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Bob’s Bar is a lively neighborhood tavern featuring hundreds of on-tap or bottled beers, plus pool tables. Why we love it: Bob’s Bar is the self-proclaimed “Cultural Hub of the Midwest,” and I have to say, I agree. Hear me out. Yes, it’s a dive. But that’s what makes going there such a great experience! Just trust me. What to order at this Bar? Scotch. The liquor selection at Bob’s surprises me every time, but there’s nothing like a nice glass of Scotch at a dive bar. Bob’s Bar is the place to go when you want a traditional bar with no frills. With around 240 different beers offered, Bob’s tagline exclaims, “Bob loves beer!” Bob’s Bar in Columbus‘ Beechwold neighborhood is one of the country’s top 32 dive bars! Happy hour is available every day from 2 to 8 p.m. locals like the “World Tour” challenge. 

A steady, courteous workforce demonstrates the diamond in the rough’s tenacity. Are you hoping to visit a bar with a divey vibe? We suggest Bob’s Bar. This neighborhood bar features a lively and inviting atmosphere. With hundreds of beer options and pool tables, you’re bound to enjoy yourself here. Choose between bottled beer on tap and mixed drinks at Bob’s Bar. People love the wide selection of beer as well as the friendly staff. Be sure to play some darts or pool to relax! Bob’s Bar is shaped like an onion. It’s a shockingly strong craft beer sanctuary wrapped in a dive bar shell with one of the most severe toilet layouts in Ohio and a big, flaming banner outside proclaiming “Cultural Hub of the Midwest.” 

And Bob’s might have been a typical strip mall pub with a local clientele and a TouchTunes in the corner, perilously near a large Target parking lot and a Gamestop a few doors down. But Bob’s is so much more, as seen by the white sign over the entrance, which promotes the Bar’s cultural center status to everyone who enters. The foundations of any excellent bar are there at Bob’s, but the beer selection warrants the label above the entrance. And the variety is egalitarian, with equal parts High Life and triple dry hopped fruited lactose-infused milkshake IPA, offering outlets for every socioeconomic ability and unlimited possible adjustment throughout a beer-soaked night. Bob’s occasionally has beer on tap that is unavailable anywhere else in Columbus, maybe not in Ohio. 

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