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Boshe VVIP Club Bali, Guide & Review

Boshe VVIP Karaoke bar located in Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia. The club is equipped with a powerful sound system as well as high-tech bright bursts of light and laser lighting systems that supplement live stage band and DJ performances making it a place to love. 

Boshe’s VVIP Club consists of a total of 15 private karaoke rooms – 7 small, 6 medium and 2 large rooms. 4 VVIP rooms have a balcony that connects to the club area. Sharp lighting on the inside and plush lounges are featured throughout the club and karaoke facilities. Boshe’s Club consistently plays live band performances with a range of music genres from R&B hits, Top 40 tunes as well as great mixes and beats from a resident DJ. Awesome dancers and models also grace up the club’s scenes with regular dance highlights and lively fashion shows. Special events and programmes add a little more variety to the club’s agenda.

The club is equipped with a menu of all song categories and they are updated every now and then.  Large plasma screens that have a computerized song selection and quality sound systems promise a breathtaking experience. A wide selection of food and beverages add to the comfort.

Boshe VVIP Club is a relaxing venue of its kind in Bali. You will encounter a venue with reasonable prices, friendly staff and cool high quality rock songs to make your night out worth remembering. What a Karaoke, Club, Resto and lounge facility in Bali.

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