Boston area’s first Bar-Arcade! There are discussion elements and natural shared experiences, and you find yourself striking up conversations with others about various topics, with the games as a trigger. It doesn’t hurt that there’s alcohol involved. Bit Bar serves excellent artisan brews and spirits from well-known and loved local breweries and distilleries. Our very brilliant and creative executive chef creates innovative, tasty meals that will make your tongue and taste buds delight. Play 30+ classic arcade cabinets and pinball tables on the outside terrace, and power up! So, this is one of the best bars Salem offers you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting it!

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