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Boone & Crockett is a quaint and trendy bar that serves barrel-aged drinks. Boone & Crockett relocated from their little spot in Bay View to a much larger venue along the river. Although it is no longer as intimate, it has kept its comfort and rustic-chic look, replete with shining chandeliers, antique furniture, and taxidermy on the walls. They still serve some exciting drinks, such as their distinctive barrel-aged Old Fashioned and a selection of classics. Step outside Taco Moto, the resident food truck, for a Dr. Pepper-braised pork taco. This hip Old West saloon-meets-Northwoods cabin does respectable work with classics like the Manhattan, Sazerac, and old-fashioned. It’s also the place to sip something different, maybe light and frothy, and partake of the artful Mexican offerings of adjacent food truck Taco Moto.

It is a Hip haunt with a dark, vintage ambiance offering seasonal cocktails, happy hours & a patio. This venue is located at 818 south water street, where nationals meet the water. Boone & Crockett’s bartenders, like the famous American frontiersmen of old, want to explore and exploit the experimental palates of the modern imbiber. From shelf to glass, we allow you to explore your boundaries, one sip at a time. Cheers! Hands down, the best vibes in Milwaukee. Boone is a must at any time of year if you visit one place in Milwaukee. It’s my favorite bar in town. Do you want some sensual fun? Great drinks, both filled with booze and NA? Love old-fashioned? Yummy food? Patio scene? This is the spot. 

The Boone team delivers amazing vibes welcoming to all. They have events throughout the year, and parking is excellent (a reminder not to drink and drive). This is a great spot for larger groups, date night, sitting at the bar and journaling by candlelight, this place screams, ‘you belong here.’ I hope you have a fantastic experience and don’t miss the view of the Hoan bridge from the covered outside the bar in the wintertime. Follow their social media for special events like bingo, concerts, mini-festivals, and so much more. Love you, Boone! It’s a perfect day for a drink. Come out and get your coupon. However, you can have whatever beverage you want. Have a draught beer, an old-school can, or a Coors Banquet. Drink some wine. So, this is one of the best bars Milwaukee has to offer you.

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