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BO-Beau Kitchen And Roof Tap Bar Long Beach, Guide & Review


Look no further if you’re in the mood for a French touch on American food and drinks. The BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap provides what it calls California-French comfort food along with some elegant and delicious cocktails. The restaurant is decorated elegantly with luxurious couches and decorated doorways. The walls and the pillars have a tile design with lamps attached, and the roof is also given a unique design. The roof bar is open air and has a different touch with a brick wall design and wooden benches and stools at the bar.
The menu at BO-Beau will leave you wondering what to get once you look at the delicious dishes featured there, such as the ‘Lamb and Filet Meatballs,’ ‘Loaded Bulgogi Steak Fries’ and the ‘Smoked Salmon Tartine’ for starters. Moving on to the mains, they have burgers, sandwiches, and steaks, but the more noticeable section is the Bistro Plates. Dishes such as ‘Duck Leg Pappardelle,’ ‘Grilled Shrimp Farrotto,’ ‘Pan Seared Chicken Breast,’ and the ‘Braised Bone-in Short Rib’ are available and made with such delicacy and expertise that you would be in awe after tasting them. BO-Beau also offers wood oven flatbreads like Margherita Flatbread and Prosciutto Flatbread which are a delight to eat. For the drinks, you can choose a variety of wine, beer, and spirits, such as Basil Hayden’s, Modelo Lager, and Sauvignon Blanc, but you must try their signature cocktails. They offer the ‘Le Romantique,’ ‘Thyme de La Nuit,’ and ‘Rhubarb Paloma,’ all of which have a french touch on an American drink.
So if you’re at Long Beach and want to experience something other than traditional American cuisine, visit BO-Beau and enjoy what they offer.


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