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Border Casino is an amazing casino and resort in Texas which offers many gaming options to its users. This casino has great numbers as it offers around 88 thousand square feet of space to play games. There are over 2300 electronic games which means that you will never get bored of this casino. There is a well-stocked bar here at this casino as well. Moreover, the dining options are plenty here; a restaurant called Kitchen 35 is ready to serve some fresh meals for the day. There are different games which are available here. Some of them are Blackjack and baccarat. Poker is also offered here with dedicated tables. The atmosphere of this casino is very lively, and you should visit this if you are in town.

Moreover, Border Casino is located in a very accessible place as well. The staff is very trained and polite and offers quality assistance upon request. The guests are treated nicely here, and the security is also top-notch. What differentiates this casino from the others is that the dealers are very helpful and experienced, which means that you learn a lot from them.

Border Casino Promotions

There are many exciting promotions at Border casino; there are happy hours every day to get free drinks. Happy hour happens between 3-6 Monday to Friday. There are other promotions there as well, one of them is called February Drink Feature, and it is quite fun. So you should check it out and have fun! These promotions and made for the casino give the players exciting chances to win big!

Border Casino Promo Codes

Border casino does not offer any promo codes, so you have to focus on the promotions.

Border Casino Secret Codes

There are no secret codes available for the Border Casino; however, there are multiple promotions to think about!


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