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Boudoir Dubai, Guide & Review

Located on the Dubai Marine Beach, Boudoir is a club that opened its doors in Dubai in the 2000s and has since then been a prominent party place for partygoers in Dubai. The club has hosted over 200 international celebrities so the chances of you partying with celebrities are very high!
The club has a large dance floor for you to dance the night away and an expansive bar with a variety of tasteful drinks. The décor of the club is inspired by the French Renaissance, with crystal chandeliers handing over you, providing wonderful light all night long.
Moreover, the music plays mainly urban and Bollywood music, so get ready to jam to some upbeat tunes. The club is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 pm to 3 am, so grab your friends and dance the night away! Be sure to dress according to the dress code, which is elegant and smart casual.
Lastly, the club also offers various themed nights such as Flex Fridays, where ladies get special discounts on drinks and various artists perform all night long.

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