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Bridgette Bar is a chill locale with an arty flair for clever, chef-driven small plates & entrees, plus unique cocktails. It’s a chef-driven bar located in Calgary’s Design District. Snack, indulge, bend an elbow, and reach the full potential of your day when you spend time at Bridgette Bar, a venue where design, craft, and culture collide. This is a bar that also serves delicious meals. Their drink menu includes a creative collection of crushable cocktails, high-octane originals, craft brews, and a wine list that will appeal to both hedonists and geeks. They don’t use seasonal, fresh, or locally sourced words to describe their meals because those are givens. Chef JP Pedhirney puts new spins on traditional favorites, resulting in a lively meal grilled on a savory wood-burning barbecue. 

Everything is settled in a classic, mid-century-inspired atmosphere to keep things interesting. Bridgette Bar is a well-known relaxed hangout with a creative vibe. They serve clever, chef-inspired small appetizers and entrees, as well as great beverages. They are situated in the heart of Calgary’s design district, so their ambiance reflects the area’s vibe. Bridgette Bar, one of Calgary’s most fantastic bars, is willing to lend its space for large and small parties and gatherings. The main highlights at Bridgette Bar are Moonlit villa, Stockholm syndrome, and Thirty-six views. According to patrons, Bridgette Bar is a great restaurant with excellent food, drinks, service, and music. Some customers shared their reviews and wrote good things about the venue. Fantastic food, excellent service, and safe curbside pickup! 

They sent extra goodies with dinner. This venue is well worth the $25/per person, and we will be coming back during quarantine! If you haven’t been here, you must. The staff is exceptional. They go above and beyond. And the food is superb! It is the best meal I have had in Calgary! This restaurant is not to be missed. We had dinner at Bridgette Bar on our last night of vacation, and it was an incredible feast! Honestly, that was the best meal we had on our vacation and one of my top ten of all time; that is quite a statement. The menu is unlike anything else you’ll find at a restaurant, the food presentation is like art, and the flavor is superb. The staff is friendly and ensures you feel at ease from beginning to end. I cannot emphasize more how important it is for you to eat here.

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