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Boobie Trap Bar New Jersey, Guide & Review

Boobie Trap is an amazing Dive bar in New Jersey. A super cute, light-hearted some-what childish, regular ol’ bartender’s bar. Convivial corner tavern with an edgy vibe that presents a no-nonsense menu of beer & booze. Super friendly establishment! As far as traps go, this one is perfect to get stuck in and enjoy your time. This place is an absolute gem! If you’re with a partner or friend who appreciates the fun and quirks of life, go there. Friendly and fun staff, cheap drinks, the environment is so fun and there are so many things to do there too! From coloring books to battleships – even pictionary! Such a fun hang!!

The cocktails, nipples and board games are hard but everything else is pretty soft. Boobie Trap features reasonably priced strong & tasty drinks; fun vibe; fun cool place; plenty of amazing games; amazing decor; ample outdoor seatings; excellent service; extremely friendly owner who’s down to earth; great board games; generous pours; great drink specials; friendly, attentive & professional bartenders; great owner; chill atmosphere; and plenty of comfy seatings. Awesome bar with candy jars on the bar, sassy take-away lighters, amazing decor, and a fair trade of whole bottles of liquor in exchange for one sacrificed man bun. Look for the snipped buns hanging on the wall.

Fun, warm, and welcoming neighborhood bar. Lots of effort went into the decor. Wrapping around outside seating and great beer/shot specials make it a perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Lots to do and see while you’re there and it is open air in the summer time for some people watching too. It’s a lot of fun if you gather friends. Awesome bar! Just go! Boobie Trap is highly recommended checking out for an amazing and unforgettable experience in New Jersey.

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