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BrewDog Merchant City – Glasgow is a Funky industrial chic-style bar serving Brewdog beers, a list of guest brews, and snack food. Glasgow‘s Merchant City has been the place to go for delectable food and drink for hundreds of years. The ancient markets and booths have given way to craft beer and barbeque, both of which have received the complete BrewDog treatment. Their Glasgow Merchant City bar specializes in incredible old-school barbeque and smoked meat and a fully-equipped BrewDog bar with 25 taps of the freshest and tastiest craft beer on the market. If the weather in Glasgow improves, they have a large patio area directly outside. BrewDog’s Merchant City digs are brought to you by the kings of craft beer, and they’re serving you 25 taps worth of odd beers and some good old-fashioned grilled meals. 

Indulge in smoked meats while quenching your thirst with various odd IPAs, stouts, and lagers. The lovely people at BrewDog have established their first food-focused location in Glasgow’s Merchant City. Hearty chow – unbelievably amazing old-time barbecue meals and smoked meats suited for meat-crazy locals – may be found here. Wash it all down with the strong beer from the BrewDog bar, which is fully equipped and has 30 taps of their freshest craft beer and a superb variety of guest beers handpicked from their favorite brewers. Enjoy whatever you’re drinking inside or out – BrewDog Merchant City has a custom outdoor sitting area for some open-air boozin’. With smoked racks of ribs, mountains of pulled pork, and burned ends, their kitchen goes complete Americana. 

It’s a location where the only thing you have to worry about is gorging your face and drinking drinks. Whether you’re after one of their monster burgers or hot buffalo wings, their team of top chefs will ensure you’ll love every bite! Lovers of all things plant-based will be spoiled for choice, as half of their cuisine is vegan or vegetarian, and their exclusive flagship beer selection is vegan. We’re rocking a kid’s menu, and they’ve even given your favorite childhood classic an adult makeover with their iconic Happy Meals! It’s time for a good Christmas party. They’re talking about a phenomenal festive food selection, incredible drink packages, and an electric atmosphere in their bars. So, whether you’re planning a Christmas dinner with friends, a festive drinks reception, or a full-blown office party, get in touch, and they’ll dial up your event to 11. 

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