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Bronx Alehouse New York, Guide & Review

Bronx Alehouse Sports Bar is an amazing spot and is open on Sunday through Saturday for indoor & outdoor dining, pickup, and delivery from 11 am to 12 am. Great place to watch football with good craft beer and awesome people. Very authentic craft beer joint with a good variety of brews. 

Bronx Alehouse features amazing craft beer, excellent food with great finger food and wonderful wines, and super helpful staff exhibiting attentive and professional service, a stylish interior, friendly bartenders, awesome drinks specials, a large wine list selection,  dozen of huge flat screens, awesome ambiance, amazing live music, great outdoor seating, entertaining vibes, fun atmosphere, a large night menu, and a variety of drinks that are reasonably priced. The selection here is really what makes this place noteworthy. They get great beers on tap. The place itself is in the Irish pub vein and feels like a divey dump. The use of shaker glasses always annoys me and they use those here for many beers.

A great place for a relaxed date! Bronx Alehouse is a great place to grab drinks. The alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are very tasty. This place is fantastic. Always a fun and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. You’ll definitely have an amazing time at Bronx Ale House Sports Bar. All in all, Alehouse continues to be one of the fave sports bars in the Bronx New York.

They also employ the fancy television screens that show keg fill levels, so that’s a plus. This is a bit of an outpost and there aren’t exactly tons of other spots to drink in this neck of the woods, so given that, this place is pretty good. Trivia on Sunday nights is great fun. Their burgers are amazing, the chicken wrap is pretty good, and they have the best onion rings ever! Amazing experience. Highly recommended.

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