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BS West Scottsdale Phoenix, Guide & Review

BS West, established in 1988, has been a popular release for many in the Arizona LGBTQ + community. BS West goal, hope, and mission all align in the purpose of providing a safe, fun, and delightful experience for all who come through the door. This inclusive bar and a nightclub has been in the middle of Old Town since 1988. Serving the LGBTQ community. 

We’re not limited to that though. Some call BS West home while others stumble upon its diverse yet unified constituents who come in colors, shapes, ages, and sizes. BS West Scottsdale features a nice vibe, live music, friendly people, great dancers, great and friendly bartenders, awesome atmosphere, cheap drinks, awesome drag show, great lounges, and great delicious food. 

It’s a great gay bar why not give it a shot. Great place to bring your friends to drink and dance all night. Best place to dance. This place is highly recommended.

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