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Blue Steel Pizza New Jersey, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great cocktail spot in New Jersey? Look no further than Blue Steel Pizza. Dark eatery with a secret bar crafting upscale Detroit-style pizzas, pasta and traditional entrees. Trendy little spot for some excellent pizza, tasty small plates, and fun cocktails. There’s also a small speakeasy type Lounge attached. Aesthetically, charming and with great food this place offers a very good Friday night hang out option in the Montclair Bloomfield area. This place is an amazing Hidden Gem in Bloomfield New Jersey the food is different, but in an amazing way the flavors combined are outstanding. 

Blue Steel Pizza features great vibes; strong and tasty drinks; excellent service; great appetizers; delicious food; delicious handcrafted cocktails – The ingredients are fresh and uniquely crafted for an explosion of flavor in your mouth; amazingly warm decor; great lighting – dim to dark lighting and sound system; nice, attentive and welcoming staff; amazing combination of flavors; great parking lot; multiple levels; excellent corn Flan; nice ambiance; and great crowd. A family spot with a really nice wine list on the main level, then up to a cute date spot on the second level and then it flows on to the not-to–be missed throwback hideaway called the Rabbit Hole. First you notice glimpses of an ethereal blueish light through the intermittent door opening of this private area. 

Highly recommended checking out for an amazing and unforgettable experience in New Jersey. Very cool spot for a date, or a chill night out of cocktails and good food with friends. Great date spot in New Jersey.

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