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Blank Slate Bar Portland, Guide & Review

Blank Slate is the place to be if you’re in Montavilla. Have you ever heard of a cocktail that you can take home? This place offers you that. Have you ordered a drink at times and then felt like getting up and leaving the place even before the glass gets to you? Or have you wanted to take the party home with your friends? Then Blank Slate is the place to grab the drinks from! Just order whatever you’re in the mood for; the bartender will shake it up well and bottle it up for you to take home. You even get garnishings and ice on the side. So you can have the whole experience even at home. 

The place itself is a neighborhood bar. They focus on their service and taste a lot. The dishes are well prepared and crafted with expertise. It is woman-owned, and the people working here are from the neighborhood. The secret to anything that tastes good and authentic is letting the ingredients speak for themselves. Whether it is food or drinks, this bar follows this rule religiously. They do not complicate the flavors by adding too many things together. Balance is the key here. 

The seasonal menu is complemented with an unbeatable vinyl collection that plays in the background of the chatter going around. The floral wallpaper and trim pots on each table make it feel homier. 

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