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Blood and sand Bar St louis, Guide & Review


Blood & Sand is considered a members-only restaurant and bar located in an unremarkable stretch south of Washington Avenue’s loft district. If you have a membership or know someone who does, you should go. Owners TJ Vytlacil and Adam Frager, and chef Chris Bork have created a remarkable place: not a snob club, but a community of people who are passionate about good food and good drink. Borko’s menu is seasonal, sophisticated, and playful: a plate of heirloom tomatoes as an abstract-expressionist painting in three dimensions; earthy candies paired with apple kimchi. Vytlacil’s cocktail list nods to tradition while indulging the mixologist’s impressive creativity. The service throughout is top-notch.


A nationally recognized restaurant, cocktail, and wine club celebrating the flavors of the world. It’s everything you never knew you loved. While they are open to the public, they continue to offer a membership program that is compelling and affordable. They feel that extending these benefits to members of the Blood & Sand family will make your experience even more special.


Perhaps you have been looking for such a place. A place to rejuvenate your tired soul after a long day of hard work, where you feel exceptionally well looked after and quite at home. A place to relax with artisanal, seasonal cuisine and handcrafted cocktails in a friendly and refined atmosphere. Welcome to Blood & Sand.

They are deeply committed to providing unparalleled service and an extraordinary dining and drinking experience. The meaningful relationships they create with our members and their guests are the source of our inspiration.

If this is the place you’ve been looking for, they’d love for you to join us. They look forward to pouring you a drink and getting to know you.

This members-only cocktail bar hints at what’s to come by naming its cocktails after songs. Don’t miss the spicy Fionn Regan-inspired Be Good or Be Gone, a bourbon-based cocktail topped with pumpkin oil and sea salt. 

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