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Bottle Logic Brewing Bar Anaheim, Guide & Review

Bottle Logic Brewing is a microbrewery that takes pride in its experimental craft beer flavors. Open all seven days of the week. Bottle Logic welcomes you to its tasting room, a science geeks’ dream come true. A science lab inspires the decor, and you might even get served beer in a beaker! You can sit here or on the patio, which has a lovely shade protecting you from the sun. If you’re worried about leaving your pet or children behind, do not fret because they are also welcome here! Drop by on a weekday or even the weekend. 

The brewers aren’t afraid of a little experiment here and there, although that is also very well thought out. Each beer has a subtle new flavor that will keep you guessing what’s in there. Their combinations and techniques are unexplored and unique. If you come in early, you can try the most experimental beers, which are brewed in small quantities. There are also many seasonal options. The Hlinka, Šnyt, and Mlíko pour styles bring different flavors from different amounts of liquid lager. There are different beer categories on the menu. There’s ‘Crisp and Light,’ ‘Fruit and Tart,’ ‘IPAs,’ and ‘Stouts, Strong Ales and Stasis Projects .’You can also get a taster or a draft; up to you! 

The indoor sitting has a simple decor. There are stools by the bar and tables as well. One side has a glass window from where you can see rows upon rows of barrels of beer that are brewing right now. The phrase ‘United in the thirst for knowledge and beer’ is displayed above the bar in bold letters. 

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