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Blackthorn San Francisco, Guide & Review

The Blackthorn as it is currently known has been around for over 30 years in Daingean situated opposite the distinguishable Town Hall Building and Square right in the heart of the town.

BlackThorn sports bar is a family run business that spans a period of over 25 years. The Blackthorn is their third child that embodies friendship, high quality service accompanied by a really welcoming atmosphere.

The place has a very stylish and tasteful interior design. The delightful  place is first and foremost, an Irish pub. When you walk in, you’ll almost feel like you’ve been transported back to the ould sod. There is a large bar and a dance floor. There is live music on the weekends. An excellent choice of liquors, including Guinness. Not only is the staff friendly, but so are the patrons. Also another safe place to drink. You can park and walk from one bar to another. The nightlife is very good in Mt. Greenwood and the food is much more than Ireland.Fun, raunchy, silly, and good value for an economical price. There are many hilarious moments and this is best not taken very seriously,the seating really seems to be based on your arrival time rather than the tickets you choose.

There are only 3 rows of seats. Stage side is a bench with no back, second row has a back which is a bookshelf and is extremely comfortable, but a lot better than the bench in front of you, and you are only about 2 feet further from the performance runway in the center of the room, and then there is the balcony which is up about 2 stairs behind the second row and perhaps 8 feet away from the performance.It’s simply the best place to be.

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