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Break Room 86 Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Break Room 86 is often packed, this lively venue offers cocktails & karaoke with a trendy vibe. Break Room 86 is a magical and straight-up cool bar where you enter through a retro vending machine and get transported to the ’80’s”. Break Room 86 is an 80s – themed club in LA where you can play Pac-Man, eat Twinkles, and sing your heart out to karaoke rock guitar Anthems. Fittingly for a speakeasy/underground club-style experience, the entrance is down an alleyway leading to a loading dock. 

Break Room 86 features delicious food, really cool shows, fun theme, strong and tasty drinks, speakeasy vibes, great customer service, amazingly awesome decor, very inconspicuous and unassuming entrance, wonderful selection of vintage wine & champagne, private karaoke rooms are also available to reserve, delicious cocktails, tons of secret karaoke korners where u have a private space to entertain your friends, smoking section on the balcony, amazing host & owner who sometimes join people to party, spontaneous live dance shows, classic arcades, great music, top-notch entertainment, and the polite bartenders. Great place for private karaoke, drinks, and meeting people at the bar. The music is all 80’s which is great but the popular songs are reserved for later in the night. The venue is clean but very small and has lots of neat references to the 80s in its decor.

Definitely a good spot to take a good look at your close friends. Highly recommend if you are into older music with a twist, and want to have a blast as well as the alcohol popsicles. Great spot for a serendipitous night. The place to be for a fantastic night out. Sooooo much fun.

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